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    Food, Pc hardware, gaming
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    Nothing relevant


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    Intel i7-4790k (4.7GHz)
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97M-G43
  • RAM
    16GB 1600Mhz G.skill sniper
  • GPU
    ASUS STRIX 980
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    2x 500GB Samsung SSD's (Raid0) 1x 1TB Mushkin SSD (BootDrive)
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    x2 Asus 24" 1920x1080
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    Corsair H100i
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    Windows 10
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  1. Moistmoose

    Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here

    Rig name: Mr.Brain CPU:i7-4790k (4.7Ghz) GPU:Nvidia GTX 980 RAM: 2x8GBs DDR3 Score: 8.5 (High)
  2. Moistmoose

    Athlon x4 860k Temps (Overheating)

    I'm in the clear. HWmonitor doesnt like to run with AMD Cpu's. Using AMD overdrive i was able to see the thermal margins and it idles with 45C to spare, ran the quick benchmark that was build in and didnt pass 25C. thats fine for me
  3. Moistmoose

    Athlon x4 860k Temps (Overheating)

    yeah i was using the stock cooler was the stock paste, put on a slightly larger cooler that was able to handle a OC'ed 8120, with better paste. checkign the temps now
  4. Just built a new system with the Athlon x4 860k, all is running fine but i go to check the temps in HWmonitor. and its running toasty just idling. It was nudging 100C which is completely bonkers. There should be a hole melting in the side of the PC at the moment according to HWmonitor. My guess is somethings off inside the CPU any tips/hints?
  5. Moistmoose

    HDD>SSD Cloning Issue

    FIXED!: The SATA cable i was using for some reason didnt allow it to initialize, so i swapped it out, and did some tests to make sure everything was alright and its good, Im now running on full SSD power!
  6. Moistmoose

    HDD>SSD Cloning Issue

    Alright, such an odd issue. Ill see if i can look anything up about the specific drive and if it has issues. Thanks for the suggestions
  7. Moistmoose

    HDD>SSD Cloning Issue

    Acronis for me lets me select the drives i want while still on windows, then restarts and reboots into its own OS. Still though any reasons an SSD wouldnt initialize in the BIOS but still be detected in windows?
  8. Moistmoose

    HDD>SSD Cloning Issue

    alright, i unpluged the Raided SSd's and switched to IDE mode with just the HDD and the 1TB SSD, it refused to boot. so i unplugged the new SSD and it booted. so i switched it back. Im drawing blanks
  9. Moistmoose

    HDD>SSD Cloning Issue

    alright ill see if that works thanks
  10. Moistmoose

    HDD>SSD Cloning Issue

    Ive already partitioned it, so i dont think thats it. Would switching to IDE mode mess anything up? My current setup is 1TB HDD (Boot Drive) 2x500GB SSD's in Raidc 0 1TB SSD to replace my boot drive
  11. Moistmoose

    HDD>SSD Cloning Issue

    Hey guys, im looking for someone that could possibly help. Just bought a new SSD so i can clone my original HDD over to it. fairly simple, the problem i have is that when im in Acronis, i can select the source and destination disk just fine, but when it boots into Acronis, the destination disk (My new SSD) doesnt initialize so it cant clone it over. Am i missing something simple here?
  12. Moistmoose

    Community Opinion - Ads by FanDuel?

    Seems alright, but ive never been a fantasy football guy. Seems very popular though. Plus the one week deal makes more sense for people who arent as serious about it, as opposed to the very hardcore sports enthusiasts out there. I feel this applies to a bigger audience
  13. Well since @adamdidthis linked that EKWB configurator, ive quickly thrown together a parts list on their website, just wanting to know if i have the right idea, and if i'm missing anything CPU Block: http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-supremacy-evo-acetal-nickel.html GPU Block: http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fc980-gtx-strix-acetal-nickel.html Bay/res: http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-dbay-d5-vario-incl-pump.html Rad: http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-coolstream-pe-240-dual.html <--- definitley going to look for another one i would prefer a 280mm Fittings: http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-hdc-fitting-12mm-g1-4-nickel.htmlx8 Tubing: http://www.ekwb.com/shop/tube-primochill-primoflextm-advanced-lrttm-15-9-9-5mm-brilliant-uv-blue-pflexa-58-b.html Edit: Also would i need to upgrade my PSU? wondering about that, dont know how much power this can draw
  14. Also another question. for G1/4 Fittings, what size tubing should i look for? Edit: I'm thinking 3/8"-5/8" is a good bet, Would the extra tubing thickness provide a better seal?
  15. Awesome. Thanks this is alot of help, pumps are what mostly confused me haha. I'd go to some websites and i can read the specs, but because this is my first time i have nothing to compare it to or what to look for