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  1. Would it be to much trouble to pick 4 cities a year to have a Live audience Wan Show? like one every 3 months ? Just a suggestion. I understand LMG has already got plenty of other projects coming soon. But if this sounds like a great idea, i think it would also help grow the channel and LMG it self. Maybe even allow one lucky Fan to actually be on the show with linus and luke. I mean if you can pull off a LTX 2019 .... 4 cities a year for a Wan show gotta be doable. to make it even easier 1 of the four could be LTX so that way its not a hassle. As many people that came out for LTX im sure you would get plenty to come out to a live WanShow!!! Come on everybody lets get them to make WAN SHOW TRAVEL!!!!! lol
  2. I think the buttons on the back are awesome!!!
  3. That price was not a surprise to me. Corsair 900D or the Half Stacker is still on the top of my list. But I still want this desk.
  4. This has got to be one of the best i have seen Lian Li bring to market. I want Linus and the rest of the community to talk/review this. Link to case desk below. http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/dk-02/