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    Whats up, Epix here! Im just a boy interested in PCs, photography and anything else tech!
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  1. The Dimora mouse pad looks amazing with the border and the subtle logo at the top. The Autore keyboard design keeps it simple and still make it beautiful. Also, its Cherry switches
  2. Them renders look so real. If it weren't for the 'render' on the picture, I would think they were real. So hyped for this, after some teasers from your previous build.
  3. @ShadowCaptain Just to make sure, the 35mm f1.8 and 50m f1.8 only have a single focal length and I can't zoom with it right? Sorry for the noob questions @Koffehh The shop that I plan to buy the camera from currently does not have the D3200. Maybe I can buy it from online stores. Thanks for the tip! @SLOWION What are the approximate prices of those lens?
  4. @ShadowCaptain Thanks for the suggestions, I'll do some research about them. Are there specific brands to go for and stay away from? And also, are the adapters cheap? Thanks!
  5. @Nexxus I think im going to focus mainly on Macro and Portrait photography.
  6. I think I have decided on getting the D3300 with another lens as after researching more in depth, I realised that lens can be kept ans hold its value better than the body. Now that I've decided on the camera, what lens would you recommend? Leave a reply below foe your suggestion! Thanks for the help, really appreciate it!
  7. @Nexxus Those are some nice shots! Thanks for your knowledge. Just wondering, what camera did you use to take those shots?
  8. @Mo5 what brand is that lens? And what type of lens is that?
  9. Hi, I am thinking of getting a new DSLR as my current $100 point and shoot is dying on me. I thought of getting a Nikon D3300 with another lens or a Nikon D5500 without a separate lens. Which one would you think I should get? If there are any other suggestions feel free to comment below! (Im not only set on Nikons so Canon or other branded suggestions are welcome) Thanks! EDIT: For the lens, Im a still unsure of what lens to get, so if theres any recommendation feel free to reply!
  10. Are you gonna use the 980Ti or the Titan X for the build?
  11. Why no updates? I wanna see your epic build D:
  12. Instasub after teasers and hypes from Elegance
  13. Vessel Username: Epix Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  14. Hey, I was suggested to purchase an ultrawide monitor for my setup by people here. Any good suggestions for good ultrawides? I saw Dell's U2913WM and it looks good. Thanks Im gonna use this for mainly gaming, there will also be a little editing