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  1. Probably a 1080/1080TI when they come into stock on Nvidia's website (Only place I can think of in the US to buy them at MSRP) and look around on Ebay/Craigslist for another 8GB's of ram to up it to 16GB. Also maybe a high end air cooler/AIO to OC the CPU (If it's a K sku and not just a 4790) are my suggestions.
  2. Just updated the bios to 0405 nothing changed really, I did get it to boot into windows with 8GB's of ram for about 20 minutes then the system restarted and went back to 4GB's, memtest on both sticks ran fine with no problems but still only showing 4GB's.
  3. Thank you, but now I am seeing this. Wondering why CPUZ is showing 8GB's, bios is showing 4GB, and windows is showing 4GB's
  4. Can you share a link to the Asus bios page? I can't seem to find it for my motherboard. I'm using the h55m plus, the closest on the site is the LX which has 0406 as latest
  5. Yes, both sticks of ram are 100% working in the motherboard as well as both dim slots, just not together.
  6. Was just wanting to get some help because at this point I'm stumped. I have two exact same gskill rip Jaws X ddr3 ram, same kit both are working, both of the motherboard slots are also working in all configuration, but when both stick are in only one is showing 4GB is showing up both in bios and windows. Asus h55 plus Intel xeon x3440 Gskill rip Jaws X Bios version 0405 update: more confuse than ever, Cuz is showing that the memory is running dual channel with both sticks in, rated speeds, and showing 8GB of ram, windows task manager is showing 4GB in one area but in another its showing 8GB, bios is showing 4GB running single channel
  7. MOST states DO have an "Amazon Tax" is something you might not be getting. Actually only 5 states in the US have no taxation at all on internet sales. And MOST states require the retailer to do the tax work so that things like what is happening in Connecticut doesn't happen. Only 9 states have laws where regardless of foot print you still have to pay a tax on the sale. 45 states so all but 5 you have to pay taxes from a sale on Amazon. 26 from Newegg. 13 from Ebay.
  8. wat, California does have internet sales taxes from businesses inside of state. Newegg and Amazon are both inside my state, same with an Aliexpress office actually. So I am taxed on all purchases on those sites. None of those 4 states have anything to do with me in the slightest. So I really don't know where you get off telling me I don't understand my own tax laws no matter how complicated they may be when you are just assuming I live in a random state. And also, the reason why those 4 states don't have to pay taxes from newegg (And they would if newegg had a footprint in the state) is because no warehouses or offices.
  9. Yeah, most states tax the plastic and not so much the soda. That's why you can buy glass bottles and they (might) not be taxed.
  10. If food is $1.99 it will always be $1.99. 32 states have no tax on food at all. 6 states tax food at a lower rate than other goods, 4 states tax food at the same rate as anything else but provide credits and rebates to offset it, and 3 states tax food at full with no backing.
  11. They also have lines for money laundering, illegal transactions, and the sale of drugs. All of which if you put down they cannot take any legal action against you. Which is very funny.
  12. Food is tax free in most states. Gas depends on what level octane it is or if its diesel/e85. I think where I live, Amazon has a 7-9% tax depending on the product. It really isn't hard to calculate before a zip code and you get used to it. It's a lot better than the EU and a lot of the taxes they have in all honesty.
  13. What am I supposed to try again on? I'm not well versed in all 50 states taxes and literally every state has a different law on these kinds of things.
  14. Taxes are handled so differently on so many things in the US. You have state sales tax, you have federal tax, you have shipping tax, you have handling charges. So much changes and since we don't really have a federal minimum wage they can't just charge one universal fee that everyone has to pay. The quality of life changes dramatically across the different states. Like someone in Illinois can't be taxed the same as someone in California on a sale. The person in Illinois makes less per hour than someone in California. It just wouldn't be fair. So some states have sale taxes and internet sale taxes, some don't have either. But, all states have internet sale tax if the business has a footprint in the state, so if I lived in Nevada I wouldn't pay any sales taxes on ordering from Newegg, but since they are located in California I do pay those taxes.
  15. It's trusted enough that Razer is using it as the launcher for the Razer Phone and a few Chinese brands as well use it.
  16. My friends ASUS x99 board died on him earlier last year and it took his CPU with it. ASUS didn't hold up to their warranty on the board popping a mosfet and killing a 5820 and the board. He went through 3 months of shit back and forth and ultimately went to intel and got a new CPU in 2 weeks, lit his board on fire, then went and bought an EVGA board. And that was a guy that swore up and down by ASUS for years, running a crosshair 5 formula since the 6100 came out. Outside of the used market where im not worried about $50 on a motherboard dieing since I know I can make my money back off the build im doing if the board is shit I have been staying away from asus for my own builds. Last board I used for myself was my asus p5q that I got for $20.
  17. go to the PCGaming reddit as well as BuildAPC and post about it, see what/if a mod has to say and everything. i believe JJ is still very active on BuildAPC
  18. Its left upto the department. Theirs a few cops I can think of that do motovlogs while on duty and stuff on youtube and its only because the department allows it. I can't see why they can't stream as well if the department says its okay. Just can't get in the way of an investigation.
  19. What steps are you going through to OC? Can we get voltage numbers, FSB speed, anything else you're maybe changing to obtain 3.4/3.6? No two CPU's will OC the same but if you're using a Phenom II x4 or x6 black edition you should be able to hit 3.8 with the right tuning