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  1. Few minor changes... :rolleyes: Parts can be found at http://pcpartpicker.com/p/P4KvP6 Short Video Clip
  2. Thanks man! I will be posting some pics after this for some minor changes... Cheers!
  3. You can try the Silverstone FW-121 Slim PWM Fan... http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=500
  4. Nice! Fellow NCASE M1 v1 owner... Good luck with your build!
  5. That's true... I will be changing to pastel coolant instead... Thanks! Thanks man!
  6. Final update guys, hope you'll like it... Cheers! - EK-Supremacy EVO - Nickel - EK-FC Titan X Nickel-Acetal - EK-FC Titan X Backplate - Nickel - EK-CoolStream SE 240 Slim Radiator - Silverstone FW-121 PWM Slim Fan - Barrow Fittings - Magicool MCP180 Pump/Reservoir Combo - Mayhems Aurora 2 - Blue Coolant IDLE Temps : CPU 27c~29c | GPU 32c~34c LOAD Temps : CPU 55c~57c | GPU 48c~51c In vertical orientation And sorry for the poor lighting video...
  7. During the time of the build, this is the only pump/res combo that I have so I give it a shot... Cheers!
  8. Just WOW... Extreme level modding!
  9. GTX 980 Ref comes with the backplate... I just painted it with PlastiDip... Cheers! Thanks! I did the custom side panel window using a dremel... Cheers! Unfortunately I don't have any video... Maybe in the coming weeks, my friends who has the same case wish to customize their M1 side panel... I should take video... Cheers!
  10. Hahaha... Thanks man! I did the custom cut for the side panel window... Thanks!