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  1. No on-board WiFi though...
  2. "DX12" nah man, DX11 in a wrapper. True DX12 games are nowhere to be found. Really the only game that doesn't do this wrapper bullshit is Doom with Vulkan.
  3. This is so goooooood
  4. *gasp* Apple put a BIGGER battery in a device AND a lower-power A9? What crazy world have we entered?
  5. Depends on the quality of the phases. You can have 10 60 amp parts or 16 35 amp parts, the 10 phase will be better.
  6. White front though. Hnnnnngh
  7. I suggest you wait and see how that reference card performs. You can have an amazing looking card, if it runs as hot as lava while sounding like a jet fighter it's still a hunk of junk.
  8. FYI, those boosts advertised are for 1-2 cores, max. If all 4 cores are in use it'll boost to a lower frequency. That's not Mac-specific, that goes for all Intel CPUs (and recently AMD's as well).
  9. On MacOS? Simply enable Siri via the system preferences but then don't assign a key combination to activate it. On iOS it's as simple as deactivating it via settings.
  10. A: no, totally different architectures won't CrossFire. B: this isn't the forum section to ask. Go to Graphics Cards next time.
  11. ...Or spend like $20 more for an RX470 which blows it out of the water.
  12. Clearer pics: https://videocardz.com/67454/amd-radeon-rx-vegas-got-a-soul-and-brain That's definitely not white, that's brushed aluminium. Not just the backplate it seems, but the entire card.
  13. SPAAAAAAAACE! (love your profile pic :D)

  14. Lithium batteries are literally bombs. They just are. If they get to hot, they go boom. If you squeeze them, they go boom. If you puncture them, they go boom. If you look at them funny, they go boom. It's time for a new battery that lasts a lot longer, charges a lot quicker, does not explode in your face and can be mass produced easily within a year. Get lithium batteries out of existence ASAP.