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  1. Like it matters when the vast majority of Android users are on OSs released in 2014 and 2015. Those devices didn't even get 2016's Android.
  2. Sauce: https://blog.vive.com/us/2017/08/21/htc-vive-announces-price-drop/ So, yay I guess? After the Rift's price drop Valve/HTC had to follow of course. It's still an expensive piece of equipment though.
  3. XFX has a single-slot RX550.
  4. threadripper 1900x

    Indeed we do, it was announced by AMD on the same day Threadripper was released. This is old news.
  5. It comes down to power consumption. If AMD were to put regular GDDR5(X) on Vega they'd have to add another 40-50W of TDP to the card.
  6. Don't wait for rebrand or aftermarket cards. You'll have no chance at getting them because miners will eat them up like a bunch of starved dogs. Get the reference edition (best VRM setup for any card save the LN2 special editions from like Galax or something), then either undervolt on the stock cooler or slap a water block on it from EK and go to town on the thing.
  7. EK just basically confirmed Intel's 8th gen i-series CPUs have at least 6 cores:
  8. Literally watch the reviews on it. Basically everybody goes into the power draw aspect.
  9. It's perf/watt is way better than Polaris, I mean Vega 56 draws the same power as an OC'd RX580 while being way faster. Vega 64 is past the efficiency curve of the whole architecture. For the performance AMD wants out of it they have to push it way past that curve with high clocks and thus high power draw (also doesn't help AMD pushes a crapload more voltage than is really necessary). Vega 56 seems to be the sweetspot of the entire architecture.
  10. Here: https://www.computerbase.de/2017-08/radeon-rx-vega-64-56-test/8/ Under the image of Vega 64 with the spare die: Definitiv nicht fertig sind die Treiber. Der Draw Stream Binning Rasterizer (DSBR) ist zwar offenbar noch in letzter Sekunde fertig geworden, der High Bandwith Cache Controller (HBCC) ist aber immer noch standardmäßig abgeschaltet und Primitive Shader fehlen komplett. aka Definitely not finished are the drivers. The Draw Stream Binning Rasterizer (DSBR) was apparently finished in the last second, the High Bandwith Cache Controller (HBCC) is switched off by default and Primitive Shaders are missing completely.
  11. Though the reference cooler may suck, the VRM serup is among the best in the business, far better than most custom boards out there. It's the same as the Vega FE aka 12 phases clustered around the core for minimal voltage drop. That's for both the 64 and 56. Basically, get the reference boards and slap an aftermaket or liquid cooler on it.
  12. Deadlines promised to investors and a need to just launch.
  13. Reddit, don't know where he found it though.
  14. May I add that it's doing so with most of its new features still disabled by drivers (rasterizer, HBCC, primitive shaders)? Sure, it's still a half-arsed rushed launch but if it's already on-par or beating the green team I think it's save to say FineWine will start doing its thing in a month or 2-3.
  15. Vega 56 is already beating a 1080Ti in Blender rendering, so there's that.