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  1. Don't get the reference edition cards. Trash coolers on a trash PCB and nVidia asks a premium for it "for the highest quality components". Yeah right and I'm a goldfish.
  2. Instead of getting something new, go look at the 2nd hand market. You can find stuff like 7970s or 7870s for the same price of a 1050 but it'll be quite a lot faster.
  3. MSI recently released a half-hight RX460, and XFX has a single-slot RX460 as well that'd work in an OEM Dell.
  4. A Samsung 960 pro is pretty mich the fastest SSD right now.
  5. I have: A GT750M in my Mac A dead 6800 ultra A dead GT220
  6. Overclocking now starts at $69. That's pretty amazing if you ask me. Even if it's just a small overclock due to a poorly designed VRM(cooling) or a bad CPU die because silicon lottery, it's still an overclock.
  7. Have you read the stories? Even Intel is shitting their pants because of Ryzen. If even a company as massive as Intel is shitting their pants you know they know Ryzen will kick ass in pretty much all departments.
  8. This is what videocardz.com has: https://videocardz.com/65825/first-amd-ryzen-7-1700x-benchmarks-are-here A massive list of some CPU benchmarks that are amazeballs, even with the crap 17-17-17-39 2T memory timings on an A320 mobo (which explain the low physics score).
  9. Well, it seems that VideoCardz has an 8c16t at 4.0GHz. And apparently it does good.
  10. GTX1060 4K Pick one.
  11. Because you're used to Intel's stupidly high prices. That's what you get with no competition. Also, kind of a retoast:
  12. New pricing in the OP showing converted prices to $ without a 15% import tax. AMD's going balls deep with this. It's brilliant.
  13. Use DDU to uninstall the nVidia drivers, then download the latest.
  14. https://videocardz.com/65892/amd-ryzen-7-1800x-1700x-and-ryzen-5-1600x-will-require-special-coolers The only thing confirmed is that there are new stock coolers in the form of the Wraith cooler (as seen on Raja's picture). The other two are completely made up. We might as well only see a Wraith cooler and no cooler at all.
  15. Updated op with a new price sheet with all the Ryzen CPUs on it as well as the Intel pricing equivalent.