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  1. So exactly why are port control computers and nuclear station monitoring computers connected to any network that has an internet connection in the first place? That shit should be locked behind 4 doors with separate keys, all with armed checkpoints. Same goes for hospital computers. The only way to access files on any of these systems should be on-site, and the computers connected to that shouldn't have an internet connection.
  2. can't wait for their retarded plans to backfire massively, this is a good start
  3. Have some motherboards yo... https://www.supermicro.nl/products/nfo/AMD_SP3.cfm?pg=MOBO
  4. Quite simple: optimising for one very specific platform is what makes these relatively low-end hardware machines run the games they run at right now, and these games don't have any settings menu to speak of whatsoever unlike their PC port counterparts. If Microsoft were to do this one could pop a game into a super low-powered office machine and it would run like crap, and Microsoft doesn't want the tech support calls from people like those who go "why cant dis pc run dis xbox game plz halp".
  5. That can either be a driver issue or a GPU not liking the clock speed/core voltage. What GPU are you running at what clocks?
  6. Can I just say that a 16c32t Epyc starts at like $650-$700? This bodes really well for Threadripper pricing. Like, REALLY well.
  7. Everything leading up to the Xen entry point (going into the main teleporter) is already released, and expanded upon in the last year or so with Surface Tension Uncut being the big update. Preordering means the game's not out yet, but Black Mesa is, just 2/3rds of it. You get about 7 hours of campaign gameplay with this, AND it has multiplayer (though it's a bit hard to find a populated server).
  8. https://forums.blackmesasource.com/index.php/Thread/30743-Summer-Update/ We start with the bad news: Better delaying it for maximum quality than rushing it out and have it be crappy and full of bugs. Good on ya'll. Now to the neat stuff. Image one. Image two: As stated: You know what, unlike pretty much every game studio ever, I believe these guys, mostly because I know how Source can look, and how earlier posted images of the game (long before they got onto Steam Greenlight) showed the exact same thing as in the game when you run it yourself. It's totally awesome, though I'd like to see some more green included in the ground and props. Xen will be huge. HUGE. They then talk about some technical stuff. One thing's worth mentioning: Source will also get a lighting overhaul adding deferred rendering bringing real-time lighting, shadows and god rays. Super sexy. Especially considering this is Source we're talking about. A 2004 engine (heavily modified though but still) with code going back to the Quake days. And it's pushing out this. Amazeballs. And it still looks realistic. Not overblown like current engines like to do. Subtle yet effective. They then talk about some color correction stuff and refined animations, but these are the main highlights I wanted to point out. So yeah. Good stuff's coming to our favourite remake.
  9. Good stuff.
  10. Yup. When Apple introduced the A7 back in 2013 it shook the industry, caught sleeping Qualcomm management off-guard and gave iPhone 5S users basically free performance. Now everybody's on 64-bit CPUs.
  11. Gimme a headphone jack.
  12. Quality shitpost. GG.
  13. If it makes me able to buy an RX580 at normal price without having to also wait for it for 4 weeks then go for it.
  14. Remember, that just gets you an 8-core. You can sell your arm, leg, kids and house for the 18-core. Also, that's one hell of an underclock on the Vega GPU in here if it only does 22 TFLOPs HP when the stock version AMD has themselves does 25 TFLOPs.
  15. Good luck getting any cooling done ever. Whaddaya think's in heatpipes? Anyway, cool tech, but by the time this will arrive I'll be 80 years old. As how it always goes with cool tech, someone thinks of a cool idea but then forgets to think about a cost efficient and fast way to mass produce it.