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  1. English soundbank sounds better than when japanese singers sing in english (mostly). Can't wait to download, mess with for 20 mins then uninstall like always
  2. Dodgy as owt. Apple bought the company in all but name, and then leased out their factories to them? Doesn't sound like they put enough thought into this. This likely directly led to the management issues. Both parties at fault to some degree, but holy shit apple get some guys with experience to make your new-ish tech at the very least
  3. Bing is fine. Slightly worse than google for some results, but when pretty much forced to use it at college, it gave far better, if far less, image results. For what it is, bing is pretty damn impressive. Remember that Microsoft's core business in no way revolves around bing at all, whereas google relies on their search and invest massively into their algorithm. I wouldn't use it over google simply due to my university email using gmail, but if I was again forced to use it it wouldn't really affect me day-to-day. I miss iGoogle. If someone was to take this code and implement something similar, or even just emulate the pages from the days of yore, I would be a very happy man. Don't see how this is a bad thing.
  4. Yeah sorry, slow internet, should have remembered which forum i was on lol
  5. EDIT: Ninja'd This won't really affect us end users, as smartphones will likely still use usb micro (soon, usb type c) due to a. low cost and b. ubiquity
  6. Good. Valkyria chronicles is a great game, and apparently AC Unity is not. Ubisoft better wake up soon or they are fucked.
  7. I think this thread belongs more in member reviews then tech news and reviews mate. Also, the name badcable and the endorsement of a single site makes this post look like an advertisement, which as far as i'm aware doesn't belong anywhere near this section. EDIT: Ninja'd by a mod
  8. Not surprised, would be suprising if the cycle of drugs-guys-sell and fbi-catches-guys was broken
  9. Could you link to the blog post directly? Kotaku doesn't deserve my ad revenue.
  10. The only reason EA aren't charging for these is because they already experienced the massive backlash from their fans when the whole bullshit 'can't be done maybe sorta' excuse was revealed. We all knew they planned to charge for this in an expansion. They would have lost so much face by going through with that plan. Then again, EA along with most game giants seem to think their consumer image isn't worth anything.
  11. Who? Not me. I don't do it. I don't condone it. It happens. Get over it, like everyone else in the history of internet fame. How many death threats do you think smosh gets? Pewdiepie? etc, etc. It's something that comes with the fame nowadays. Wow. Equality. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. These women, as far as we know, have just as much opportunity in the gaming space as any male equivalent. If they don't, then gather evidence, and make a case. I would genuinely get behind them if that was the case, and not 'fuck you guys and your hobby because it doesn't revolve around me'.
  12. Fucking hell. Is the problem videogames don't have enough women? Then make a videogame with more women! Is the problem videogames don't have the right women? Then make a videogame with the right women! Is the problem videogames don't have woman developers? Then become one, you fucking high-horsed gits! That's the only way to solve that particular issue! Is the problem women developers aren't getting the same opportunities as comparably skilled male developers? If so, that's a real issue. Prove that, fight against it, etc. But otherwise, there is nothing at all to suggest videogames should change to accommodate the wishes of these people, who don't even play the games in the first place. However. Is the problem that media sites don't give a shit about conflict of interest, and are happy to shit all over their supposed audience when they expose it? That question was rhetorical. Yes. It doesn't matter if Nathan Grayson wrote a review on Zoe quinns game or not. The issue is he wrote about it. He mentioned it as a 'check out this'. He also reported negatively on the game jam zoe quinn helped destroy before making her own scam version, and through various evidence we know he was in a relationship with her at the time. No reporting to the boss, to avoid such issues. No repercussions. Fuck that shit. If that doesn't sound like an issue to you, you aren't into videogames, so fuck off. People who aren't into sports don't have a say in the rulebooks. People who are, might. It's that fucking simple, common sense. If you still think 'i'm not going to let these gamers get what they want because I don't like it', then congrats, you are an obnoxious asshole. Zoe Quinn is a shitty person. Heck, Anita Sarkeesian is a fairly shitty person for shitting all over my hobby. We know this. We speak badly of shitty people. That's OK. That's the least they deserve. They don't deserve death threats, but hey, when your active on the internet and social media, they happen. It isn't uncommon. People deal with it. Fuck you guys for ignoring the actual issue.
  13. Clearly, you didn't read the article with any sense of comprehension. Paraphrasing, 'A social justice warrior is anyone who has empathy'. 'In short, Gamergate is a boggling witch hunt that continues to raise more questions than it answers because it didn’t have any useful questions to ask in the first place. Even Gamergate’s founding claim, that games journalism is corrupt, is opportunistic horseshit from misogynists who decided to shame a woman for allegedly sleeping around because they didn’t like her video game and wanted to punish her for it. Slut-shaming, gaslighting, dismissal, fallacious logic, intimidation: these are all part of the Gamergate militant’s toolkit.' This paragraph alone made me want to throw up. Terribly written, absolute bullshit, and the cracked article linked suggests that gamergater's goals aren't something gamers should care about. Unbiased reporting isn't something gamers, who spend can spend hundreds upon hundreds individually on their hobby a year, should care about. Do you care about unbiased reporting? If yes, you should support gamergate. Not the assholes harassing women, but the guys trying to get transparency by pointing out the bullshit going on behind the scenes. If not, videogaming is not your hobby, so fuck off trying to have a say in how it works. That would be my message to Anita sarkeesian and the rest of the 'feminist' crowd. Equality does not mean fixing numbers to get statistics you like. It means providing equal opportunity. If its not there, then actually make that point, not 'gamers are dead' and 'gamers are women haters' and whatever bullshit they pedaled since I last tortured myself reading their shit.
  14. Wireless charging. Stick your wallet on a desk and bam. Looks sick, do want, will never come to UK tho. We already have chip pin and wireless cards, and a single card for all providers is not worth the effort required over here.