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  1. I want an ssd because i'm currently using an 80gb old AF hd as my boot device and it sucks... no one should have to pass through something like this these days... also, i'm doing a major gpu upgrade (gts450 to gtx 970)and an ssd to go along with it would be FREAKING AWESOME! Everyone should have an ssd because waiting for your pc to turn on/wake up sucks, and loading times also suck. Good luck everyone!
  2. Well... what makes me interested in the Zotac ZBOX is not just one thing, but two. First, it is better than my pc ooooold pc Second, it would allow me to take my pc with me to a friends house and have a lan party =D
  3. lucbpso https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy
  4. Sry for the late reply. Yeah i guessed that would be the only solution but as we didnt have a windows cd with us we decided to wait for him to go to a store near us. I assembled his old pc back so he could use it while stores are closed for the new year. Thanks for all the replies and i hope all of you have a wonderful 2015!
  5. No, the animation goes something like this: the little spheres show up and before they grow and merge into the windows logo they freeze for like, 2 seconds and it sends us back to the asus logo, no reset or anything, it just blinks back to the motherboard logo.I'll check back here when I get to his place, so i can give you guys the best info i can. EDIT: Im here at his place, nothing changed for now.
  6. Im going to his place now, i'll have like, 3h do try to do anything before i have to leave for new year thingy with my dad
  7. Not sure. However, he is able to access the bios and do w/e in it right now, i told him to check the date and time and the boot order, he did so and said it still does not work.
  8. Hi everyone, my friend bought a new cpu (i5 4690k) and a new motherboard (ASUS B85M) and asked me to install them, as it was my first install, I double checked everything, every plug was in the right place, cpu fan on the cpu fan header, 24 and 4 pin connected, sata cables, front i/o, everything was in place. After we tried to turn it on it would show us the asus logo with the "press del or f2 to go to the bios" message, we did enter the bios but couldnt do anything because both his mouse and keyboard are wireless (and as he said with a wired kb+m it did work) and apparently we were lucky the first try, because after that one we didnt get to enter the bios at all. After that when we tried turning on the pc, windows 7 (64 bits) would show up but before the windows logo finished loading it sent us back to the asus logo, wich didnt do much but send us to that "how do you want to boot the pc" screen (safe mode, normally, repair sistem, etc). We had no choice but to wait the pc to load the repair tool alone, because of the no kb+m problem. Now my friend got a wired mouse and keyboard from a neighbour and he cant do anything after the bios, windows still wont start and will send him back to the asus logo screen. Sorry if im not specific enough and for any typo's im doing this on a hurry. EDIT: His old pc used an intel motherboard (not sure what model) and an i5 2500 iirc, hope this helps. EDIT 2: We didnt install his GPU (Gigabyte GTX 550 ti) yet, i was waiting for the pc to work without it before installing it.
  9. Yeah, I agree with Linus, Bear Claw would be a much better name than h856ef78is8fgh58tgfhd954673655hgf8367ged846658fg378556rf! I was going to use my mom's notebook as a media center for the tv here, but not if i win this one =D
  10. Yay! another giveaway! I cant pick one favourite, I must pick two... The case and the cpu cooler, those are my two greatest issues at the time. my cpu heatsink needs cleaning every two weeks if i want the temperatures to stay normal for said period of time, and my case is just a mess, no cable management, both my top coolers broke withing 6 months of use, and it doesnt even have a 120mm cooler on the back, only a 80mm one. so yeah, tl;dr, my case sucks and i hate the fact that there is so much dust where i live... thank you lmg for yet another awesome give away!
  11. No, consoles don't run anything at 1080p, they upscale the graphics so it seems 1080p and I still don't understand how people can be satisfied with 30fps, have you ever seen comparisons? the problem is not "not running in 4k", even though someone with a 4k monitor should have the right to see 4k quality graphics... the problem is lowering PC's graphic optimization options to so the best optimization we can get is console equivalent... This meas, someone with a beast machine wont be able to run the game nearly as beautiful as they would. I think that people who work at Ubisoft as the designers for the arts that go into the game should protest, because they are not only being underrated for not having they're best job shown, but because they are being disrespected by they're employer, games are not only the greatest form of entertainment yet, they are art, just like movies, books, paintings. What if Picasso had to paint with a chicken bone instead of brushes because someone said: "We can sell more of those if you do it that way". tl;dr: Not only we are getting robbed for what we expect to buy but the artists involved in the creation are being disrespected for not having they're work used as it should.
  12. Linus, thanks for yet another amazing giveaway. Also, could you explain why you chose which games for the benchmarks? is it based on the current market, or is it based on what you guys have been playing? About the 900 series, i've been busy studying and haven't read much about it neither seen anything on youtube. but the tests say it all, they are rocking and rolling, giving us access to good 4k fps range and even more amazing features.
  13. For Linus, Luke, and all the Linus Media Group Team: Thank you very much for the great content you provide us to entertain, teach, inform and much more. The opinion you guys have, as well as the opinion from a brazillian youtuber and pc enthusiast are the ones i trust the most when it comes to hardware. Whenever i have a doubt, before googoling about it i search both of your channels to see what you guys think about it. Again, thank you for the fun moments and knowlege. I wish every one good luck on the giveaway and I wish the Linus Media Group more success every year. Sorry for any typo =P
  14. Upgrade my pc Linus and Jayz ^ do i get more points for the rhyme? Edited twice, grammar correction and added the links, i completely forgot about those
  15. Loved the notebook, the looks are amazing and the hardware is already way better than i have on my pc lol. Another great video from the linus media group!