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    I7 4790k
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    Asus Sabertooth Mark S
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    Corsair Vengance Pro 32gb 1866mhz
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    EVGA 980ti SLI
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    NZXT H440
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    Samsung 840 Pro 128gb, Samsung 840 250gb, Samsung 850 250gb
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  1. Recently, i have been experiencing issues with my monitor after having it on for a few minutes. No matter what im doing, all of a sudden the screen with "split in half" with a pixilated artifacting line down the middle and strange green/blue pixels across the screen and images ghosting. I've had the monitor for a few months now and only recently has it started. I did swap out hardware on my pc (cpu, mobo, gpu), but my second monitor is completely unaffected and the same artifacting and pixilation happens on the monitors menu and when swapping inputs to HDMI which is my ps4. I did try swapping cables (which all work fine on my second monitor) and disabling all over clocking both on my pc and on my monitor. Strangely enough, unplugging the monitor and plugging back in fixes the issue for a few moments, but it returns. Even more strange, hitting the power button on the monitor does NOT fix it and instantly will create blue pixilation/artifacting on the screen. Has anyone come across like this? Is this something that is software fixable, or is this a warranty claim? Monitor: Alienware 34 Monitor AW3418DW Pc: 9900k, gigabyte z390 master, asus strix 2080ti.
  2. Hello, Does anyone know of the reservoir on the Thermaltake PR22 D5 series of pumps can have the reservoir replaced? I currently have a 300mL version but need to swap it out for a 200mL res for the build I’m doing. Would the Thermaltake Pacific T11 res or anything else for that matter work?
  3. I'm looking for opinions on what the best 480mm rad would be. I will be using Thermaltake Riing fans with lower rpm and higher sp. Preferably, it would be best if the rad had connectors on both ends as it would make it easier for the loop config. In the loop will be a 9900k and 2080 ti. Silence is not 100% important as i do not plan on having any other rads in the loop. Currently I'm looking at the Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis xflow stealth 480mm rad.
  4. Hello, I'm curious to know if anybody here uses a tablet as a "standalone" Waze gps. If so, what tablet are you using? I'm looking for something relatively cheap, with a good screen, built in gps, bluetooth, and wifi connectivity (i plan to use both waze and spotify with this tablet through my phone's hotspot). I won't be using this tablet for much else so it doesn't need to be the fastest around. I plan to mostly stream music from it, so it doesn't need a lot of storage; my music library i keep downloaded is pretty small. My car does not have usb connectivity to the radio, so as stated it must have bluetooth connectivity for my speakers. I'm not partial to any particular brand, just want to make sure its a reputable brand with good software support (for future waze and spotify app updates, don't want a product at end of life). Thank you for your assistance and recommendations.
  5. Alright, after making a few changes: According to EK's compatibility chart, the GPU block/backplate should work with my card.
  6. I'm going to try to get a shade of purple i like. If i can't, its going to be blue.
  7. Hmm, ok. Other than cost, I can’t think of a reason not to include the 240, so if I need to shave off some money from the build, I’ll look there first. What I am curious about though is, would having the 240 increase performance or just be a fancy looking paper weight? Would it be a minuscule 1-2 degree difference or a more significant difference, like 5-10 degrees?
  8. Thank you, I’ll look into thicker tubing. Not sure I want the res/pump combo since it’s not extremely visually appealing and doesn’t have rgb. For the amount invested into this system, aesthetics are pretty important to me. Not to mention my case has a dedicated mounting place for a pump in the back making it easier to hide away the pump and drain valve.
  9. I’ll look into your tubing and rad suggestions, thank you. As for the blocks, according to EK’s compatibility chart, the EVGA 1080 ti sc2 is “visually compatable”. Problem is, no one makes specific sc2 blocks so you have to find something that will fit, usually fe blocks. Even if the GPU market wasn’t horrible right now, I can’t get a ftw3 (which there are specific blocks for) since it doesn’t fit properly with the reservoir mount in this case.
  10. Hello, As the title suggests, i'm trying to finalize the parts list for my first custom loop. I've been running a h110 aio on a high end pc for 3+ years now and have started to see degrading performance as the pump slowly starts to die. After looking at new aio's for the past few hours, i've decided to finally try my first go at a custom loop. My PC specs: CPU: 7820x Mobo: Asus Strix x299-e GPU: EVGA 1080 ti ICX sc2 (11G P4 6593 KR) Case: Phanteks Enthoo Primo (white) Current Loop Parts: (See attached pictures) I'm confident i have plenty of cooling capacity, my two main concerns are: 1- Is everything compatible "out of the box" 2- Are the parts "good/excellent quality" I don't want anything clogging up the system in a month or two or causing leaks. As this is my first attempt, i am going about it pretty simple. Soft tubing, pretty much all EK (from the configurator), and just the cpu and gpu in the loop (cpu monoblock that also gets the mobo too). I know the fans are a little "fancy"; I'm currently running two of them on the h110 i have and love the way they look. If they would truly cripple my cooling performance, I'm open to suggestions for better fans. Also, im trying to go for purple coolant, hence the blue fluid and red concentrate. If i cant get the color the way i like, ill stick with just blue. I appreciate the feedback/comments. Thank you.
  11. I'm looking for 140mm SP type fans with Asus Aura compatibility. I've found a few nice 120mm fans, but i prefer 140mm as they run quieter. Some will be intake, others exhaust so fans where the rgb looks good from both sides are a must. If anyone has any suggestions or has fans the recommend, id love to hear about it. Thanks.
  12. From what ive gathered, im not going to find a dual 8 pin thats under 277mm and supports the phantek glacier waterblock. Also, as others have pointed out, dual 8 pin vs 8+6 pin shouldnt affect overclocking at all.
  13. What about the Asus FE? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y31FYWY/ref=twister_B074XNH844 It's in stock at amazon unlike almost everything else (albeit higher than retail price still).