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  1. It's nice that taxes went up for me this year. I actually owed money. 

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    2. Syntaxvgm


      yah, they doubled the minimum deduction, but they did away with personal exemptions, so they could claim it's a tax cut but not really. I set up my withholding to be tax neutral so I make more but don't get a return, the only time it screws me is if they decide to change what they're going to tax you for mid year like they did in 2018. 

      They basically raised taxes retroactively, in a way. 

    3. dizmo



      Don't you sell stuff online? Really, your tax bill should always be $0. Unless you're having an extremely successful year sales wise.

    4. Syntaxvgm


      No, I work, selling stuff online is side money, and I really didn't as much in 2018 

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