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  1. Hey! Haven't been on this forum in a long time, but I feel like this is the best place to ask. I am looking to upgrade my CPU. Currently, I have an Intel Core i5 6600 CPU on a pretty bad MSI b250 MATE mobo. I have been looking to upgrade since performace has been lacking for my needs as of late. Usually I have bought intel, but from what I can gather, Ryzen has been the choice as of late. I want a CPU that will last me for several years, and I have been looking at the Ryzen 3800x. I use my computer daily as a minecraft server, but also use it for playing minecraft, playing 2 or more eve accounts, and on top of that usually running one to three vs code instances. I also have docker instances running on occasion. So I want a CPU that will be able to keep up with all of that and be able to keep up for at least a few years. So is the 3800x a good upgrade? Are new CPUs due soon and should I wait? Is intel a better choice? I am not keeping up to date with the industry, so your input is very valued :)
  2. Here are photos to see the actual condition
  3. I've tried searching but can't really find prices for this Asus mobo. It's a z170p d3 LGA 1151 board, I'm looking to sell it as I've replaced it this Xmas, but I have no idea what I could get for it. It's in excellent condition. This post isn't a sale post, just me asking you experienced people what you'd recommend listing it for on Kijiji, or whatever other site.
  4. Recently added some abstract matrix data structures, and plan to add new types of viewers.
  5. It's mostly built in Java, however I do the test files in Kotlin just because it's so damn easy / quick. Will probably be porting over the current classes to Kotlin as I develop.
  6. glad to see the shitposts get all the replies...
  7. You could literally copy paste the text into your forum post. Like Reniat said, no one would download a random text file from mediafire posted by someone with 14 posts on the forum. I don't see why it has to be hosted anywhere externally at all, since it should just be a text file. The entire point of a forum is to share text files.
  8. When I have to send a list as data outside of the scope of the program, I tend to simply append each element of the list separated by a comma. Then it can easily be put back into a list by separating elements at each comma.
  9. Not necessarily. Most new programmers do a lot of command line programming. Either way,the term software development is the process of creating software, be either programs, frameworks, or what have you. A small portion of that is GUI based applications.
  10. The term Software development doesn't automatically infer a GUI implementation...
  11. Have been working on this the past few days, on whatever time I get off work. Some functions and parameters can still be improved, but it is definitely usable enough to show you all! It's a cool little Java library. There are 3 primary classes: Tile This is an interface which helps define a Tile object. Some concrete classes have been implemented, such as ColorTile and SpriteTile, but many more can be created. TileMap A data structure for managing these tile objects in a 2D array (matrix). Comes with an iterator for iterating through the tiles. TileMapPanel This class is used to visualize the Tile objects. Since the tile interface defines a method paint(Graphics g, int gridScale), the TileMapPanel iterates through it's TileMap and calls the paint(g, gridscale) function on each tile. All in all, this is a really young library, I have a lot of improvements to make, but it's fun to play around with, and I've thought of a lot of applications, so I thought it'd be cool to see what y'all come up with. Here are a few quick examples: package com.carvethsolutions.gridlib import com.carvethsolutions.gridlib.tile.ColorTile import com.carvethsolutions.gridlib.tile.SpriteTile import com.carvethsolutions.gridlib.tile.TileMap import java.awt.Color import java.util.* import javax.swing.JFrame /** * * @project gridlib * @author John on 5/5/2018 */ fun main(args : Array<String>) { val tilemap = TileMap(128) val r = Random() for (x in 0 until 128) { for (y in 0 until 128) { val color = Color(r.nextInt(256), r.nextInt(256), r.nextInt(256)) tilemap.placeTile(ColorTile(color, x, y), x, y) } } val tmp = TileMapPanel(tilemap, 8) val frame = JFrame() frame.add(tmp) frame.pack() frame.show() val frame2 = JFrame() val tilemap2 = TileMap(32) for (x in 0 until 32) { for (y in 0 until 32) { tilemap2.placeTile(SpriteTile("./res/grass.png",x,y),x,y) } } val tmp2 = TileMapPanel(tilemap2) frame2.add(tmp2) frame2.pack() frame2.show() } The GitHub for this library can be found here: https://github.com/JLCarveth/gridlib
  12. Happens to the best of us. But is weird, considering I don't recall installing 3/4 of those packages.
  13. This is a great book if you're interested in Patterns and have already read GoF. Talks about the patterns we use everyday subconsciously. https://www.amazon.com/Elemental-Design-Patterns-Jason-Smith/dp/0321711920
  14. True, never considered just throwing the jar in with the source code commits
  15. As a student I have unlimited private repos
  16. Yea I'm frequently not on the same local network, and don't want to use simple cloud storage for that reason.
  17. I am working on a Java project, and I wrote several libraries to help me make this project. Often, I find myself adding some features to the libraries, and building updated JAR files. Problem is, I am now using my laptop and my desktop for coding, and so swapping JARs over with a flash drive whenever I want to add a feature to one of my libraries is tedious af. Could be a simple question, but is there anyway I can facilitate the transfer of builds between machines?
  18. Also, probably stupid question, but the Github says this: Provided you already have NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and OpenCV already installed, the imutils package is completely pip-installable Did you try installing these packages as well?
  19. I got it installed using the Pyhton Command Line What version of python are you using?
  20. I can definitely agree. PHP was one of the first languages I learned, and I'm still scared of the include() and require() functions.
  21. Bro IDK how hard it can be to setText of a Label. I don't think any of us can really help you.
  22. I really know nothing about random numbers at all, just when I've pondered it before I recognized System time is a number that's never the same at two moments.
  23. I don't think it would repeat after a day. System time records the DATE and TIME, using both would constantly give new numbers.
  24. The button only has the number on it, because thats what you told it to contain. myMessage.setText(Integer.toString(myrand)); If myRand is say, 4, then the myMessage component's text will say "4"