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  1. i mean a google search and a reddit post shows that it does happen. and idk this this is just a bad product otherwise since i cant use the pea method anymore
  2. you need to just do it. i find it hard to start also but once i start it becomes much easier
  3. black desert online stardew valley minecraft dragon age origins
  4. yes i know they are going to put a better psu but they are going to forward that cost onto you probably and charge more than they normally would have and because of that i think that it should be considered as part of the cpu cost. like if cpu A is 200 dollars and requires a 50 dollar psu and a 50 dollar cooler while cpu B cost 200 dollars but requires a 100 dollar cooler and an 100 dollar psu imo the cpus dont "cost the same" i think of cpu B as 100 dollars more than cpu A
  5. ive always heard that OEMs skimp on the motherboard and psu to increase their profit margins and looking at the parts they look like they are cheaply made but i guess you can't really tell by that
  6. ofc if you just have like a 90w cpu then its not a problem but if you have a 380w cpu that puts a lot more stress on the PSU and motherboard
  7. these dont really inspire confidence for me but idk we'll see i guess
  8. OEMs wont like it either since they cant use their shitty generic psus for this and they are not going to be paying the extra money and they are going to pass it onto the consumer so its not just oh higher electricity bill it affects other parts of the computer. so i dont see how what i said wont apply to OEM computers if fact it probably will apply more since they cant cheap out on what they usually cheap out on
  9. you were saying if its good price to performance then people wont care right. but im saying that unless they price it riddiculously low the fact that it needs a bigger psu and probably the highest end motherboard and cooler will cut into that even if they made it competitively priced so the wattage still matters in that respect. the extra money you have to spend on other things because of the cpu is basically part of the cost of the cpu is what im saying
  10. idk anything about high frequency trading so if you say so. i thought that they would make their program scale well with multiple cores but idk maybe not and i think amd does have an IPC advantage
  11. its just a meme but hey you never know and the i9 10990k also draws 300w
  12. i dont think he wants to keep that 6800k forever and he probably doesnt want to replace his psu every cpu upgrade
  13. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-core-i9-10990xe-cpu-specs intel disagrees
  14. but the psu wattage requirement is a concern especially when commercial computer have those shitty generic psu. and most people have probably around a 600w psu heck even a 750w psu would be cutting it close so having to buy a new more expensive psu would hurt the price per performance. i remember someone in another thread saying that buying a large psu is pointless since newer computer parts are using less power not more but apparently intel has other ideas . and i dont think intel is interested in going for the best price given the pricing of the 9980xe and im not sure if they even can considering that monolithic dies have much worse production yield than the chiplet design of amd so amd can always price theirs lower
  15. you right 100 dollars is 20% of 500 and 5 dollars is only 8% of 60 dollars so i should have said 12 dollars microtransaction my bad
  16. yeah why do people spending 60 dollars on a video game care about paying 5 dollars more for a microtransation
  17. you could not care but i dont think your justification is a good one and i think a lot of people would care especially if they have a 600 watt psu
  18. yes and it shouldnt have the same power consumption as the top end HEDT processor
  19. highest end performance chip? LUL that would be the threadripper 3990x (which is has about the same power consumption as) not some measly 10 core consumer cpu or even the 3950x (which has like half of the power consumption)