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    LTT's resident target compound archer
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    United States
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    Physics, computers(duh)
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    cabinet shop cnc operator


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    r5 3600
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    b450 tomahawk
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    2x8 crucial ballistix LT
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    gtx 1070 ti
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    Meshify C
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    1TB 850 evo, 1TB WD blue sn550, 1TB 860 evo
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    acer 27" lg 27gl650f-b
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    fuma 2
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    coolermaster storm quickfire tk (mx blue)
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    sennheiser 558
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    windows 10
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  1. well someone has to pay for the parts
  2. i think its just snake oil like those fish oil pills etc
  3. why? all of those components are very reasonable and the advantage is the RGB etc can all be controlled with corsair's software
  4. well better units cost as much as the 850w leadex anyways and yep if someone never wants to get a gpu and only use their computer for office etc then i wouldnt recommend a 850w psu
  5. i got a cx650m a few months ago reasoning that gpus will get more efficient so i will never need more but now i have a 3080 with a 750w recommendation LUL. now it runs but it still makes me a bit nervous since the gpu hits 380w and theres a particular thing about the cx650m is that its fucking loud when near full load. at first when i heard it i was like wtf i thought the ftw3 was supposed to be quiet and then i open up the case and listen and its coming from the psu. now im upgrading to a 850w leadex III psu and Idk what im going to do with the cx650m. i should have just bought the leadex in the first place since it was only 30 dollars more expensive
  6. yeah you could get away with less but its not a good idea to play around with psu limitations. also ive noticed that recently there isnt a huge price difference its like 10-20 dollars between a 500w and 650w psu of comparable quality
  7. i usually just get one with good reviews. not much to fuck up with a displayport cable imo
  8. idk if hes planning on reusing the psu for future builds then it might not be a bad idea. and the 3070 will probably be recommended a 650w psu
  9. so the verge was right the people who were doing reaction videos to their PC build was infringing on their copyright
  10. is the resolution set to the native resolution? and if you use analog connectors are they in properly
  11. idk what's being debunked though since the fix was to lower clock speeds lol. like sure they shouldnt be boosting higher than the cards can support but the mlcc cards can still support higher clocks than SPCAPs and we always knew that its when the cards boost higher than stock that causes the problems
  12. i mean nvidia has a lot of control over what the AIB partners do. if they tell them they are not going to do something they are not going to do it
  13. its basically the same thing the news companies are saying google needs to pay them to provide advertisement for their website and the guy is saying streamers should pay the game devs to advertise their game. if you are talking about visual novels then id agree but thats why they are called visual novels and are not really considered games. lets take league of legends for example champions like riven have animations cancels that the devs didnt even know about until it was found by the players. also the devs are mostly a bunch of bronze players so saying that challenger players don't add anything to the game that the devs don't already is just ridiculous. you think marc merrell can do this? requiring license will at the least kill small streamers but whats most likely going to happen is all streamers and a lot of players are just going to boycott your game