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  1. For me whit 2666 ram and 1500mghz oc on vega 8 and 3.8Ghz on CPU GTAV ran on medium in 1080p around 40 to 50 fps, only drops when on hills were there is a lot of grass, 1050 is pretty simular to vega 8 in gta @high 1050ti would be faster
  2. probably 1700 or 2700 be good, if you wont do "extreme" owerclocks, you can still OC 1700 but not to that extent, for streaming both will work.
  3. if you want to check ram slots etc, look up a teardown/upgrade video on youtube, there probably gonna be something on this model.
  4. Hy, im building a PC whit ryzen 3 2200g, allready got the CPU, PSU and half of the ram. could anyone help me find a motherboard that supports 2xxx chips out of the box because im on a budget and don't want to spend money on x470. Thanks for the help!
  5. Probably... had a simular problem on my old laptop. put in second SODIM 8gb and it was fixet.
  6. Could you elaborate? Far has i've been looking, both are same socket. And also it is supported by this laptop. Atleast by what i could find.
  7. Hy! I have a HP ProBook 645 G1 Whit A6-4400M HD 7520G (APU) and 4GB of ram it runs Dota 2 on min at around 30-50 fps but whit drops in teamfights to 20. I allready put a 250gb samsung 850evo in there. But im thinking of upgrading the APU has well to A10-5750M, 2.5 GHz, L2 4 MB, HD 8650G. plus add a 8 gb ddr3 1600mghz sodim (total of 12gb). Is it worth it and what performance improfments can i expect? Only game im playing is Dota 2 and maybe some random non AAA title sometimes. i want to also run a second 720p monitor for twitch streams and other stuff while playing. I would build a new system but i want to save has much money has i posibly can before that and also wait for GPU pricing to drop. Best regards!
  8. get the insiders version fo windows 10
  9. Map3y


    Exactly what i sad...
  10. Map3y


    Top 50 most earning E-sports plyers in the world are Dota 2 players.
  11. Hello all, i need some help fiding a replacement board roe my Rival's main board because the right switch has died and i cant RMA it because i hav lost the chek for the purchase of it.... Any help please?