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  1. Awesome projector for the size, but the price is crazy!
  2. Do you think that i could overclock my 6600k it to 4 ghz and not have to change the voltage and if i need to about what voltage should i change it to?
  3. Yep and i will not watch whatever the new topgear will be that the BBC produce nor the american one
  4. What would be good 1080p settings for csgo on a gtx 750ti to achieve about 60fps all the time on a 1080p on monitor and with another 1600x900 monitor(csgo only on the 1080p monitor)?
  5. Why is this appearing in my gmail tab?
  6. They are very interesting and would like to get a trainer and a real one some time soon but they are also dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced person.
  7. I would but i don't think my router or computer will support it :(

  8. They all have 4GB but the last 0.5GB is slower than the other 3.5GB.