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  1. LG PF1000U Short Throw Projector

    If anything else I appreciate the return to quality and inventive video production.
  2. Post your SteamVR Performance Test results here

    Boom! Rig name: Moro CPU: i7-5820K @ 4.1GHzGPU: EVGA GTX 980 1465-1534MHzRAM: 32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengance LPX 2400MHzScore: 9.1 Standard OC Profile 9.5 Maximum GPU OC
  3. Gtx 580 Dry ice run

    How the heck do these things even still work?
  4. water cooling help

    I've noticed you've started multiple threads. Since this all in one build it's good to keep all of it one place.
  5. Gtx 580 Dry ice run

    there were more crazy ones but can't get them.... It looks like one the capacitors got pushed out by the expanding ice.
  6. Gtx 580 Dry ice run

    I knew that much, it just that I don't see a lot extreme overclocking. Most desktops I see/build are usually out of necessity and practicality.
  7. I'd recommend investing in a better monitor, and depending on the size of the content you're working, more RAM. I edit 1080p videos and each time I render or export I always end up nearly using all 32gigs of my RAM. What's your budget target by the way?
  8. Gtx 580 Dry ice run

    Holy crap the ice forming on the back of the GPU PCB!
  9. I think I f'd up. (Please help)

    Wait. So everything is fine now?

    It's funny how literally half the replies read your post. Anyways I think you should try what the first guy suggested. I had a similar issue and then I realized I forgot I left my power settings on low for overnight downloads.
  11. I think I f'd up. (Please help)

    Honestly can't tell exactly what's wrong, but it sounds like a driver issue. Your GPU is being underutilized so you can rest somewhat easier that it isn't physically broken. I would try updating/reinstalling the drivers.
  12. How to dust my gpu?

    Literally anything sensible is just fine: microfiber cloth, brushes (nearly of any kind), etc. Just don't do stupid things while you do it.
  13. Regardless of the complications that may arise the fact still remains that we have an enormous amount of computational power not being utilized. It seems like a waste to let increasingly outdated hardware stay underutilized. I think it's a pretty sensible idea, and we can simply throttle the crap out of them to keep power and temps reasonable. In which case there's more that these computers can do other than protein folding. On top of that its overall impact on the cost to subsidize the extra electricity necessary to run this program should be negligible. Electricity is obviously classified as a utility and thus quite cheap... Now if only we didn't run so much of it on oil.
  14. Thanks for the help, but neither monitor really fits the description. So 8-bit AFRC will be just fine, in which case I should just be looking for panel uniformity and calibration right? Yeah, and apparently very difficult to even utilize right.
  15. I understand what you need in order to utilize 10bit. What I want to know if 8bit AFRC, which manufacturers claim to be 10bit, can actually achieve the same or at least similar results. If so do I still have to use a quadro? I also have no idea what AFRC is, is just like having a large look up table so it can approximate colors better or is that something different?