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  1. Pandalf

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Rip money
  2. Switching to iOS. 😅 I'm ready for the incoming hate.

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    2. Nocte


      Fair enough, Google did mention that they are going to deliver security updates via the Play Store instead of delivering them to the manufacturers to avoid issues like this. But you do have a point.

    3. Pandalf


      @NocteI'll gladly return to Android when the update situation gets better, but I assume it will take at least 2 years for all vendors to catch up and surely there will be caveats when it's so fragmented. I was looking at the Pixel 3 XL as well, but the bathtub notch and the poor RAM management were enough of a reason to avoid it. Hopefully Google will deliver more appealing flagships this year.

    4. SeriouslyMikey


      ios is big gay

  3. Pandalf

    Zowie Ec2-B or S1 divina

    Whichever fits your hand and grip style better.
  4. Pandalf

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Got this Roccat Kone Pure Military for pretty cheap, because it's an old model. I love it, feels much better than my Steelseries Rival.
  5. Those aren't official, and no, it won't. Even a 1600 doesn't.
  6. Pandalf

    I need a new headset.

    HyperX Cloud Core
  7. Pandalf

    Is a safe temperature for GPU?

    Perfectly normal temperatures. Coil whine is increased by higher framerates.
  8. Pandalf

    Why do people hate the FX-8350?

    The FX-8350 was actually not that bad when it first came out, but in games it had lesser performance than Sandy and Ivy Bridge. That was mainly due to the Bulldozer architecture which had very limited FP performance. The original Bulldozer CPUs like the 8150 were actually really terrible and worse than the Phenom II in terms of IPC.
  9. It will boost to 3.9 GHz only in very specific single core loads and it most likely won't be sustained for long. Single core turbo is just like Intel's TDP - the only purpose it serves is marketing.
  10. I did too, because it looks like Firefox now and I much prefer that tab layout, but a ton of people at the office and on r/chrome bitched about it.
  11. This seems to be the first time Google does a UI/UX design change that users actually want.
  12. Pandalf

    Build upgrade 6600k to 9th gen?

    Intel is way overpriced in most of Europe. Ryzen 7 2700x costs about the same and is a better CPU overall.
  13. Pandalf

    Gaming pc or ps4

    Why not both? Get the one you want more first. They provide different gaming experiences. Getting a gaming PC makes more sense if you are into online games, while the PS4 has better singleplayer exclusives and RDR2.
  14. Pandalf

    EC2A or DeathAdder elite for M/L palm

    The previous models had issues with doubleclocking, the Elite uses better Omron switches and it's fine.
  15. Pandalf

    EC2A or DeathAdder elite for M/L palm

    What are the bad things you hear about the Deathadder Elite? Razer has stepped up the quality of their mice recently. Technically it's the better mouse of the two, but the deciding factor should be comfort.
  16. 500€ for an i7-8700k or 8086k is way too overpriced. Consider getting the Ryzen 7 2700x.
  17. Pandalf

    Rival 110 vs g pro vs ventus r rgb?

    Best sensor and buttons - G Pro. However you should put comfort first and get the one that's the most comfortable for your grip type and hand size.
  18. Pandalf

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Absolute banger