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  1. ym1453


    Open back headphones are good as well the ad500x won't have the m50xs bass but in the mids and the treble it is much more detailed and soundstage is just exceptional
  2. ym1453


    I have misread it sorry however you can still find much better options for less like the m40x that sound Bradley identical for 50$ less or the shure srh440(+840 pads if you can) And for more again the 770 just destroies the m50x.
  3. ym1453


    This is really becoming a trend the m50x is not a good gaming headphone it got no soundstage you can get a much better headphone for gaming for less or for slightly more if the op can expand his budget the beyerdynamic dt770 will be phenomenal
  4. if you need closed the dt770+ mod mic is also good
  5. They are the open Ear version of the clouds
  6. ym1453


    Not a good headphone for gaming. Get a pair of audio technics ath ad500x plus mod mic or hyper x clouds 1
  7. You got to admit John cena phone prank is awsome though
  8. For edm and PPP I think the v moda m100 is an easy winner for closed back headphones. For open the x2 is Also very good
  9. Well than you should really just get the hyper x cloud Version 1
  10. They are terrible add a little bit for the clouds or just get Gemini hsr 1000 with clip on mic
  11. Get the clouds 1 the version 2 is just overpriced.
  12. If you can find them in your price point sennheiser ampirior are phenomenal yes thier in ear but they are reall comfortable and are on par with 300$ over ears sound wise. Shure srh440+ 840 pads is another good option
  13. V moda m80 are very nice and will probably fit your needs.