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    Intel i9 9900k
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    ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I
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    HyperX Fury 32GB 3200MHz
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    2080ti Reference
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    Silver Ncase v6.1
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    2x 2tb WD m.2
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    Corsair SF750
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    NZXT Kraken X52
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    Windows 10

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  1. From what I see, the phone seems a little big. I definitely would be down for this if the screen was smaller on the phone
  2. Didn't know of this, thanks for the info. I'll look into prices
  3. Mobile gaming with physical keyboard/buttons
  4. Hello all, been looking for a new phone for awhile. Currently have a Samsung S10e and have been looking at the Zflip, but it's a bit pricey for such fragile tech. Kept looking around and I figured out what I want, but no one makes it. Basically looking for something like a gdp win but with a sim slot, any suggestions.
  5. Hello all, I am looking to get some hardware together for a few things. Mainly for Plex and general storage for my PC. I have a SFF PC so mass storage is a problem for me. I may want to put up some servers for random games (Small just for friends) I have been looking at what would be the best value option for trying to have good all around home server. I have seen a few builds on here in random cases, but I have found several Dell Poweredge servers on ebay and they seem to be a very good value. I was hoping someone could tell me if it would be a good idea, and if not point me in the right direction. I would like to spend 300~ for the hardware minus hard drives Example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-PowerEdge-R710-Server-2x-E5645-12-Cores-32GB-Perc6i-2x-300GB-SAS/171669620457?epid=12012773530&hash=item27f84e86e9:g:dt4AAOSwAGxeBkA-:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!23608!US!-1
  6. 800? It has a 1080ti. Also I just want to do a new build, has nothing to do with upgrades. I actually want to dial back with some stuff
  7. I am looking to build a new system and will need to sell my old one. I was hoping someone can help me get a avg price to sell it at. The case is a limited edition case that has sold up to 1200usd on eBay. Here is my spec list. CPU- Intel i7 6700k Motherboard-Asus Z-170-Pro Gaming Aura RAM-Kingston HyperX 16GB GPU-EVGA 1080ti Case- NZXT H440 Limited Edition Hyper Beast #641/1337 Storage-1tb Samsung 840 Evo PSU- Corsair HX750 Cooler- Nzxt Kraken x62 + Nzxt lighting kit
  8. my favorite game series as a kid
  9. i normally like the plain look(like most of fractals stuff), but i really loved the color scheme of the h440 hyper beast case.
  10. joking aside... i really hate the corsair crystal
  11. Hello, i dont have pics because my phones camera is broken currently(waiting for the note8), but i was wondering what people think my next upgrade/flashing thing to do is. my specs on in my sig. THANKS<3
  12. i dont see how i could easily attach them without adhesive or looking bad