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  1. pic2 As can be seen in the picture, I am having issues with throttling, but I can't pinpoint exactly what is causing it, is there anyone here who has a theory what exactly is the bottleneck? All info on system can be seen in the hwinfo64 window.
  2. I might just return the m.2 and wait until I upgrade my mobo.
  3. I was thinking about buying that converter since I already bought the 960 Evo. But I suppose it would be a lot better just to buy a PCI-E card and return the M.2. Now that I think of it, when I upgrade my mobo, I will probably prefer to have an M.2 NVMe SSD since it will probably have a compatible slot rather than having to take up a PCI-E slot.
  4. Hey. I am currently running an MSI gaming 5 z97 motherboard. Like the idiot I am, I bought a 960 Evo misreading the compatibility with the m.2 slot on the motherboard. My mobo m.2 slot only has 2x SATA speed which also renders 2 of my 6 SATA slots unusable, but I need them. My question is, does something like this work, and let me use my 960 Evo fully? If so, do I need to update my bios? Thanks!
  5. yeah, tbh i don't think i will be utilizing any of them since this will be micro atx
  6. I'm planning a micro atx build in sg13 and choosing parts, I guess i should wait for more availability and information about the new z270 mobo's (i will be buying everything new)
  7. im sure you dont get a teammate that bad more than 50% of the time
  8. Exactly, focus on improving, not blaming bad teammates.
  9. to reply to this i will give you one example, I'm pretty sure i could win against any 2 prospects with an extreme ball chaser that has no idea how to position himself e.t.c. so why cant you.
  10. I don't think tat you properly understood my point, when your teammates are doing those things you have to position yourself accordingly. If your teammate is ball chasing or just completely out of position you have to adjust your position, like i said if your mate goes chasing the ball you compensate for that. The quicker you get the mentality that you can always compensate and prevent conceding all goals just if you would have done one thing differently the quicker you will rise.
  11. Ok, first of all, I have over 1000 hours in the game, allot of experience so I think I'm qualified to say the things I'm about to say. One of the most common thing holding players back is when they blame there team mates for there mistakes, and they don't realize that they are doing it them selfs. Yeah, sure you might be better than them, heck they could be wiffing 2/3 balls, but there is a reason you get matched up with him, you have the same mmr as him (Match Making Rating) "Yeah i have the same mmr as him because people like him are holding me back and therefor i cant escape that mmr range". But here is the thing you are defenently doing something just as wrong as him if you blame him for your loss. Here, let me give you an example, he goes chasing the ball into offence to give you a pass or try to score, then you go in front of the enemy goal to prepare but then he fails extremely hard, does something really stupid, so the other team gets a counter attack and scores. "that was obviously his fault" NO!!! you failed, not him even though his attack may have failed, you completely misjudged the situation and left defence open and gave the enemy team a free goal. Ok, now for another example you are in goal and the other team is about to take a shot so your team mate goes for a block but then completely fails and the ball goes rushing to your goal at 150 kmph and straight over you. "Yeah i was expecting him to make a challenge, so i went forward, but he failed, how was that my bad???". Again IT WAS YOUR BAD! maybe this time it was also your team mates fault but heres the thing there is ALWAYS something that you could have done better, no matter what. In that case, you knew that you had a 'bad" team mate so you should have stayed in goal, but you didn't, so again, you misjudged the situation. Now those examples were very situational but you get the message, you can always prevent this stuff from happening. So please don't blame team mates for holding you back.
  12. oh, thats not possible, I'm running a Oneplus 2, and im sure it something with the software, since the phone is relatively new