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  1. Hi, i recently Changed my Case.. installed a clean copy of win 7.. but for some reason my computer freezes .. and the reset button does not work... so i have to hold the power button for it to switch off.. (i dont have A GPU)... i dont know what the problem is ..
  2. Hi, i just installed new windows ... i backed up games,softwares on the 2nd HDD ..which for some reason is not being shown in my computer .. But in the Intel Rapid Storage tech it is being shown as working .. i took pics of both the working and not working HDD i really need this HDD to work ; all my work on videos and photoshop is on it ;
  3. idk how to close this topic ... hopefully its like other forums a Mod or someone high level does it ...
  4. dont push that little card mine fried itself to end its suffering
  5. 550w gigabyte ge-p450p-c2 4 gb ram kingston 1333hz i guess intel sandybridge chipset 500gb HDD + 250 HDD (Cheap rig)
  6. so i did some comparing on GPUBOSS R7 260x beats gtx 650ti R7 265 beats Hd7790 R7 265 beats R7 260x R7265 beats Gtx 750ti>>>>>
  7. Some other cards in the same price list- AMD Radeon R7 260X 2gb NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1gb AMD Radeon R7 265 2gb Radeon HD 7790 2gb
  8. Confused b/w choosing a new GFX

  9. I need help getting a new card because my previous GT 440 died,when i ran gta 4 medium settings (icenhancer + HD textures) im looking for a nvidia 600+ series so i can use Shadowplay and other stuff at the moment i have 200$ and i've found MSI GTX750 Ti 2 GB (128) of the active DH Ds D5 Gaming ( B) (http://gear-up.me/msi-n750ti-tf-2gd5-oc-gaming.html) it looks cool but i dont really want to waste my money SO PLEASE HELP ME.... i plan on recording ghosts and bo2 on high settings THANK YOU!!