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  1. All this time me scratchin' me head and trying every render setting possible! GAWD
  2. https://i.gyazo.com/eebcd2f655e0319bc9283a352d6bd7c4.png
  3. Here for example is a video recorded and rendered at 720p60fps TRAITOR!! CS:GO MatchM Highlights #13 But youtube doesn't show 60fps nor 480p option!
  4. Hello! So I record csgo videos... and upload em of youtube! Now my Shadowplay settings are 720p,60fps,45Mbps, using H.264 My Game Res is not 1280x720! I change it alot to following: 1152x720,1280x860,1280x960,1440x900 and 1600x900: for the lower I've enabled scaling so it fills the whole screen up; Video file shows 60fps; I stretch the file in Sony Vegas13 and Render at 60fps 720p! But as it goes live on youtube It doesn't say 720p60fps but just 720p that's all ty for reading
  5. Same I'm waiting for the price confirmation here in UAE www.gear-up.me <-- Hopefully they go easy on me and not make it a fk lot
  6. Got it! But this HDD is a hybrid isn't it faster ? than ordinary HDD's and Samsung is Expensive as fuok Oh.. Just took a look at the Comparison :} Samsung 850 EVO 500gb recks sandisk hmm ok!
  7. http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=2795#kf
  8. Yea I was thinking the same thing! thanks yep, thanks!
  9. So I was Bored and Came up with this Build! I'm Concerned about the PSU being not enough.... Intel Boxed Core I7 6700K 4.00 GHz 8M Processor Cache 4 LGA 1151 COOLERMASTER HYPER 212 + EVO COOLER AND SKT. FM1 MSI Z170M MORTAR 16 GB DDR4 2666MHZ CL15 HYPERX FURY, 2X8GB SanDisk SSD PLUS 480 GB Sata III 2.5-inch Internal SSD up to 480 MB/s | SDSSDA-480G-G25 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Seagate 1TB Desktop HDD SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive (ST1000DM003) Gigabyte 550W PSU (My current PSU) (Modle N/A) Corsair RM750 Thermal Take Versa 1 (My Current Case) BenQ GL2460HM Gtx 1080 The End.
  10. i didn't buy it my brother did and its a single stick! and its faulty... i installed it... was playing Black ops 2 it was lagging all over the place.. and crashed after some time error was something along PENS.. So i switched back to my 1333GHz 8gb which works perfectly!
  11. it says KHX1600..../8GX on the ram sticker.. but here it shows 4GX ...was I ripped off ?
  12. http://uae.souq.com/ae-en/kingston-hyperx-blu-8gb-1x8-gb-module-1600mhz-240-pin-ddr3-non-ecc-cl10-desktop-memory-5973708/i/?a_source=google&a_medium=cpc&a_content=search_dsa&u_type=text&u_mt=b&u_title=General&a_campaign=DSA-AE-EN-Global-Test&gclid=CL-azOeX08UCFRYVjgodL3QAYQ
  13. and my google chrome won't open...and my Windows loaded up in 5 secs.. everything feels smoother and faster but still 4gb
  14. so I tried 2 slots near the Processor and they wouldn't work.. I tried the other 2 they both still show 4gb...