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  1. I've reset the settings from the advanced tab but it still didn't go away.
  2. It causes the laptop screen to blink as well.. Wtf. VID_134390909_232928_488.mp4
  3. So for like 3 days my monitor has been causing issues. When my pc starts it won't display anything instead the screen blinks with the power light and keeps doing it over and over. I've tried restarting the pc but I could hear audio playing through my headphones.. I tried unplugging the monitor power, I switched the port from GPU to mobo.. nothing.. But sometimes it works on its own after I've left it on for a while. VID_134060609_034255_659.mp4
  4. Umm so If I lift up my feet from the ground it doesn't shock. but If I have my feet on the ground it does shock.
  5. I don't think its my keyboard thats causing it.. because whenever I plug my phone to my pc I get the same electric shock on the outline of the phone..
  6. So I just got a Redragon keyboard... its not a plastic build... so now I'm constantly being shocked by the outline of the frame, CAPSLOCK n Scroll lock LED/logo. .. I dunno how to fix this electric shock I separated the keyboard wire from other cables, put a cloth under it and changed the USB port.. nothing has worked yet. This da Keyboard LINK Any solutions?
  7. Hello, So I bought Razer DeathAdder 2013 RZ04-0084 6400dpi 4G (not from razer directly) . and its not getting detected by Razer Synapse. I've tried installing/re-installing with and without the mouse plugged in still says no device detected. I even installed the DeathAdder_driver_v3.05 even that didn't detect it. I then made sure it wasn't a fake. I entered the product info for warranty It detected it as a Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic Gaming mouse valid till 2020. It works fine. but I want to adjust the dpi for competitive gaming, currently if I swipe to fast it just gives out/stucks. any tricks that you know about? OS: Windows 10 64Bit Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 plz h3lp, ~Mak.
  8. Tried Safe Mode, Cleared Cache nothing worked so back to chrome hm 16GB ram no issue there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu_fhhVRrdA&feature=youtu.be
  9. So When I launch the game it loads up and when I click it goes into this border less fullscreen mode and whenever that happens, I get low fps in game like 55-60, Usually whenever it launches normally I get smooth 70+, even tho 55+ isn't that bad it still feels choppy. the game is up to date but I've had the issue in previous versions as well. I have a R5 1600 non OC, Gtx750ti 2gb latest drivers 388.31 released 11/15/2017. I'm on windows 10 pro build 1709 / 16299.19 -Mak
  10. OBS got an update... and It fixed the GPU spikes. hahaha .-. mybad
  11. I know, but I've been playing and streaming it for a month. but this update made it even worse .-. all I can think of now is keep updating windows hopefully they fix it.
  12. I am using a CPU encoding, x264 CBR 2100;
  13. everything went to shiet with the windows 10 fall creators update... When in Game I get fps drops after every 5 sec.. GPU usage spiking with just OBS open... <-Video I got 16gb of DDR4 2667mhz ram and a Ryzen 5 1600 6c12t CPU that can't be the issue..I play H1z1 it uses 9-10gb of ram, and it doesn't use 99% of GPU.... it would stay around 50-60%... giving me 58fps FPS, but sometimes it does go 99% and I get smooth 80fps I re-installed the Display drivers too, but it still fails to fully utilize the GPU most of time.
  14. Okay I did all that fresh drivers and that. but I'm noticing that the GPU usage isn't high like in the 90's its always around 70%... ??
  15. So... I decided to update windows 10... the annoying message kept poppin up even tho I had blocked updates... I could stream and play h1z1 on 1280*960 and get around 70+fps... but now I can barely play on 1024*768 (Game settings remained the same. All low.) Clip After Windows Update (streamed at 30 fps but you can see the OSD) Clip : Before windows update. (streamed at 48fps) Specs: AMD Ryzen5 1600 non OC Gtx 750Ti Twin Frozr (had it for 4 years) Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz (last time I changed the ram speed from 2133 to 2667, Dunno if it changed) Latest Nvidia Driver : 388.00 23/10/2017 I dunno what the problem is... the temps are normal for me;
  16. So the Gaming X is 80 USD more than the Gaming non X. Should I go with normal since I won't be gaming at 144hz nor playing more than 1080p 60fps.. however I will stream.. The games are h1z1, Bf1 and csgo which won't be a problem.
  17. Once hlthe laptop falls asleep, and I try waking it up it says the power is back on but the display won't wake up. so I have to restart the laptop it closes all the programs and I get pissed off
  18. AOC E2275S 22inch,1080p @60hz and 2ms response time http://aoc-europe.com/en/products/e2275swj#product-detail-technical BenQ GL2460HM 24inch,1080p @60hz and 2ms repsonse time http://www.benq.co.ae/product/monitor/gl2460hm /BenQ is bigger and costs 10-15$ more. -Mak