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Posts posted by Sgt.Mak

  1. Heyo..


    So sometime ago I realized some programs went missing from my hdd..

    thought nothing of it and re-installed them.. Just yesterday I re-installed Android Studio since it got uninstalled for some reason.

    This morning I woke up my pc and saw that my Ethernet Network driver was missing..?? and EVGA LED SYNC also seems to have been uninstalleed..

    what could cause this? weirdest thing ever.




  2. 9 hours ago, Chronified said:

    Possible derp detected. Do you shut down your pc very often?


    I had to restart my PC for a piece of software (It's a 24/7 rig) and a flashdrive was giving me the same "insert boot device" error.

    Try unplugging any external storage devices, if any. 

    So I plugged it into another desktop and. Restarted it. And I was able to access it from that desktop. But on my rig it still gives the error.



  3. 4 minutes ago, Chronified said:

    Probably broke either the sata data or power connection on your SSD.

    It's been an issue since sata came out.


    Press F to pay respects

    Umm if I had broken the connection on the SSD I would've heard a click. But I handled it with care.

    2 minutes ago, Enderman said:

    Double check all the power and sata connections on the SSD are plugged in properly, also on your PSU and motherboard.

    I had only removed the atx, cpu n Sata power cables. I double checked the connections. The SSD is detected by the motherboard since it shows in the bios. But I think should've waited 10 sec b4 unplugging the power to the SSD. Y so fragile tho ?

  4. Hi,

    So I just got a new psu power 10 be quiet.

    I shut down my pc, unplugged the old psu and plugged in the new one. And then I got the message to boot with a proper device. So I made the SSD main boot device. Still nothing. I don't wanna do a clean install, I still hadn't made backups?


    Now with the old psu plugged in still nothing, can a SSD content be corrupted or erased if you remove the data cables after 5 seconds of the shut down.



  5. I trust MSI products but..... Gigabyte cards I have no experience with... the cheaper of the two is obv gigabyte....

    But my brother has a Gigabyte 970 and that thing makes so much noise... on the other hand my MSI 750 ti is dead silent...

    I have a msi mobo too ?

  6. 39 minutes ago, Skiiwee29 said:

    Kombuster is classified as a power virus, not a stress test to test clock stability. It blasts it with current and voltage requests, thus why seeing the power limit graphs and stuff going haywire. That is normal with the "fuzzy Donut" of death as its commonly referred to. 


    36 minutes ago, Jurrunio said:

    Kombustor is based on Furmark, which is used to push power draw as high as possible and is no way a good app to test your overclocks with. Use a GPU bound game instead

    This was taken after 6 mins of playing Overwatch! is this fine?


  7. 1 minute ago, voiha said:

    Does clicking with your mouse/keyboard while in sleep state wakes it up ?

    at first my keyboard is off. I click a key it lights up the kb but blinks like in the video, mouse clicks don't do anything It stays asleep.

  8. Power button won't wake it up.. so I have to hit restart and it reboots even though the SSD makes it easier, I'd still like to know why this is happening.


    Here are my Power settings.

    Here is a video                 showcasing my great camera work (its vertical ofc).


    My CPU, GFX and system fans are spinning when the power light is blinking.

  9. Currently I have the OS and all my programs installed on a single 500GB HDD.

    I want to get a new SSD for just OS because this HDD is taking solid 5min+ to boot up.

    But can I like use the programs from the HDD and remove the OS files?