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    Junior Member
  • Birthday 1995-05-02

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    British, but live in France
    Budget setup: (slightly out of date components)
    Bitfenix survivor core
    AMD Phenom II X3 710 Processor
    CPU cooler Artic Cooling Freezer 7 PRO Rev. 2
    Asus M4N75TD
    bequiet 600W PSU
    Asus geforce GTX 460
    8 gb Corsair RAM
    500 gB Seagate
    2tB WD caviar green
    3tB WD caviar green
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  1. thomasdb11

    Sizzling Summer Giveaway! [CLOSED]

    This is my entry Screenshot from Defcon a great game that I would recommend to everyone!
  2. thomasdb11

    Knight of Fire and Ice

    This is looking awesome, keep up the good work!
  3. thomasdb11

    My C70 Obot then - now, Lilith

    Very nice, just one question what happened to the front of your optical drive? Also I was thinking of getting a sound card but don't have that much money, how is the DGX? Always wanted a orange and black themed build, great job!
  4. thomasdb11

    Corsair 300r Build (Not perfect will be updated)

    I would go with a new SSD, it will make everything noticeably faster
  5. NICE!! Awesome giveaway! retweet: https://twitter.com/thomasdb11
  6. thomasdb11

    Getting a new CPU

    Alright will get a X4 then. Thanks for everybody's help!
  7. 1. Thanks for the cool contest, Linus. HTC rocks for making this happen. 2. Twitter share @thomasdb11: https://twitter.com/thomasdb11/status/340740376346365952 3. Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109721752246577532595/posts/ey4YWfb4Soy
  8. thomasdb11

    Getting a new CPU

    Interesting.... Would have gotten an i3 if I had known but didn't, so can't really migrate to intel platform cheaply. But thanks for the tip!
  9. thomasdb11

    Getting a new CPU

    Yeah would love to but the problem is that it isn't compatible with my mobo, which was recently pointed out. So I would need to get a new mobo instead of a new SSD which I'm not sure is the best thing to do at the moment. Maybe I should just get an SSD right now and when I have a bigger budget I should upgrade the CPU and the mobo, but I don't really want to do that. I was intending on upgrading the CPU and get an SSD now, and in six months upgrade the case and the PSU to a modular one, and maybe even a new GPU. And with what I use my PC for I don't need a really powerful CPU, just one that is better that the one I have at the moment (Phenom II X3 710) so either the X4 or X6 which are both AM3 sockets meaning that I don't need to upgrade the mobo just yet.
  10. thomasdb11

    Getting a new CPU

    LOL, obviously mate! :P All the FX CPUs are AM3+ sockets then? I was recommended the X4 965 by several people, but X6 does have more cores. I don't really want to OC with the air cooler I have at the moment so will either need to upgrade by cooler and get the X6 or just go with the X4. If I don't end up OCing would it be better to just get the X4? Thanks!
  11. Hi guys, I have decided to upgrade my CPU and get an SSD (link to current PC: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/19641-cheap-first-build/ ). I currently have a AMD Phenom II X3 710 Processor and it's getting rather slow and old. I have a limited budget for the CPU (under 150€ and currently live in France where PC components aren't that cheap). I was also wondering if anybody knows for sure that a AM3+ CPU isn't compatible with a AM3 motherboard (my current mobo being an Asus M4N75TD)? In your opinion what is the better bang for buck CPU (feel free to give more suggestions as long as it is under 150€): - AMD Phenom II X6 1045T 6 cores 2,70 GHz (99€) - AMD Phenom II X4 965 quad core 3.4 GHz black edition (120€, overpriced? There is also a 964 black edition advertised on Amazon, however they do mean 965. for 79€) - FX 6350 4.2 GHz 6 cores (139€) - FX 4350 4.3 GHz quad core (129€) Thanks!
  12. thomasdb11

    Cheap first build...

    Not going to answer you in French because I'm scared that you will not understand :P (BTW, good French, however it's "ils on tendances à mourir très vite" and "est une carte graphique pour 150€ tu devrais y jeté un coup d’œil" :P ). Anyways, I've looked up the Plextor M4 and I can only find one on sale in France and it's 127€ for 128GB... So was I think I'm going with either the SanDisk as it's the cheapest or with the Samsung 840 120GB as it's the cheapest for the most capacity. As fro the graphic card I wasn't going to update it just yet as I have only a small budget and decided that a new CPU and SSD would be better at this time, however my next upgrade so probably in six months will be the GPU and either the case or a modular PSU. But thanks for the suggestion anyways... Thanks for the advice! Alright so, does anybody know for sure that you cannot use an AM3+ CPU on a AM3 mobo? If so what's better bang for buck: - AMD Phenom II X6 1045T 6 cores 2,70 GHz (99€) - AMD Phenom II X4 965 quad core 3.4 GHz black edition (120€, overpriced? There is also a 964 black edition advertised on Amazon, however they do mean 965. for 79€) - FX 6350 4.2 GHz 6 cores (139€) - FX 4350 4.3 GHz quad core (129€) Thanks!
  13. thomasdb11

    Cheap first build...

    Would you recommend any specific SSD from my post earlier on? "for an SSD is an OCZ vertex 3 any good as its the cheapest with the most capacity (90GB)? Around 70€. Other ones I'm looking at are the Samsung 840 120GB SSD for 84€ or the SanDisk 64 GB SSD for 58€ or finally the Crucial M4 64 GB SSD for 72€. Which ones the better option concerning value for money? (Linus and others seem the raise the Samsung 840 so I was thinking on going with that one...) Thanks!'
  14. thomasdb11

    Cheap first build...

    LMAO seriously man that's just awesome hahaha :D. But seriously when doing something why not do it properly? I've done as good as I possibly could (IMO) without going balls to the walls and making custom everything. But that isn't OCD it's just 'in the search of perfection' which I respect :)
  15. thomasdb11

    Cheap first build...

    Thanks! Yeah got a bit of OCD myself, but not that severe :D . All my case fans are different ways up mostly for cable management, which you can see is a bit of a mess ;) tried as hard as I could without making custom cables which I doubt I will ever do...