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  1. I am planning to fill up my R4 with fans and was wondering if Corsair SP120 and AF140 Quiet versions are alot louder than Noctua NF-F12 and NF-A14's . I know the Noctua fans are superior but I am also aiming for looks since I will have the windowed Sidepanel version . I don't mind noctua in the front since I won't see them but I was wondering if Corsair would be a good compromise for the h100i , the bottom intake and the rear exhaust?
  2. I want to change the led of a Fractal Design Define R4 from blue to white and I was wondering what kind of Led I need. Does anybody around here know what led I need and/or a link to a guide to changing the led in a define R4?
  3. I was wondering about the Kingston Hyperx 3K's reliability?
  4. T.Calen

    Asus VG278H

    I was wondering about people's toughts when it comes to the ASUS VG278H, I have never experienced 3D in gaming before and am a bit sceptic about the color accuracy of the panel. What other good choise of a monitor ( 27inch , 120hz , 3D ready) is there ? Also is 1920x1080 enough for a 27 inch monitor ( I am currently running a Samsung SyncMasterFX2490HD ,24inch 1920x1080 , will there be a big diference in gaming?)
  5. I know about the fanmounts but I was wondering about the clearence
  6. I was wondering if I could fit a H100i in a Refine R4 with a Asus Sabertooth X79 with Corsair Dominator Platinum memory? Also I will be using Corsair's SP120 Fans