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    Oakland, CA
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    Asst. Cafe Manager


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    Intel 4790k
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    Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1
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    Corsair Vengeance LP 1600 (2x8)
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    Fractal Define R4 (Black Pearl w/Window)
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    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB, WD Green 1TB
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    Corsair RM650
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    ASUS VG248QE / Samsung UN50EH5300
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    NZXT Kraken x41
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    Steelseries Apex Raw
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    Corsair m65
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  1. being 2018, maybe your views have changed, or perhaps your ability to compare has imporoved,but could you post an update to this thread you made? 

    also, could you add your experience of Gsync, give an opinion on if we should get a big 32-40 inch monitor, and talk about if color, contrast, and aspect ratio are worth sacrificing a little response time and hertz for?

    I've been noticing more and more on my TN panel that the viewing angle is terrible, even when perfectly positioned i cannot ever see accurate colors. This is really starting to bother me as i like my darks to be dark on all parts of the screen, and everything to look as it should.


    your post helped me, but it's old and i'm hoping that time has given you more insight to add to it.

  2. rodion.zissou

    CPU Temps, Assess, Diagnose

    No dust carpet. I regularly air-can the rad, fans, filters, case etc.
  3. rodion.zissou

    CPU Temps, Assess, Diagnose

    Ok, thanks.
  4. rodion.zissou

    CPU Temps, Assess, Diagnose

    Ah, I'm thinking the max temps are more relevant as far as diagnosing a possible problem.
  5. rodion.zissou

    CPU Temps, Assess, Diagnose

    Where are you getting the 77C from?
  6. rodion.zissou

    CPU Temps, Assess, Diagnose

    I've an NZXT X41 AIO (140mm Rad) run in push exhaust only cooling cpu. Is it normal to flush, replace coolant, replace thermal paste etc on an AIO 1.5 years after install? Any chance you could answer my other questions? Thanks for taking the time.[emoji5]
  7. Hey there LTT community. It's been a long while since I've visited or posted, but I'm hoping for some help. I built my rig about 1.5 years ago. I've regularly opened it and dusted it best I could without removing fans, radiator, or anything else for that matter aside from case fan filters. Anyway, I recently did a clean windows install, added some storage and did some stress tests as a check up. I ran across some higher temps than I remember when initially dialing in my 4790k to 4.7ghz. I was hoping you could give the screenshot a look and share your thoughts. Should I be focused on package temp vs individual core temps? What about vcore temp? Why am I seeing such large variations between the 4 applications and there temp reports? Do my CPU temps appear to be problematic? Should I check my AIO's fill level? I ran Aida 64 for 5 minutes for screenshot. Stressed CPU, GPU and MEM for worst case scenario effect. My PCs components are listed in full here.
  8. rodion.zissou

    My Experience Gaming 1080p on 4k Monitor

    Yes, I know a bit about pixels and there RGB elements, but thank you for expounding. I also agree with your opinion and would go as far as saying there is no undesirable consequence even in games IMO.
  9. rodion.zissou

    My Experience Gaming 1080p on 4k Monitor

    I just select the resolution in-game. I like using native resolution for desktop, non-demanding games/apps etc.
  10. rodion.zissou

    My Experience Gaming 1080p on 4k Monitor

    I've seen a lot of misinformation on this subject so I thought I'd share my experience to help others with similar questions. There are also a few side notes of my experience with this specific card and monitor. Do games running at 1080p on a 4k monitor appear blurrier than they would on a native 1080p monitor? Does scaling work well with Windows 8.1? How do gtx 980s fair in real-world 4k use? I jumped on the 4k bandwagon with an ASUS PB287Q and a reference gtx 980 (time to update my profile and signature). I used EVGAs step up program from an ACX SC GTX780 for around $60 USD + $50 USD in shipping. I'm pleased. I also splurged and bought this 4K monitor even though I swore I'd hold out for a monitor offering 4K, GSYNC and IPS (which was just announced!!! yay!!). My idea was that even though my single 4GB 980 wouldn't be able to handle most AAA games at 4k with decent settings, I could simply play in 1080p in those, and 4K in less demanding situations thanks to the exact 1/4 pixel ratio. Let me say right here this was indeed the case. It hasn't been quite that simple though. The first thing to be aware of (of course) is Windows scaling. Being new to 4k, even though I was familiar with scaling and how it worked, I forgot about it a few times and even underestimated it's extension into games! So, when I fired up Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, and Alien Isolation to test out my theory of seeing s nice 1080p image on my 4k monitor I was disappointed to see blurry menus and subpar visuals in game. I though "Oh no! They were right! Native will always be better!" But, after simply turning of scaling my games looked great. I compared what I was seeing in game on my PB287Q(27"3840x2160) and my VG247QE(24"1080p), which were nearly identical. I say nearly because as someone else pointed out on another thread there is a very slight difference. Very very slight. This difference has to do with the squareness of the individual pixels. The pixels on the 1080p monitor are slightly more rounded, thus, for lack of a better term, blending with surrounding pixels more. Whereas the 4K monitor's pixels (though invisible to me) are squarer and more defining. All that I could perceive was this very slight difference and that was only while looking at them 2" from the screens. Anywho, there's your answer. You will be able to game perfectly at 1080p on a 3840x2160 monitor. Another thing to note here is that you can turn scaling off for either or both monitors, all or specific applications. Right now I simply have all scaling turned off but when I work up the energy I dial in all the applications and games to my liking. On to the monitor itself. I'm returning it. I bought it on Amazon Warehouse for ~$550 US used but in pristine condition. Sadly I'm experiencing the popping and flickering that others have reported. This is somewhat of a relief as I originally (before I saw such a good deal on a near Pro Art ASUS 4K monitor with a stellar Linus review) waiting it out for a monitor that would have everything I wanted, 4K, IPS and GSYNC. Thankfully it was announced at CES, so I hopefully haven't too long to wait for such a monitor. And finally the reference 980. So the main reason I went for the reference 980 was my plan to run 2xSLI and I figured it would be the best solution as far as cooling. Although a lot of people including Logan of Tek Syndicate seem to be happy using aftermarket cards for their 980 SLI setups. I was indeed able to OC getting around 1.65GHZ on the core though my ram didn't go above 4GHZ which seems to be at odds with a lot of other OC results. Maybe I have Samsung and they have Hynix VRAM or vise versa. I don't know. With the rumors of an 8GB maxwell card coming soon I think I'll just save up for that upgrade to help me run 4K. I hope this information was helpful to you. I will be buying the ASUS PG27AQ as soon as it's available. I do love my VG247QE, it's lusciously high frame rates and low input lag but I crave the 4K and IPS panel and am excited to test out GSYNC (good riddance VSYNC). The PB287Q....well it's malfunctioning so I have to let it go.
  11. rodion.zissou

    Best U.S. VPN for

    Whoa my goodness. My speedtest just doubled after signing up and installing PIA. So I get to be anonymous AND my speed doubles???!!! I've got kill switch on, DNS leak protection active, and ipv6 leak protection. I'm still trying to figure out the torrent address part though.
  12. rodion.zissou

    Best U.S. VPN for

    I've been trying to do some research, but I haven't been able to nail down specific numbers/speeds as far as impact on bandwidth. I'd like to find a great VPN for my Bay Area residential connection which averages at about 170mb (22MB) down, and 20mb up, and doesn't greatly impair my speeds. Any suggestions?
  13. rodion.zissou

    Top 5 Games you played on PC

    Dead Space 2 Far Cry 4 Metro Last Light Splinter Cell Blacklist BioShock Infinite Soon to be bumped by Metal Gear Phantom Pain and probably Rainbow Six Siege.
  14. rodion.zissou

    4 Extra Evolve Big Alpha Keys

    Here are some PC keys for Evolve Big Alpha, if you happened to have missed the various offers to obtain them. Happy hunting. (Funny GIFs appreciated) HZE7A-HI0DP-HJYJ6 HZI2A-LVYVW-EIMK0 HZIZQ-VDHC9-CYKIR HZR0J-70TTY-GDF04
  15. rodion.zissou

    RAGE is sweet... Why the hate?

    I bought RAGE last night, and after a of couple texture fixes (config file, and inspector settings), I'm really enjoying it. What do you guys think of the game? I know it was buggy when released and pretty annoying to need manual tweaking to run nicely, those texture seams and visible pop ins nearly ruined it, but I'm enjoying it now. I feel it's easy on normal difficulty, and the story is almost non-existent so far, but it's controls are solid enough, varied gameplay elements and sweet art direction.