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  1. @jakkuh_t When researching this device did you happen to come across the "Spontaneous" death issue that forced this device and many other by LG at the time to run from their devices? See the Nexus 5, LG G3, and many more are affected by this issue, and quite frankly makes me feel like that is worth mentioning.
  2. @Beeeyeee, what happens when you right click on the 931GB Partition and select Change Drive Letters and add a letter?
  3. If on Windows: Open up Command Prompt, type wmic diskdrive get status You should get an OK for each drive on your system. Follow that by running chkdsk, reference on how to use chkdsk: https://neosmart.net/wiki/chkdsk/ If on Mac: Run First Aid on the drive on Mac, both on the Volume and Drive itself if possible. You may want to use disk recovery tools if possible, try SMART testing applications if possible. I use Hard Drive Sentinel personally to check SMART status and run tests. You could try leaving the drive plugged in overnight, just in case the drive is attempting internal recovery as well.
  4. Only thing I've determined to be the cause is the stupid Logitech Gaming Software, without it installed it's significantly louder.
  5. Yeah I would definitely say this is just a spam thread.
  6. Part Number for a MacBook A1278's Display is 661-5868, which uses an LVDS cable, (see https://smile.amazon.com/661-5868-LCD-Screen-LVDS-Cable/dp/B01BQQMGXA). As far as controller boards, finding the cable that will connect to the display is going to be fairly difficult, but let your eBay seller know and hopefully they can find it for you.
  7. Not to mention they could have 3D printed those washers or gone to the hardware store to get them... lol
  8. Who is doing the B-Roll with the products now? Is it still Brandon or is there someone else handling it now?
  9. @CrazyCori, have you updated the DNS settings on the client to point to the AD DS yet? If not, then the client will be attempting to connect to an unknown DNS name.
  10. Is it possible for you to test the system with a windows 7/8.1 drive? It more or less sounds like the incompatibility issues with Windows 10 I've heard of recently. That could possibly narrow down whether it's a driver/software issue if you have a clean install to use. You don't need to nuke the OS, as I'm fairly positive you can load Windows 7/8.1 on a USB Drive and boot from it, then point to his local steam library to start the game.
  11. I'm still disappointed that this still hasn't been covered on the WAN show, I was really looking forward to Linus' opinion considering how he's just started the new office, and maybe perhaps 10Gbps connectivity via Thunderbolt would have been an interesting topic.
  12. DVI and HDMI both use the same video technology pretty much. There shouldn't be any frame drops because of it.
  13. If you can get a command prompt in recovery mode, try running a System File Check: sfc /scannow More Info: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/3047-sfc-scannow-command-run-windows-8-a.html
  14. Definitely, if I'd have to pick, it'd be the first two videos that started this whole shebang. Without these, there would be no TechQuickie or JayzTwoCents. (Well actually, maybe because of Linus Tech Tips, and Jayzfx, but who knows.)
  15. I definitely say that my favorite part of this phone would definitely be the catering to the customers. They attempted to make this phone a one for all for everyone. Easy Home, Lots of Accessibility options, a MAGNIFICENT home screen, and that huge screen for movie lovers alike. I'd definitely want to get one as my daily driver instead of my old Nexus 4. Great video Linus, hope to see more!