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    i7 4960X
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    Asus P9X79-E WS
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    Cosair Dominator Platinum 32gb 1866mhz
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    Nvidia GTX Titan Black x 3
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    Red Harbinger Cross Desk
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    Intel 730 series 480gb x 8 in Raid 0 or 1? not sure yet.
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    Antect HCP 1000watt Plat
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    3 x Dell Ultrasharp 24"
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    CM Storm Mech
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    Logitech G502

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  1. Sorry for delay! Here we go...... Lets start with the custom made monitor bracket for muti-monitor setup. Thanks to Larry AKA LazyMan from WCM we are in business! I installed a lock screw for the pole so it doesn't spin. Ready for powder coating..... Next test fitting the desk in the crate for travel..... Couple close ups of some parts.... Got the sleeving finished... Last minute change. I added the Hybrid controller to the top of the drives to control the back fans.... Now the legs. Thomas from White Light Laser did the acrylic piece for the legs...... Now installed.... It may look a little pink in pic, well my camera sucks. Here it is RED. Here's another look at the sleeving and prepping for a dry fire (no liquid). I ended up changing the cable combs to Lutro)'s newer ones. So i'm sure you can guess whats next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until then.....................
  2. Thanks! Customers choice on both. Thanks. I should have mentioned that there is a video log also on this. My bad
  3. I only test with liquid. It should be good because I already checked res setup in kitchen That's the area I was worried about. as to a cutter I have 2 I use but sometimes the copper is too short so I have to grab it with pliers But no worries I sand down all imperfections before powder coating anyways. Kinda scary , well yes and no. There are stand offs under boards and hole grommets right next to mid section. So worst case scenario the liquid spills into the holes but never makes contact with hardware. And yes job security I suppose but I wouldn't want to fix it. lol but I will of course. LOL! Ya I was all for both systems on water but owner only wanted gamer on water since the other system will be on 24/7 Awesome! soon will be done. Thanks guys for the comments and feedback.
  4. Thanks guys! Would have went 4 but had to save room for raid card Thanks! Dwight is an awesome guy! And thank you. Learned from ur tut! Thanks guys. I appreciate it. More SPAM watch out. How about some more pics? Here we go!! Lets start with a crap load of fittings and some Performance-PCs love.... And now some of those fittings finding a home and the copper test.... All pulled back out for powder coating. Close up off Ek, Bitspower and AquaComputer parts.... Alright lets get down to business! Time for the color to move in. This will give you an idea of the color scheme....... How about installed!!!!!!!!! :jawdrop: Well I don't think I can spam anymore pics today! lol Thats a lot of pics and I'm trying to make up for all the lack of posting. So next up will be the HD's, leg lighting and hopefully filling system. But that is for another day. Thanks for checking out my log. Until the next spam!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey Linus I joined and am posting this log since you asked so nicely! Alright so I'm about to spam the crap out of this first post with pictures! Sorry for that. I have been crazy busy building and laying it out that I haven't had time to post a log about it. This desk is for a client of mine and I'd like to give a little info for the purpose of the build to give everyone an idea why it is going to be the way it is. First off Phil does web traffic among other things. So he needs a pc that can be on all the time that he doesn't have to worry about the liquid setup. This part of the desk will be a 24/7 system that he can remote into from anywhere. The other setup is more extreme and his daily driver. He will work from it and game from it. He will be running 4 x 144hz Asus monitors on this setup where as the other system will only have power and a nic hooked up. So lets try and do some specs. I'm gonna wing this part and I'll come back and try and fill anything I miss. Work side - Asus Sabertooth X79 Intel i7 4820K Crucial Ballistic low pro 64gb 2133mhz Samsung Evo 500gb SSD Evga GT610 Adaptec 6805 Raid card Western Digital 4TB Black x 6 in Raid 10 LG DVD burner Corsair H105 AIO cooler Cooler Master Hybrid 1050watt PSU Main system- Asus Rampage IV Black Intel i7 4930K Corsair Vengance Pro 64gb 2133mhz Samsung 840 Pro x 2 in Raid 0 for OS Evga GTX Titan x 3 Adaptec 6805 Raid card Western Digital 4TB Black x 6 in Raid 10 LG Bluray burner Cooler Master Hybrid 1050watt PSU Cooling and Misc.- Aquaero 6 XT Aquacomputer high flow USB Aquacomputer temp sensors x 3 Aquacomputer Kryographics for GTX TITAN - Acrylic Glass, back plates and bridge EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ cpu block Redharbinger FMJ Series Stainless Steel Reservoir Cover - Classic - 250e Black w/ EK-MultiOption RES X3 250 x 3 Bitspower fittings up the wazoo! Hardware Labs 360mm and 480mm radiators Bitspower dual D5 pump mod and covers Koolance PMP450 pumps Mayhems Sunshine Yellow Pastel Cooler Master 120mm JetFlows x 16 Red LED RGB kit from here Ok I think that about covers it. I may have missed something so I may add later. So lets start with the Red Harbinger Cross Desk Next up some Titan blocks. I didn't get a lot of picks in progress but I think you'll like what I did take pics of. Here's that moment where you figure out that the board is bigger than the board that was used for grommet layout. OOPS! So I made my own So lets move on to some water layout. And here's a better look at the back area. A look at Res setup And a little teaser for now....... Thats it for now. I hope you enjoyed my madness. Thanks for looking.............