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  1. inherently impossible considering the nature of this.
  2. When you replace it, can I have your current screen? I've been on this 27" 59hz screen since 2011 or so. i'll pay in virtual high fives.
  3. I've been using the Cataclysm WoW mouse for about 8 years now, got my first one not long after it was released, but the buttons had lost their strength and became difficult to get to register, some would even get stuck if I didn't press them at a specific angle. I absolutely LOVE the layout though having all the buttons spread out over the hand rather than all on the thumb, and I use literally every button on the mouse when I play. When it came time to replace my first one, I got a brand new one of the exact same mouse (because it really had been an awesome mouse and a few years is respectable for a heavily used piece of mechanical hardware). Well, a few years later again, This one is starting to fail in the same way and it's started to cause mistakes in game. Hard to play well when you are fighting with your hardware... So alas, here I am, needing to replace my mouse very soon again. I've been looking around and I have not found many mice that have similar layouts. I've used Razer mice but I don't like having all the buttons on the thumb, and I need more than just 2-3 extra buttons, I want something that has 10+ extra buttons spread out over the whole hand. I've noticed the Roccat Tyon has a similar layout (no pinky finger button) but mixed reviews. I'm curious if anyone here has experience with this mouse and if you'd recommend it? Kinda bummed LMG didn't do a review of it (that I could find!) Any other similar layout mice that you'd recommend instead? I don't care for anything flashy or RGB or ultra precision dpi or any of that (they aren't make-or-breaking features, I am just indifferent to them).. I just care about the buttons and the comfort.
  4. Next they will start posting things on your behalf! *we noticed you didn't update everyone on your visit to grandma in the hospital, nor let anyone know that she was in the hospital, let alone why.. so we went ahead and announced all the traumatic health struggles in your family and posted all the pictures from your phone that you weren't going to publicize.*
  5. "THIS BILL IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING LIKE EVER WE NEED TO SAVE OUR PLANET!!! IT'S SUPER POPULAR AND PEOPLE LOVE THIS THING WE NEED TO MAKE IT LAW LIKE YESTERDAY!!!!"" Okay fine let's vote on it. *Fails completely* Even if a few people did happen to be absent, how many people voted yes on that thing again? Pretty sure it was a bunch of "No" and a bunch of "I want to say No but my friends would be mad." Also what does it even do other than give complete power over everything to the federal government as a socialist authoritarian tyranny under the guise of making people feel good about stuff? yeah that's a no from me too, dawg.
  6. something universally illegal (stealing) is banned? Let me get my "surprised" colored crayon and scribble all over my face. Conversing with people and sharing opinions is not and should not be illegal, and peaceful civil methods of sharing those opinions should not be banned, even if some opinions are absolutely disgusting. The actual actions of specific evil individuals should not incur punishment to the non-evil everyone else.
  7. "we are punishing masses because of the misdeeds of a few"
  8. LG's website has it listed as "Coming Soon"
  9. That might get you punched in the face by "champions of tolerance"
  10. sure, that's at least partially true and I didn't try imply that it wasn't. It is, however, incredibly hypocritical that heavily democrat areas (who usually hate big corporations and private businesses, and tax breaks) are offering millions (billions) of dollars in tax breaks to one of the biggest businesses in the world. I don't like government helping private businesses, at all. If I want a business to have my money I will give that business my money by using their product or service, I don't want it happening through taxes. If you are going to do tax breaks for businesses, do it for ALL businesses and leave it as an open incentive for everyone, not just hand selected businesses. This is not capitalism (as often gets blamed), this is corruption.
  11. This specific line worries me, because we can't ignore the possibility of ISP's in Montana just jumping ship and leaving the state with no internet at all. Some people consider access to the internet a human right (it's not, but that is also not the point). What good is a right to the internet if there is no one to provide it? Montana may have the "best" and "most fair" rules for regulating the ISPs, but if there are no ISPs to regulate those laws are a moot point and the citizens ultimately lose. This is just hypothetical, I highly doubt ISPs would completely shut off that state, but we can't ignore that possibility, as cutting off incentives to do things often results in them no longer being done, look at socialist countries that have declared healthcare a right but have no doctors. Providing internet is a service that has to be profitable otherwise the companies that provide it will no longer do so. Unless every state legislates similar rules, it is entirely possible for companies to relocate to a place where they can make more money. I am very much for the principals that all internet data should have equal priority, but I do want to point out that the internet rules are now similar to the same rules that wireless phone companies have for cellphone service, as it was just two years prior to the ruling. When "Net Neutrality" was introduced (and it wasn't actually how most people describe it, nor followed as well as you'd think), internet service stopped progressing in any meaningful way, new ISPs are essentially non-existent (thanks to local governments regulating things), speeds have not really gotten improved and many think their service has gotten worse, accessibility has not improved much and I personally suspect that some ISPs have actually stopped servicing areas creating fewer options for residents, etc.. But cell service that has been regulated differently has continued to improve both in speed and accessibility in the meantime. Time will tell if the FCC's ruling is beneficial in any way, though. I also agree with state rights and believe that local governments should have more power over their immediate area and states over their land and the federal govt having the least amount of power and influence, so this "states can't make their own rules" is a line I dislike even more-so, not just in the FCC ruling but the idea of that kind of law is totalitarian in principal. Like I said, I agree with the all data being treated equal, and in that sense I very support 'Net Neutrality', but I don't think it's quite fair to shout doomsday just yet.
  12. but unless your room is pitch black, and the screen is completely non-reflective, meaning a flat matte finish (all OLED screens I've seen have all been glossy, very reflective [and I have a 65" OLED on the wall right next to me]) you likely wouldn't notice the difference past certain dark shades. QLED offers higher brightness and arguably better colors. If the marginal difference in dark shades you likely wouldn't even notice is that important, then sure OLED is the only option, but reality is that everyone (except you, apparently) will be ridiculously satisfied with either unless they ended up with a DOA or dysfunctional product. I can't wait to get a monitor like this in my next system build, but alas school starts and I'll have to save up to splurge as a graduation present in a few years. by then everything will be even better.
  13. or like 2011 to 2011v3 if they changed the mapping of the pins, I trust that they'd modify the name just enough to differentiate the two as they have in the past.
  14. Plenty has been said about how people with lots of freetime will play video games to fill that time whether they have a job or not. I know I got a TON of video gaming in while working over full time hours in the restaurant business, but that was also before I was married. Video games did not cause unemployment. Now, if you are failing at work due to video games, showing up late because you gamed too long, or calling out "sick" to get more gaming in, then yes, video games can indirectly lead to unemployment. Secondly, if you are already unemployed and you spend all of your time gaming instead of looking for work, then again, video games can indirectly continue unemployment. Here's the thing though, indirectly. The reason that someone lost their job was not because they gamed, but because they prioritized gaming over work and were a bad employee. They did not lose their job because they played games, they lost their job because they were playing games when they were supposed to be working. The reason that someone continues being jobless is not because they play games, but because they prioritize gaming over finding work. They aren't unemployed because they game, they are unemployed because they were playing games when they should have been looking for work. Games aren't the problem, priorities and self moderation are the problem. We live at a time where everyone and everything is to blame for someone's behavior except the person doing that behavior. Instead of blaming your kid for playing games all day instead of doing their chores, it's not the games fault, its the kid's for choosing to do the games instead, and yours for allowing it. Games are fun! but unless the game IS your job, you need to put it down a notch or six in your list of priorities.