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  1. You’ll notice it just using the desktop. I’d get 144hz. Better in every way really.
  2. A 1080 will not get close to 144 frames is mw maxed out at 1440. Can barely do it at 1080p. But will be ok at single player with those settings. Cpu will struggle at 1080p.
  3. Well the score doesn’t mean much without the settings to compare against. Better to compare the actual cards speed at stock boost and what ever you manage to oc it too.
  4. Yea and notice the boost say 1800+ You should be able to do the same. So there’s an issue somewhere if you are only hitting 1600
  5. Well I’m more concerned about the base clocks. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be a lot higher than that.
  6. Jesus seems like something is wrong but maybe the steps on the 1060 are setup that way. Can you try with the fans set to max?
  7. You can do what ever you want. It isn’t gonna mess anything up. But like I already said, I don’t use the scanner. I do it with an actual benchmark.
  8. The scores are the same. His is actually a tad higher if you are actually paying attention.
  9. Voltage can’t kill it as you can only turn it up so far. Heat is the real issue. But that cooler is plenty for that cars being the same on on the 1080. 50 is nothing. What does the card actually boost to? Move the power to max along with the voltage and then oc. Once you find the max it’s stable at you can lower the voltage.
  10. No issues then. Runs like most. Games can differ with cpu speed and ram but normal overall.
  11. If that were to happen it means the psu is messed up. Like I said, not unplugging it all is the same as leaving the 24pin in when you power it up. Prolly have to disconnect the pump sensor but not sure which one you have. That way the pump can go to max.
  12. Not sure how some people do it. Must be a huge difference in the games. In the only one that plays cod as it would seem.
  13. I don’t use that so I couldn’t tell you. I overclock and test with a benchmark. Not some auto oc thing. You do the same as the core clock. Increase and test. All ways are safe.
  14. Run firestrike to compare it to mine as I don’t have any tinespy results for that cpu. Need apples to apples.
  15. I can’t as I got rid of the cpu, cpu couldn’t keep up with the card. But I have results saved. https://www.3dmark.com/fs/10721023
  16. Your cpu can support higher. Ran 2400 speed with my 4790k but I’ll have to look up the scores with a 1080 on fire strike. Pretty sure I only did the basic with that rig.
  17. Well it isn’t gonna dance anything and I don’t think you’ll see people doing a video of the new precision xoc stuff on an older card.
  18. Could just overclock the old fashioned way. I’m sure Jay has done a video on that.
  19. Yep. Not wasting time unplugging stuff. Not when I can just fill the loop and then the pump to max in windows. Same way I do all my rigs. Nothing has happened, as nothing can happen.
  20. Sounds like your getting the fancy stuff. Plenty of cheaper options. Gotta check the market. Performancepc is a good site. The new “Corsair” line up seems like a good choice. I prefer my stuff matches logo or atleast color wise.
  21. About half of the time yea. Plenty of leaks. Pump hose blew off and emptied itself on my psu. Other times I covered several cards as the bridge wasn’t seated. Even had fluid under the cpu between the pins.
  22. That is the point of removing the 24p to use the jumper. Remove all the cables. if you leave them all in, might as well just turn the pc on like normal. Which is what I do every time.
  23. I tend to use unigine heaven or valley with mine. Haven’t really pushed my 1060ssc but max power and voltage has it boost to 2000.
  24. If it’s used? Could have marks from installation. Doesn’t matter if it’s used or not but if you are so worried but a new one. Seems quite simple.