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  1. EVGA is so awesome! They're support has helped me a lot actually
  2. I'd say don't try it. Watch dogs isn't optimized well and even if it was I still doubt it.
  3. Couldn't find a thread on console forum so.. Is it running fine for consoles??
  4. I have used it also and its alright in performance. Though I don't usually spend the amount of time tweaking settings that I should. Should be noted I've only been using it the past week or so ,so I've got some tweaking to do.
  5. Probably some frequency changes or something of that jargon. I know some games I've played with these kinds of settings, they just try to optimize the sound for what kind of device youre using, if that makes sense
  6. toughtrasher

    Stealth games?

    Payday 2 is only stealth when you're chatting with other players. Otherwise, at least in my experience, players usually go guns blazing and play that way
  7. Yup agree with everyone here. Laptops don't bottleneck but the hardware does, but you're fine with your processor and GPU
  8. Yup, they have a ton of good deals sometimes and then just penny type games other times. I bookmark the website t check every so often.
  9. I'm one of those that can't really tell 30 and 60 frames a second without being told which is which. As long as a game looks good to me, I don't complain.
  10. Not sure if you would be into it but the multiplayer on Plants vs Zombies GW is pretty fantastic and surprising. I've spent a bunch of hours playing this game and while it isn't the best technically, it is a whole load of fun times.
  11. I'm getting it. My first real FPS was Battlefield 4 and I tried Ghosts but didn't like it. Hoping BLOPs is something I can play and enjoy. Really excited for it to be honest
  12. I would definitely wait for a new model or when it gets on sale this holiday. But to answer your question, yes the PS4 is really worth it.
  13. Hey guys, how much of a difference theoretically would a SSD do for the PS4?
  14. Spend money on them dude if you ever get the chance. They make any rig look 10x better & matches power with style.