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  1. rasberry pi 2 or maybe a chromecast?
  2. they get around 200 mb per second meanwhile me in aus getting 10 mb per second, fast for aus
  3. Stephen Hawking talking dirty credit: cards against humanity
  4. maybe also consider getting a better rated psu, i always like having gold rated because power savings brah
  5. seems legit but you might want to do some research before buying
  6. athesean1


    an uncooked grain of rice
  7. lol pinned this because it is amazing
  8. following because i know other people are also going to make gaben songs aswell
  9. read this like arnold schwarzenegger lol
  10. first a 550w psu should be fine, no need to kick yourself secondly maybe you would want to get a 960 or a 370
  11. if you were running on high resolution and refresh rate, also the games you play would have to be pretty demanding for you to justify this
  12. dosnt seem to have many feature (sli, crossfire ect) and you can't overclock on that either seeing that it is a h97, i ma pretty sure that b85
  13. motherboards don't effect the performance very much, choose whatever suites your colour scheme
  14. seems like it will work well, good luck when you build it
  15. do not underestimate the power of the hyper 212 evo
  16. yes that build should work but the disc drive is not needed with all the things you can just download
  17. havik would be better but that goes without saying, the hyper 212 evo is the superior air cooler for it's price
  18. i am pretty sure that you need a crossfire bridge for that card seeing as they are re brands of older cards
  19. http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Consumer-22-inch-Monitor-series/3251357/model/3543986/document/c00061509/ found this, hope it helps
  20. new super fun video omg haha

  21. which* (had to ) most custom coolers are similar in price and performance, evga and gigabyte are probably the best ones
  22. the hyper 212 evo is an extremly good cooler when it comes to its price and performance for the psu i would recomend a gold rated 600 - 750 watt psu
  23. school on 3 hours of sleep :(

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    2. athesean1
    3. 33 Vinyle

      33 Vinyle


      i bring my laptop in class to pass time

    4. athesean1


      so do i, that or sleep