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  1. I don't own the mouse i am looking at buying it in the very near future but I'm a mac user so its an issue...
  2. Also would something like this work http://plentycom.jp/en/steermouse/?
  3. How easy is it to reprogram the buttons of the mouse in OSX?
  4. Is there a way that i can use the logitech G502 with my macbook. The mouse has onboard memory so is there a way that i can program this mouse through windows and then manage to use it in OSX with the buttons already programmed or is there a way to get it to work on mac or do i just need to wait for logitech?
  5. I love Cadac desks, i think ill look between the sound crafts and the yamaha MG166c. I much prefer the LS-9 32 to the X32 even though it is 3x the cost if i was going for a smaller desk it would be the behringer X32 producer as it is alor cheaper.
  6. I think i looked at yamaha because of my extensive ls-9 32 channel use, there for the mute buttons would keep making sense. This desk is mainly for my home set-up and i am not really interested in a behringer desk unless someone wants to give me the X32 as it is basically a midas desk.
  7. Oh hi windspeed, both inputs if possible which most desks have, also everything will be a balanced signal.
  8. Why wouldn't i go for a Yamaha mixer for a similar price?
  9. I am looking for an Audio desk for my personal setup, i have a desk in mind but i am interested to see peoples recommendations, it will need to be at least 12 inputs and must have faders. I only have about £250 to spend on this and i also need to be able to have stereo inputs on a single fader. I do have a lot of experience with mixing desks but i am interested in other peoples experiences.
  10. Thomaslainguk


    Do i need a GPU for audio editing?
  11. it depends on the connectors on the keyboard. it should be fine though.
  12. Budget is around £550. Program's: logic, ableton, cubase eat. Thanks
  13. i am looking to build a hackintosh with dual boot into windows. the specs i was looking at are: intel 3570k 16GB Ram !tb hdd Gigabytee nvidia 650ti CIT 750w psu gigabyte skt-1155 z77 dsch motherboard bitfenix merc alpha midi tower chasis is there anything else i could need. i already have a usb interface. Is there a different route i could go down for this?
  14. Can I install a normal version of windows on a server. I was looking at buying a intel Xeon server can I install normal windows 7 on it?