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  1. I tip my hat to you, sir, for doing all of that. I hope to be like you when I have a car (or money to buy some broken ones )
  2. Absolutely. I myself think 300 (also depending on the weight, but also under 1300kgs) is a good number for track, spirited driving and just regular use, then again, I don't have much experience with this anyway, just assuming, all the cars I've driven so far have less than 200hp, and usually around the 1.5tons mark. But it all depends on so much other stuff, peak horsepower really is just a number.
  3. That's a different thing. But I get your point. After all, having a 800hp daily driver for your commute is almost the same as building a PC to play Farmville at 3000FPS.
  4. For a minute I thought that was a Lamborghini I admire the work Koenigsegg has put into it, especially their Freevalve implementation on the engine (2L 3 cylinder making 600hp, pretty interesting in my books since I've become fond of the triples) and want to hear about that in the future and want to see other manufacturers follow suit, providing us NEW STUFF. But that's about it. And this coming from a sedan loving guy. As time goes on, I've seriously lost interest in cars with mind boggling power figures. Because honestly, is there any need?
  5. The 23i's engine is worse than the 28i's reliability wise as I've read. A reasonable tad worse. Sounding meh is pretty bad in my books, specially for a Z4 ?
  6. That is correct, I just noticed. But you also get turbo lag with that, even tho I doubt it's that noticeable. I would still stick to the 30i due to personal preference, I can see people taking the 28i instead because of that. Plus, the six revs to 7k, which must sound oh so nice
  7. For daily usage, might not be the best, but it's still a 3L with plenty of torque (IMO, I know it's no american V8, but you don't even need that anyway). My opinion was given solely on the fact that it's a six cylinder and I love the noise, I didn't take anything else into consideration. Are you planning on dailying the Z4? And in terms of reliability that might be the best option, since it doesn't have a turbo and all the other shit that comes with it.
  8. That's why the PSU is the one thing you don't cheap out on.
  9. If things were as easy as you are expecting them to be, I'd have a V8 swapped MK1 Mondeo by now ?
  10. Damn dude don't know about that, but good luck with the rebuild. Look up for cars on Copart or Autotempest. Absolutely man!
  11. Putting more aggressive cams on an S54... I like the sound of that. (I know that it's not just the cams that change the exhaust note, but holy balls this sounds good)
  12. As long as the engine is reachable, an head gasket replacement shouldn't be too hard. If you have clearance to remove the head without having to take the engine out, it's doable. Tho, on your case, I don't think this applies, unless the engine isn't shoved too far back into the engine bay. Do your research if you haven't, obviously. And even if it isn't the head gasket, it doesn't hurt to replace it if it still is the one that came from the factory. Good luck ^^
  13. I know it has more torque, but as you said, it just doesn't feel happy in that range. I wouldn't delete VANOS. But if I get an E34 with an early M50B20 (no VANOS) it would be easier to swap any non VANOS engines, the only one being the M50B25 (considering the budget and no M20s, I'd like to keep my 24V thank you very much) but as I said, I do like that engine. Swapping to an M52B28 would probably be a bit harder, although still easy I reckon. V6 I reckon? Damn nice car IMO