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  1. if you could have any PC with any specs ,regardless of price, what would they be?
  2. ps3 to the side with a capture card in the drawer and to the right on my desk is my old school laptop which is used for editing with 16gb ram and 128 gb ssd and a 1tb drive for backup
  3. very nice big and stylish with the whole red and black
  4. going to add some really nice studio monitors
  5. yeah it is a bit hard to find headphones that do everything really good
  6. holy crap that is just a little overkill. lol
  7. What are your go to headphones for gaming listening to music and everything in between. Also say what you like about them whether its the style the sound or the feel or the build. Whatever its tell us. Ive got a pair of beyerdynamic dt 770s
  8. and tripple monitors that is impressive (I saw the 3 monitors from the profile pic)
  9. dude that is freakin sick very nice
  10. you can show the internals if you like and sweet case btw