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Satish Suthar

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    Gaming, Movies, Music, Hardware/Techs/Gadgets.
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    Intel Core i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70 GHz
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    Asus ROG STRIX Z370-E
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident Z 16 GB (8x2) 3200MHz DDR4
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 780 DC II OC
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    CoolerMaster CM690 III
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    2 TB Seagate Barracuda + 128 GB SAMSUNG 840 Evo SSD
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    Corsair RM850x
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    Dell S2240L - 21.5"
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    Corsair GTX H100i
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    Razer Deathstalker Essential
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    Steelseries Rival
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    Windows 10

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  1. Oh it was resolved, all they said I had to do was to set up an IP4 Address for my PC. Doing that, made everything work again.
  2. Hello, So I'm using my FTTH connection and suddenly for the past 3 days, my Steam's started not loading its homepage. Then my Uplay would also be acting weird, it won't load up the photos/avatars of any of my friends from my friendlist Then comes Origin, which wouldn't even let me log in, it'd keep loading and tell me that the Origin is unavailable to login at the moment which is strange because I'm using a 100 Mbps connection and speedtest's giving good results as well as other websites working well, like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. They all work on my phone data or other network but just not on my FTTH, so I don't know what to say to my ISP because I don't know what's this problem even called... It's kind of frustrating me now because I can't play a lots of games on Origin or access Steam store. Could anyone help me out with this?
  3. Satish Suthar

    Get GTX 1080Ti or Wait for GTX 1180?

    I know and that's what bugs me, I'm right now in a position where my GPU could just die at any second and that'd stop my studies for as long as I gotta wait for the new series. If only I wasn't living here, I'd have gotten the card at a cheaper cost. I know that it's not at all that expensive in other parts of the world but there's nothing I could do about it, if I have them ship one through USA, the customs would fuck me up still. But I'll check what I could do about it.
  4. Satish Suthar

    Get GTX 1080Ti or Wait for GTX 1180?

    I have upgraded my PSU from a CX600W to an RM850x just last time as I upgraded my CPU and RAM and my Motherboard. Also my case does look like it'd support the size of a 1080Ti, I've had the extra HDD cases removed so there's plenty of room for a wide card.
  5. Satish Suthar

    Get GTX 1080Ti or Wait for GTX 1180?

    Btw, to add one more question, if I was to go for a 1080Ti, should I go with an ASUS STRIX OC edition or Zotac AMP! Extreme edition? ZOTAC one is a bit cheaper than ASUS. Zotac : 1071 USD ASUS : 1155 USD
  6. Satish Suthar

    Get GTX 1080Ti or Wait for GTX 1180?

    Haha, I'd definitely not do that! I'll have my focus on a bit of Siege and I did think about grabbing a Zowie gaming monitor to go for 144Hz but seeing as how 3D is more of my priority than gaming, I decided to instead try and invest for a Dell Ultrasharp next and keep my gaming to minimum during the next 2-3 years. So I will play graphics intense games like the upcoming Metro/Division 2 and more to come, but I'd definitely not go 4k for them. And at current time, I only play R6 Siege with Mid-High settings even though my card could handle more, there are some benefits to the low settings in this game. Thanks for reassuring, my doubts get the best of me and they have made me make some bad decisions in the past and so I wanted to clarify everything with experts in here. It's always been a great experience to have talked about any future upgrading plans on here.
  7. Satish Suthar

    Get GTX 1080Ti or Wait for GTX 1180?

    Alright, great! I'd try waiting around if I could. The reason I'm now getting a bit uneasy is because the monitor shuts down without me playing anything, by just regular uses such as watching YT or doing general surfing on the web. And after that happens, the PC shuts down so I'm thinking this card could give up any time and I may not be able to use the computer at all. If it does do that, then I'll be grabbing the 1080Ti because I'd have no choice. Otherwise I'll use my onboard video card to try and wait around for a month or two. Thanks for your answers! They do help.
  8. Satish Suthar

    Get GTX 1080Ti or Wait for GTX 1180?

    So for the last question, if I were to go with a 1080Ti right now. How long do you think I'd find it suffice? Here's my needs exactly : I don't care much about playing games on ultra, right now I'm fine with playing on my 780 that handles games at about Mid-High settings and I dont mind that at all. I dont have a 4K monitor and I dont intend to go there. Because my focus is on 3D Modeling, I'm thinking of getting a 1440p Dell's Ultrasharp instead. So for the 3D work and me playing games at 1080/1440p at max, what do you think?
  9. Satish Suthar

    Get GTX 1080Ti or Wait for GTX 1180?

    What do you suppose about people saying that 1180 won't be a huge step forward from 1080/Ti because NVIDIA doesn't have a good competition right now?
  10. Satish Suthar

    Get GTX 1080Ti or Wait for GTX 1180?

    So my GTX 780 is about to be giving up on me, the fans are making noises and it's overheating after about 4 years of use. I've gotten it in early 2014 and it's been a good run so far. But I think the time's come and last night without even any gaming, the screen shuts off and I see the both fans stopped working (first it used to be one fan that stopped now both of them) so I shut down my PC and go to bed. This morning, they won't work again so I'd take it out and clean it up a bit, though, it's cleaned so there's not much to do there. The fans do seem to be messed up from the inside or something, they're not buttery smooth to push and spin like they used to. So I've made my mind to upgrade anyway, my usage of my PC is to 3D Model and Digitally Sculpt as well as gaming. Should I go for GTX 1080Ti at the price point of 1.1k USD? (in our market here) or should I wait for a GTX 1180 that's rumored to be releasing next month? Would appreciate your opinions/help on it!
  11. Satish Suthar

    Acer Predator XB241H bmipr OR Benq Zowie XL2546

    IPS with a high refresh rate is damn expensive. Plus, since I already own a Dell S2240L, I'm thinking I'll just use that one for my 3D Work? But, would you suggest that as mainly a 3D Artist, I should instead spend the money I was willing to spend on a gaming monitor for something better? Is there something that could get better than what I have (S2240L) to help me with content creation? Or just use it for 3D and get a gaming one to have best of both worlds? (Something like a Dell Ultrasharp 24 or 27 inches)
  12. Hello, So as the title suggests, I'm looking to buy a new monitor in the coming two months. With upgrading my GPU as well. I'll be first waiting for next gen GPU from Nvidia, (GTX 1180/Ti) then I'll also be wanting to purchase a monitor for my gaming + rendering needs. I mainly am studying 3D Modeling/Digital Sculpting but I also keep up with gaming, my main game right now would be Rainbow Six Siege and I do get competitive when I play the multiplayer which is why I thought about upgrading to a better monitor with higher refresh rate when I get my GPU. I also buy latest AAA titles when I find them interesting Currently the monitor I'm using is a Dell S2240L 60Hz 1080p IPS display. With the budget I'm going for, I found these two monitors interesting : Acer Predator XB241H bmipr with G-Sync and Benq Zowie XL2546 (I'd get XL2540 since there's not much difference and I still don't understand DyAc well but interestingly enough, I found XL2546 to be cheaper here) Now, what I want to know, is it worth trading off the extra refresh rate for G-Sync? I've never played on a higher refresh rate OR on a monitor with G-Sync. So you guys tell me what are the pros and cons, if there are any? Thank you!
  13. So I'm torn b/w which one to get. I've not had any experience with a Gaming Mechanical keyboard before. I've been using Razer DeathStalker Essential which has Chiclet keys. (It was a birthday gift) But now I want to switch to the mechanical keyboard. I initially thought about K70 LUX RGB but now I'm thinking a K95 Plat RGB would be a better choice because I found it to be a bit cheaper than K70 LUX RGB... And it has those Macro keys on the side as an addition. So I thought about going with Brown, but brown is not only expensive, I don't know if it's worth it. I wanted that little tactile feeling we get from pressing the keys while we type or anything and I heard it's good for gaming too, so I thought it'd be an all rounder. But I'd have to import it and that'd cost a lot, about 40$ more than Speed switches. So I guess the question is, What would you prefer? And why? Would you pay about 40$ more for the brown?
  14. Satish Suthar

    Real Frustrating [High Temps on new Hardware]

    Yes, I can at least game now if not work for quite some time as it'll take to get my replacement! Hopefully in future, I could acquire the knowledge to go with custom loops like you guys.
  15. Satish Suthar

    Real Frustrating [High Temps on new Hardware]

    Yes, I'm glad too! Processor being faulty is a much bigger concern than the cooler being faulty. So I'm glad it's just my cooler. Though it wasn't found with the stock cooler I brought in before, but it worked this time with the new one. Thanks, mate! You guys helped a lot.