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  1. I might do that except just run tests for about 25 minutes then look at the fans and noise levels to see if he used it for mining
  2. I'm still thinking about that listing
  3. the last time I mined litecoin was about 6 moths ago. The difficulty I think was around 3000 when I first started and you could make profit from that. I just looked up the difficulty and its at like 24 000. Definitely not using this card for mining
  4. wow lots of great advice! I will try all those when I meet him. Ill definitely run some tests. Thank you!! well now that the difficulty skyrocketed than probably not
  5. could bring that money back though in one year from litecoins. no?
  6. I hope it lasts more than a year tbh
  7. I really should but the wallet thinks otherwise that's why i'm thinking twice before buying this
  8. I'm planning on trying it out before I buy, if the owner is kind enough of course haha My monitors resolutions are both 1280 x 1024 so they are old, they don't have much bezel actually but I plan on doing much more instead of just dual monitors He said it was sitting on his desk for 1 month... dust dust dust haha
  9. I was looking at my local advertisements (Kijiji). And I stumbled upon this R9 270 for $100. I was able to bring the price down to $90 from the owner. The only reason I was looking is because I currently have an EVGA GTX 660 SC and I cannot do surround with dual monitors. I know dual monitors are not worth to invest into playing games with them but the R9 270 beats the GTX 660 and the price is pretty good in my opinion. Also AMD's Eyeinfinity allows dual monitors to work which is a win win. Do you guys think this card is good for $90? If I don't like the card I can always sell it back for around $80 and basically get my money back as it retails for like $179.99 in Canada. Opinions? :huh:
  10. Disable everything except nvidia
  11. Go for like the corsair m65 or m95 for mouse and I'd wait for the corsair k95 rgb to come out for keyboard
  12. Get a better SSD the A-data Speeds are lies. They say write max is 500 something but it only hits like 200 mb/s. Also get a better keyboard and mouse for gaming
  13. Counter Strike Source is so much better!!
  14. I would say get a R9 270x or a 280 and your cost seems to be $857 while your budget is $900 so spend the rest on an ATX motherboard or an SSD. Btw why the Xeon CPU?
  15. what a great game! I want it!
  16. Maybe this will help http://gpuboss.com/gpus/GeForce-GTX-770-vs-GeForce-GTX-590
  17. I could go for that but I don't like the design
  18. I don't believe that optical mice are better for fps. I've used both before and I like laser better especially the M65 because it works on all surfaces I just bought it except im going to wait for the K95 RGB instead because they actually improved it from the last K95
  19. That is true but they only moved the sniper button 1/2 inch. My hand is pretty large so that should not be a problem to me. I'm thinking of going for the gun metal version with blue LED's
  20. I only care about colours when it comes to the Corsair K70 and K95 RGb but you can barely notice colours on a mouse IMO
  21. Ya thats what I was thinking Might as well . I see what you did there "eh" lol