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  1. I agree with @Tro get an amd cpu when your on a budget
  2. for $600 he'd be better off getting a micro atx board with an r9 270, then medium settings and high on some games
  3. You wont get much high settings on a $600 budget
  4. I haven't had a 24 inch before so I might go for the bigger size Those were probably my last choices is the second one the best?
  5. So I'm browsing for a new monitor and I've come across to 4. I'm not sure which one is best for $150 and under. Also, let me know if it is the best time to buy one now for back to school sales. Here are the four from ncix. KEEP IN MIND: I live in Canada 1st: http://www.ncix.com/detail/acer-g246hyl-bmjj-23-8in-ips-a6-100463-1011.htm 2nd: http://www.ncix.com/detail/samsung-s24d590pl-23-6in-widescreen-pls-c9-95680-1011.htm 3rd: http://www.ncix.com/detail/benq-gl2460hm-24in-widescreen-led-04-95040-1028.htm 4th: http://www.ncix.com/detail/samsung-s22d300hy-21-5in-widescreen-led-74-95675-1011.htm I personally think the 2nd choice is best but let know your opinions
  6. Literally just saw that on 9gag
  7. Exactly my thoughts lol
  8. You'll be fine. If its a school, they have their wifi secured
  9. Did you try updating windows or drivers? Try restoring your hard drive to the time it worked if you can, you probably cant since you put a fresh install of windows
  10. Your IE might be faster since you don't have as much extensions as you have on chrome. My chrome is faster since I dont have a lot of extensions
  11. lol so true, I remember when I first played the first and second game I loved the achievements and the unlockables like new guns and stuff, but they went and ruined that with the amount of money you receive every mission. I personally think the co-op feature is a way of Ubisoft saying "hey remember when we made brotherhood and you could have assassins help you? ya lets do that again with friends". I think they have run out of ideas
  12. The irony lol, you'd expect good steering in a racing game but guess Ubisoft thinks differently Don't get me started on that
  13. Didn't they fire the crew [no pun intended] that made the first few assassins creed games? Thats what I heard at least. After playing the games after Ezio, the games seemed to be more towards gameplay than the actual story. I used to play the AC series for the story but now they only focus on gameplay it seems
  14. What @Shd0w2 said, but if you only had those choices then go for the nexus 5
  15. You have a point, but I still enjoy assassins creed. I think they did go downhill but still pretty decent games