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  1. Because i5-2500 isn't bottlenecking a single 980 anytime soon.


    I hope not. The CPU is still going strong haha


    GPU Will net you much more overall gaming performance than a CPU upgrade. And when Skylake comes out you can then decide if you want to upgrade your CPU/Mobo and your GPU will still be good. 


    Literally no reason to upgrade CPU unless you do more CPU work than gaming.


    GPU would be nice. SLI would also be an option in the future if I wanted to upgrade

  2. i haven't bought a cod game since bo2. and this is my first on pc ever since COD 2. and i must say that i think the series is going to be revived if they keep it up. i just have to get the jump movements down(good thing i played titanfall before this) and this will be golden. 

    I'm thinking of buying back all the older cods, like bo and mw2... oh the memories. I heard Advanced warfare is good though, can't see me buying it though

  3. 1 it has an 80% share because its open source and free to stick on a device...if ios was open source im sure we would see a greater market share. the only thing it speaks to is if an OS is user friendly enough and free its going to perform well

    2 again Samsung offers 50+ phones to apples 3 with so many phones at so many price points of course there going to have the higher market share (one that is dwindling BTW) where you got 58% from ill never know its 25% at it highest it was 32%

    3 yes i have rooted and installed custom roms....there a pain in the ass. rooting can be complicated and long winded not to mention that most roms are poorly coded and either crash regularly or give worse performance than stock. there is the risk of bricking your device. then there is the apps that dont work on rooted devices like banking apps, and before you start saying that there are work arounds, they never work or they partially work and leave you never knowing if your app will work when you need it

    jailbreaking is a mile easer, hook it up to a pc click a button done. 


    ios isnt perfect but then again android is a mile off too but you have to give it to apple they have made a huge mark on the market and now everyone is copying them left right and centre people don't copy crap

    This topic ended yesterday.... 

  4. Hmm.. Just tried and no luck. Lame.. Any more options or possibilities before I start the process of getting a new cpu? It was running fine before that incident. It must be the cpu.

    Sorry to hear. Next steps I would take would be, taking out one of the ram sticks (if you have more than one) or try swapping the ram stick with a different one if you only have one installed. Also, it could be USB that cause this, so try taking out any USB's out of the ports except keyboard and mouse, place those into USB 2.0. Next would be, taking out the Video card and running your display off of the onboard motherboard graphics

  5. The whole selling shit cheap; and offering a reasonably sized phone years before Apple was a big plus :P


    Plus, Samsung is becoming the new Apple. 


    P.s. I have nothing against Android; I find Android and iOS to be A LOT more similar than they are different....to the point that I really don't care which os I'm using. Although, I am using a 5s atm since everything else was just too big :/

    haha that we can agree on :P


    I'm not a fan of the iPhones (probably figured that out already though). If one thing I hate about both sides of the pie here is, phones are getting too big! Google/Apple, get your shit together haha

  6. Look at the comment of mine your responded to, it's quite clear that you're implying it didnt have any flaws/major issues. 


    Regardless, the reason Android phones own the majority of the market share is because they offer the low end cheap/budget devices. Theres also a reason why Apple is the most value company in the world. 

    Regardless, your display picture say differently  :)


    haha, btw Samsung alone owns 58% of the market. Still more than iPhone 

  7. Yeah, selling phones for $0.99 will do that. 


    If you genuinely believe Android was perfect when it first came out.....I....I really don't know how to respond to that since Android was a mess when it was first released. 

    lol $0.99 phones are for people who cannot afford a "cheap" iPhone. That is a useless comment to make. That is like saying, PC's own the market because they have cheaper laptops.. IMO Android phone manufacturers are smart for creating cheap phones for people as a marketing stunt as it's clearly worked. Also, when did I say android was perfect when it first came out.....?

  8. Yes I applied some new paste. It's a Pentium G3258. You really think it's RIP? I thought it would have some safety mechanism where it would shut off if it got too hot? If that ends up to be the case, I guess the quad core upgrade will come sooner than expected..

    In some cases, your CPU will be damaged slightly. But in your case, I would try clearing cmos like stated above, if that does not work i would say its dead. 


    Maybe check if pins are bent when the heatsink fell?

  9. 1. Android used to be much worse than iOS. 

    2. Anrdoid has taken from iOS as much as iOS has taken from android.

    3. Jailbreaking is damn close to having a custom rom. And much better than rooting on android.

    1. We live in the present and when iOS was better than android, that was before 2010

    2. Apples "innovative" plan is basically recreating iOS to look exactly like android now... so no iOS has copied anroids more now

    3. I've done both and rooting is 10 times better than jailbreaking. Don't know how you got that idea

  10. I'd really suggest you look back at Android's past if you genuinely believe that. 



    Android ain't a phone. You comparing a phone to an OS... Anyway, we're talking flash memory. Any phone could have used this. I mean even Samsung used it in their SSD.


    But does it suck ? Yeah. If it's a real problem, I hope they fix it. If not, I guess if you have problems you can just take it to a genuis bar to have it swap or something...



    That's just not true in any way at all...


    Android came from being nothing in 2008 to owning 80% of the phone market. I think that speaks for itself 


    hahahahaha yeah never suffers from bad battery life, force closes, crashing, updates that take months to roll out and leave users in a maker lottery for when they will get theres, security issuses..........




    nice to to see the new builder has arrived banging the apple drum. so let me get this straight because your phone is ok there is no issue? right

    apple recalls are easy if you live by a store. I dont. i live 40 min away from a store...thats in a major city so is a bithsc to get to. or i can send it in and wait a week+ joy and all this from a device that costs nearly  £800 off contract and £200 more than most if its rivals.  i expect more from apple than what seams to have been them cutting corners left and right


    as for bendgate....i dont think its over. jay from jayztwocents has commented on his 6 stating that he has bent it already from normal day to day use....



    as for this issue if its just a update fix then who cares really if not.....yet more woes for apple

    You know there's custom rom on android right? Cannot say the same about iPhones