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About KaminKevCrew

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    Audio Fan
  • Birthday 1996-01-11

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    Soon to be California
  • Interests
    Computers, Cars, Tech in general, Audio
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    I'm just some guy on the internet.
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    I wish


  • CPU
    Intel Core i7 3770k
  • Motherboard
    Asus P8 Z77-V Deluxe
  • RAM
    16GB (2x8GB) Gskill 2133mhz RAM
  • GPU
  • Case
    HP Blackbird 002
  • Storage
    1TB Samsung 840 EVO, 3TB Seagate HDD, 1 TB Western Digital Black
  • PSU
    1050W Seasonic X series 80-plus gold
  • Display(s)
    Dell 2408WFP, and one more random Dell
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
  • Keyboard
    Daskeyboard 4 w/PBT keycaps
  • Mouse
    Steelseries Sensei
  • Sound
    Asus Xonar Essence STX with Carver Speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. KaminKevCrew

    Please go back to 16:9 (Poll added)

    I just assumed that LTT was using wider aspect ratios because they are the standard in cinema...
  2. KaminKevCrew

    looking for dynamic microphone

    Dynamic mics need to be close to your mouth. That's why they're able to pick up just your voice and not other things. The Shure SM58 is one of the most well regarded dynamic mics out there. They retail for ~$100, but you could probably find a used one within your budget. They're super durable and excellent mics.
  3. KaminKevCrew

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    For just $18, maybe you should take a look at it.
  4. KaminKevCrew

    Different Mouse and keyboard brands?

    I happen to have a full TKL worth of Invyr Pandas that I installed into another board a while ago. Unfortunately, I generally prefer clicky switches, so I'm planning to get a bunch of either Zealistotles, or Box Jade/Box Navy switches and use those for my board, but I have so many other projects I need to get to first that I'm not going to be doing that any time soon, haha!
  5. KaminKevCrew

    Different Mouse and keyboard brands?

    My board in particular has lubed panda blacks (IIRC) and a really interesting mod to the escape key, using some copper tape that allows a second SMD LED to be installed. It's a really cool little mod. The majority of the ultra high end custom boards tend to be TKLs, though I don't think ultra high end boards are really a flavor here... Split boards are fun. I had an ergodox infinity for a while, which was a decent board. I just prefer normal qwerty because I'm too lazy to learn a new layout... Generally, the closest thing to a fullsize board that you'll see will be the 1800 layout, which is a fullsize board that's been compressed. They look cool, but they're entirely unnecessary for me, as I literally never need to be able to input large amounts of numbers into anything...
  6. KaminKevCrew

    Something got in headphones or something broke in it??

    To be clear, the magnet isn't what moves. It's the wire coil...
  7. KaminKevCrew

    Different Mouse and keyboard brands?

    It's a Hubble Mira custom board. I bought this one second hand for $600 USD. Edit: And it was worth every penny.
  8. KaminKevCrew

    Will bass vibrations on desk damage peripherals?

    Thanks I'm glad I could help out! yoga blocks work pretty well too, if you're into that.
  9. KaminKevCrew

    Any way i could use a joystick as a mouse???

    unless OP has lots of experience with a trackpoint, I suspect that you're right. However, there was a piece of software for the old minecraft that would allow you to use a controller. As I recall, it just emulated mouse movement on the right stick, and wasd on the left stick. That might work for what OP wants to do.
  10. KaminKevCrew

    Different Mouse and keyboard brands?

    Mionix Naos 7000, and a ridiculously expensive keyboard over here.
  11. KaminKevCrew

    Will bass vibrations on desk damage peripherals?

    If you think about it, people throw their peripherals all the time, and they tend to work through the first few tosses, at least. Even the first toss is likely a far more significant shock, than even sitting on your desk for years with small vibrations from bass.
  12. KaminKevCrew

    JBL Studio 230 too much for gaming?

    If everything is exaggerated, nothing is As for speaker suggestions, I could also suggest the LSR305 from same. They're more bassy than either of the larger driver versions, and they're tuned for a slightly more fun sound than flat. Depending on what gear you may or may not have, the fact that they're powered speakers may be nice. I personally like it because it means I don't have to keep my receiver on my desk anymore.
  13. KaminKevCrew

    Multicopter Megathread

    Right? Thankfully, I haven't accrued any more since last time I was active - now I just haven't flown for months and they all sit around gathering dust...
  14. KaminKevCrew

    Multicopter Megathread

    I've spent over $1k on Tx's alone...
  15. I was messing around with my secondary rig today and it occured to me that it would be really nice if I could just authenticate with a PC that's already logged in to steam, as I didn't have my phone handy but I did have my main rig right next to me (I was doing some troubleshooting of my seconday rig). What do other people think of that?