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  1. Recording equipment

    BHPhotoVideo is a great vendor if anyone wants someone that has hassle free returns...
  2. How good are Audio Technica m40x?

    I'd certainly agree with that. However, I still need more sound stage than the m40X can offer with any basic mods, and I'm not willing to experimenting with a pair by cutting off the back of the driver casing.
  3. Monoprice Monolith M1060 V2 Review: The False Prophet

    It doesn't look anything like the Audeze grill, aside from the fact that there are holes in it (which by definition, you need to make it a grill) and the fact that it has a triangular design. However, the monoprice cans have a concentric triangle design, whereas the Audeze cans literally have an 'A' that runs through the grill. Those are significantly different designs. Sure, at a glance, they look similar, but your whole argument here would be like arguing that because hifiman uses a punched steel mesh on the backs of their headphones that any other company that uses a similar material is stealing the design from hifiman.
  4. How good are Audio Technica m40x?

    The M40X isn't exactly bad without brainwavz pads, they're just not as good as they could be. For $100 the stock cans are pretty good, it's just that the angled pads make them more comfortable, and make them sound that bit better, which means that you can get even more bang for your buck. Personally, I don't really like them - I need more sound stage, but they certainly aren't bad cans.
  5. Monoprice Monolith M1060 V2 Review: The False Prophet

    Actually, it's not wrong. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think that the people that were lauding over these headphones when they were first released were a bit misguided, and I think that the design isn't really all that great in this case. I will say though, that while these cans may not be amazing, they are something that will help to drive the cost of planar headphones down, and that's a good thing for the market because it means that more people will be able to try different kinds of driver technologies, so they can see if they prefer one style of driver over another. At worst, what Monoprice did was a little shady. At best, they were copying designs that were already out there so that they could eliminate R&D costs as much as possible, and sell the consumer the least expensive headphones possible. That's a good thing, because it drives the costs down. That's only true if you copy a great design well. I'd say that a good design, at best, will lead to copies that are good, rather than great.
  6. How good are Audio Technica m40x?

    Definitely look at the offerings from Audio Technica, and Sennheiser. They both make cans that are good for more traditional music genres. The ATH MXX line is kind of hit and miss as far as quality goes, and all of them are better for more modern genres like rap/hip hop or dubstep, etc. This is good advice.
  7. Recording equipment

    XLR is better, pretty much across the board. The only issue with XLR is the amount of time that it can take to setup if you don't know what you're doing. However, once you do get it set up well, you can pretty much just not touch it forever, and it'll keep working and sound better to boot!
  8. Need new earbuds

    yurbuds makes some decent earphones. They're generally marketed as fitness headphones, but I think they sound pretty decent, and they're in your price range, so they might be worth checking out. They have the same ear tip design (pretty much) as the bose IEMs, but they don't have the ear hook. Check them out! (When I owned my two pairs, I found that they never fell out, even without the ear hooks though, so they're definitely worth looking into.
  9. Monoprice Monolith M1060 V2 Review: The False Prophet

    The headphones were made by monoprice. For the low cost, and the fact that they're monoprice cans, you should have expected some questionable use of design elements. That's the way that monoprice works. That's how they make such cheap cans. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if their drivers come from drivers that failed at the factory that Audeze uses or something like that. That being said, I do think that the 5k ring is absolutely unacceptable for any headphone, unless they're some $5 item from your local gas station. So, I would definitely agree that people shouldn't buy the cans based on that sound characteristic, but I certainly don't think that the design of the headphones is necessarily anything to knock them for, as that's what monoprice generally does.
  10. Feenix Aria sold out? Alternatives?

    If you're looking for a decent headset, both Audio Technica and Sennheiser make good headsets. They both also make nice headphones. I pre ordered the Aria years ago (literally about 5 or 6 years ago) and I eventually cancelled my order (I'd say a good decision, since they never even got released for a couple of years after that) but I don't really like Feenix, as they let me cancel my pre order, but never actually refunded me... So I suppose that makes me biased, but that's how I feel about it. For gaming, I'd say that the Beyerdynamic DT770s are pretty good headphones, and they last a really long time. I bought my pair second (more like fourth) hand, and they've still kept working for me, even after years of use and abuse, and traveling across the US with me two or three times over.
  11. I've been interested in computers for some time now, but a little while ago today, I was struck with a question: What happens if you turn down the multiplier to 1 on a cpu? What happens if you lower the base clock the processor runs at to whatever the minimum is? What happens if you do both at the same time? I'm genuinely curious, and if anyone knows/has tried this, I'd love to know what happens and if there are any compatibility issues with RAM or if you could fix it by adjusting RAM clock appropriately.
  12. Multicopter Megathread

    I really like the impulseRC driver fixer - I've had better luck with that on all my quads than with the zadig method.
  13. $100-ish DAC/AMP Combo

    Are you not aware of the fact that the literal definition of an amp can literally be distilled down to "make stuff louder, but don't change it at all otherwise" ? Fiio is one of the better chinese companies out there, and they have some pretty damn good products.
  14. Consumers are ruining phones

    I disagree. I'm literally 22 years old. I don't think I really have a "back in my day" it's more just that I think that the majority of people don't live in the real world, and the real world is important.
  15. Consumers are ruining phones

    I can't tell if you genuinely think I'm old or not.