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    Audio Fan
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    Soon to be California
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    Computers, Cars, Tech in general, Audio
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    I'm just some guy on the internet.
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    I wish


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    Intel Core i7 3770k
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    Asus P8 Z77-V Deluxe
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    16GB (2x8GB) Gskill 2133mhz RAM
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    HP Blackbird 002
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    1TB Samsung 840 EVO, 3TB Seagate HDD, 1 TB Western Digital Black
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    1050W Seasonic X series 80-plus gold
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    Dell 2408WFP, and one more random Dell
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    Corsair H100i
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    Daskeyboard 4 w/PBT keycaps
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    Steelseries Sensei
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    Asus Xonar Essence STX with Carver Speakers
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. In what way will the Xonar be incompatible?
  2. KaminKevCrew

    Custom Extended Mouse Pad?

    Can you not thread necro please?
  3. KaminKevCrew

    Turning wired earbuds (IE80) into wireless

    You may have to get an mmcx bluetooth adapter, and lop off the connectors and replace them.
  4. KaminKevCrew

    Sonos, Alexa and Plex

    Looks like it: https://support.sonos.com/s/article/257?language=en_US&utm_medium=manage&utm_source=doc-care&utm_content=english-doc-care-manage
  5. KaminKevCrew

    1 headset, 2 PCs

    Behringer makes some decent stuff that's pretty affordable. Yamaha also makes some good stuff, and I'd probably trust them more though for feature parity they are generally going to be more expensive than behringer. That being said, you don't exactly need a crazy mixer to get this done - you shouldn't need anything more than a basic one. I think that will only work if your headset isn't USB though. e.g. PC1 => mixer, PC2 => mixer, mixer => headphones
  6. KaminKevCrew

    No sound on PC when using external speakers on TV

    Are you able to hook an HDMI cable directly from the PC to the soundbar, just to make sure that the PC can even send sound through the soundbar, to rule that out? (No idea why that would be the case - I wouldn't expect it to be, but it might be worth checking out.)
  7. KaminKevCrew

    No sound on PC when using external speakers on TV

    Have you set the TV to output sound through the sound bar?
  8. KaminKevCrew

    1 headset, 2 PCs

    Really the only other way to do this would be to invest in a mixer, and just mix the two sources together, but mixers are definitely more expensive than a cable.
  9. KaminKevCrew

    Home Theatre With Active speakers

    Yes, or at least Emotiva calls the knob on the front a volume knob, so I would assume so. (I downloaded and looked at the manual.)
  10. KaminKevCrew

    Home Theatre With Active speakers

    Glad I could help! I was confused at first when you said "cinch" connectors, as I've never actually heard of them before. Turns out that's a common term in Europe - in the US, we call them RCA connectors!
  11. KaminKevCrew

    Home Theatre With Active speakers

    I have a denon AVR 4602 (I think that's the model - numbers in model names are annoying) and it has pre outs that you can use. I would think you could get one for less than $600 or so used, and it's a competent enough receiver. Actually, here's a processor with what you need (or so it looks) for $700: https://emotiva.com/collections/processors/products/mc-700 Emotiva makes great stuff too, all of their gear utilizes really good build quality.
  12. KaminKevCrew

    Hyperx Cloud Flight vs Corsair Void Pro

    Plus, aren't cooler master boards made by filco or leopold?
  13. KaminKevCrew

    New headphones... New problems...

    Windows and bluetooth, as already mentioned, is terrible. Your YouTube videos are probably pausing so that the audio can catch up with the video so that you won't constantly be watching desynced videos. Bluetooth has lag associated with it, so if the video waits for a couple of hundred ms, then it can compensate for that and allow you to watch without having to deal with poorly synced audio. The reason your game cuts out probably has to do with your computer having to mix the game and youtube audio for bluetooth, and when the video stream stops it has to re mix the audio or some other garbage like that. Windows is terrible for bluetooth.
  14. KaminKevCrew

    Help with Audio!!!!!!

    Make sure that windows is set to treat your headphones as headphones rather than a headset.
  15. yeah, your guess was correct. High gain generally leads to high noise. Ever notice how some recordings of acoustic music have white noise? That's because the gain has to be higher in order to record acoustic instruments, and the white noise is a side effect of that. Too much gain, and the white noise will get louder. The white noise is basically the noise floor of the recording system, and the higher the gain, the more that noise floor gets amplified.