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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate
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    Razer Tiamat 2.2
  1. probably plugging them in to the on board GPU on the mobo. Oh and i did my research and it says that 660 is better? http://www.hwcompare.com/17301/geforce-gtx-660-vs-geforce-gtx-750-ti/
  2. Well, i have 2x 15 inch shit LED philips monitor not being used. Thinking of wiring them up for skype, steam, etc while the middle is for games. But if a 770 is too strong, which one should i get? 660 or 750 ti?
  3. Yes i am familiar with a hackintosh but i still prefer using windows 7 only
  4. Thanks also for your suggestion! Is upgrading an HDD to a larger one really that cheap?
  5. Right, thanks for the suggestion! and i will be using windows 7 thank you very much. Echk Mac heathens
  6. Hmm. most parts are similar to mine. Will consider taking some of those parts. Thanks!
  7. I don't mind about looks beside the case. I won't show it off often anyway. I don't mind the noise so i won't need to add more noise insulation stuff. I'm going for performance i guess.. Hmm.. maybe i'll go for a smaller SSD. I'll have to think about that first. I haven't counted the total watts the parts are consuming, but i'll go for a PSU thats around 700w like what you said Still trying to make my choice about the motherboard, but i'll consider that for cooler i would pick air cooling. and thanks for the welcome!
  8. Thanks a whole bunch man! saves me work for looking them up lel
  9. Hmm... i don't really know which parts to sacrifice... i'm not really good at these things :wacko:. But if the price difference between a 770 and a 780 is not much, i have no problem taking that instead. Oh and i'm not going for SLI in the future
  10. Right thanks for your suggestion! will consider those parts
  11. Yeah probably i shouldnt mention doing homeworks LOL. Yeah i can spend more on other components. Also i'm using the refresh rates for playing games and at a price of $250 it's fine to me
  12. Hello Internet and Linus's forum! this is my first post so don't expect everything to be perfect. Also keep in mind that i'm not really an expert at these stuff so i don't really know a bunch of things Soon, im going to be building a PC and i have a basic idea of which parts i want to include in my rig. I'm missing some parts that i don't know enough to pick by myself so please do make a suggestion. Oh and i don't know if the parts are all compatible or not so.... if there's something wrong with the parts PLEASE do remind me, thanks. Oh and i will be using this mainly for gaming and some homeworks here and there. My budget will be around $1500 - $2000 Parts i already have: Keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headset, and a USB to wi-fi receiver thing. Planned to buy: Case: Corsair C70 Motheboard: ? (help!) GPU: ASUS Geforce DirectCUII GTX 770 2GB RAM: 2x4gb (brand? help!) CPU: Intel i5-4670k Storage: 250gb SSD + 500gb HDD (brand? help!) CPU cooling: heatsink (help!) Monitor: ASUS VG248QE (can my PC run it?) PSU: ? (help!) As you can see, i have some parts missing that i don't know what to buy. Also, do you think these parts can run a game like Battlefield 4 at 60fps 1080p smoothly? That is all, thanks for reading EDIT: wow just posted minutes ago and already 1 page of suggestions? This forum is awsum
  13. I have a Razer Blackwidow ultimate 2013 which is my first mechanical keyboard. Not planning to change anytime soon. Tried out other keyboards like the k70 and the blackwidow stealth edition and so far i'm really liking Cherry MX blues. Planning to buy some custom keycaps for the WASD. Maybe planning on getting some o-rings