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    In the HD cage.


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    i5 4690k
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    asrock z97m pro4
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    asus gtx 970 strix
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    CM n200
  1. Love it! Hope you do something similar for the set. The current one is not bad, but it just doesn't say "tech".
  2. Congrats on the 3 million subs! I'd love to have the new Razer blade 14. The stealth is awesome, but it doesn't have enough performance for my needs
  3. The keyboard, I've never used a mechanical keyboard, and this one looks awesome.
  4. Okay...even if we assume the source is legit and W10 is spying on me, can someone please explain to me why should I even care about it? I mean... I've turned off everything in the privacy options when installing, I don't have Microsoft account, I didn't even give them my email. So even if it is spying on me, what data can it collect about me that either Google/Facebook/my internet provider/etc. doesn't already have? Don't get me wrong, I know privacy is important and I do agree these options should be turned off by default. But its not like MS is selling my private photos to some creep in the dark web. I don't see how this data being collected can be used against me in any way.
  5. I had 0 issues upgrading from win 7 to 10. I have ~30 apps installed and 12 games, they all work fine. You'll have issues if any of your apps are in different language than the OS. It will warn you before the update if any of them are not compatible. After the update you can also roll back to win 7/8, without loosing any data. IMO its not really different from win 7, maybe just a little bit better... I don't really use much of the "new" features.
  6. Exactly the type of mice I like to use...no extra buttons, no software, super light. Been using mine for 2 years now, its time for a change.
  7. Do you need a monitor and peripherals, or only the PC?
  8. Vessel username: Vlado88 Favorite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  9. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/8mgKbv
  10. No1 said 400$, my mouse is 30$ and I love it. I use to have 5$ before that and I can defensively see the difference. Also good mouse can give you some advantages if you are a competitive gamer. Its hard to draw the line, where you start paying for useless things. If you pay 50$ only so that your mouse colors match the rest of your build is a bit extreme, but "gaming" on a 4$ wireless mouse and saying its good...also kinda extreme.
  11. what you need =/= what you want Yes you could game with 4$ mouse.... but you can make the same argument about everything in life, and start living like a monk.
  12. From what I've seen the G1 comes clocked a bit higher, overclocks a bit better, and maybe has a bit lower temps under load. The G1 would look better in that case, but it won't match the red on the mobo... The difference is minor so don't overthink it.
  13. I don't think this is in school. This is the type of stuff, where if you find the answer, on the next day some billion dollar company gives you a job offer. But then again... what do I know...
  14. I did...they say you still use the last 0.5 GB of RAM. Problem is its not as fast.
  15. Hate to be devil's advocate here but....did nvidia really did false advertising?! To me it looks like they told us the truth (maybe just not all of it). I mean you do get 4GB of usable RAM. If anything get mad at the reviewers who all made big noise about it saying its super duper card and we should all buy it, and yet non of them saw this issue, which to me it looks like some1 with experience in benchmarking should have saw earlier. I don't expect nvidia to recall or compensate their customers in any way. Don't get me wrong, its a shit move from nvidia. I also own a 970 and I'm also upset about it.