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  1. yeah it said the same thing for me when i added an extra 8gb but ive been running my pc for a few years now so i do not think its problematic haha if it works keep it that way i dont think its a bad ram slot , i had the same thing happen to a friend where it didnt work in the proper slots but worked in the first two , not sure what the true reason is but it works
  2. if you didnt already you should check the temperature of the cpu and see if that is stable
  3. you should put in the extra money and get a gold certified psu thats 550w+ and semi/fully modular
  4. you do not need the extra cable it is only for extra voltage needed for like extreme set ups , running the 4+4 that you have will work perfectly
  5. could you check task manager and checking the performance tab while your running the problematic games and see the percentages sorry for bad english
  6. you should uninstall the antimalware service and office and see if that helps, could i get more specs? also try using cpuid HWmonitor
  7. try putting the ram on the first to slots ( left to right )
  8. try changing different display or hdmi ports you have, the fans might just stop spinning because it does need to run the fans , if not that it might not be getting power but i need more details
  9. try putting the ram in the first two slots (left to right) if not that make sure they are on the 2nd and 4th, if not that make sure all your fans are running and cpu fan is plugged in
  10. Yeah I tried safe mode and all the other trouble shooting options for the automatic repair loop. I’ve ordered a flash drive but it will take a few days . I have access to another PC if maybe I can stick my hard drive there and put windows on it?
  11. Hello I built a new pc and I used an old hard drive because I don’t have a USB stick to install windows. But everything was working How it happened ~ I wanted everything fresh and reset the pc completely , then when everything worked I was in the middle of disk migration (cloning so original files should be ok) using macriuim reflect when I think I accidentally pulled on the SATA cable while fixing my cables. my pc crashed and restarts into the automatic repair tool. Tried system restore. generally I’d be able to fix this as I’d just reinstall windows with a usb stick but I do not have a usb stick anymore and can’t get one due to corona virus crisis. so is there any possible solutions for me to fix this? There is no reset pc option on the automatic repair so I do not know what to do it’s a fresh pc I don’t care about the data I just need it to work. i have my old hard drive plugged in as well as a m.2 and a new hard drive which doesn’t have anything in It
  12. I have this 1 8gb ram stick and i want to upgrade and ive read that i can just buy another with same numbers basically https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148983 (the one i have) I want to buy a cheap one and saw this one on sale. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232085&Description=8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200)&cm_re=8GB_288-Pin_DDR4_SDRAM_DDR4_2400_(PC4_19200)-_-20-232-085-_-Product (the one i want to buy) Will this one work with the current ram i have? What should i look for when buying another stick or can i even upgrade this 1 8gb stick? Specs are i5 8600k (coffee lake) motherboard gigabyte Z370 HD3 idk if these will work with the ram i want to buy thanks for any help / advice
  13. I have a 4gb RX 580 right now and i want to invest in a new gpu or get crossfire so i can do 4k smoothly. But i do have a problem i only have a 550W power supply Idk if it can handle 2 580's or should i buy a whole new graphics card like a 2070. SYSTEM SPECS: i5 8600k (coffee lake) 6 cores gigabyze z370 i think xd its cross fire supported adata sx8200 480gb m.2 ssd 1tb wd blue rx 580 4gb 8gb ram 550w gold power supply