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  1. I agree but actually i know these persons and yes that happened and i was surprised on what happened because here in the Philippines our problem are some sellers that are unauthorized they have limited warranty. but i can say a hearsay but it's not a big problem as for me
  2. I clearly understand the situation but its not clear to your explanation and no need to put all capital letters
  3. I would say that you have more options for that price range. Mostly Acer laptops for some has a lot of issues especially the LCD screen and a lot of my repair percentage ACER is 69% than my other laptop repairs (not going to say some). It is not that I am Biased to what i said but ... A budget under $600? it's better to search for more and Try to check reviews online to gain ideas before buying Mostly I don't recommend laptops that not suited by your taste but having Research will help you more
  4. There are ultrabooks that have dedicated chips mostly the mid tier Nvidia cards some has the GTX970 or 960M XPS 15 has a GTX 960M Asus UX303UB has 940M and more...(mostly Aorus and Razer)
  5. To me it is a pain especially when working 5kg is hefty and sometimes can be tiring so at least get something that is 2kg to 3kg (depending on how heavy it is) which is less hefty I bought an asus k501UX recently and so far it is portable to carry around weighs around 2kg without the charger And some that are less than 2kg
  6. This actually depends on the laptop things to note 1. your laptop is limited to upgrades -CPU GPU since both soldered to the motherboard 2.i know you laptop here since they are the HP PAVILION Line so you can only upgrade the RAM ddr3l and Storage ONLY SOLUTION: 1. Get a desktop, I understand that but the 940m is soldered and so far you can only upgrade both ram and storage but a desktop has better advantage for upgrade 2. You want a laptop still Get a higher model that are upgradable or better yet 960m-980m as the sweet spot not motherboard upgrade A. brand new laptop. 3. Cpu only find a motherboard for your laptop since this is a ULV cpu or HQ Cpu you cant upgrade them but a motherboard swap can be a possible solution
  7. your specs are still good but when it comes to upgrade i can say 4-5 years to be exact but SSD and ram is Good for upgrades. But Go for the SSD for better performance for the APU
  8. In addition to your post guys the data leak hacker is now arrested here is the link http://www.tahonews.com/look-suspect-comelec-website-hacker-is-recognized-by-microsoft-and-facebook/
  9. option two is good but for the freeze it depends 1 is the cpu usage it it goes 99% it gets tired thats why it freezes 2. your hdd has an issue whether unusable you can use hdd sentinel 3. ram is still okay for an 8gb step 1 install hdd sentinel or hard disk sentinel to check the hard drives life and performance if it is fine proceed to step 2 if not step 4 step 2. defrag your drive there is a defrag tool to fix the freezing issue if it works you are done if not proceed to step 3 step 3 wipe up the hard drive( backup required) reinstall a fresh windows os and remember to backup first if it works you are done if not proceed to step 4 step 4 buy a new hdd or ssd you can do dual storage and this will help boost performance and removes freezes step 5 once you get the items from step 4 install your os for ssd present install it there and done but if the freezes persist check your pc to a local technician But i need your specs on the laptop
  10. There are a lot of dell laptops for the specs but i can recommend two one is the dell 15 5000 series there is an nvidia 940m and meets your specs that you want but if you need for hardcore stuffs the 7995 is the best bet
  11. Can't find the FHD but thanks for the heads up
  12. Gaming on the 940M is good and 950M is better only that the 940M has 64 bit and the 950M has 128 bit but for your price range you can get better laptops http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-y50-touch-15-6-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i7-8gb-memory-1tb-8gb-hybrid-hard-drive-black/9640008.p?id=1219705742633&skuId=9640008 although the i7 is 4th gen
  13. XPS 13 because I love the dell engineering of this laptop and light as well the i5 6200u is 2.3 to 2.8ghz and SSD i recommend the 256gb or more and 8gb of ram great for ultraportable editing and office use