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    gigbyte z87x d3h
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    12gb corsair vengance 1600 (3x4gb)
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  1. wow. i mean just how stupid are most of the members here. so blinded by the rhetoric and bullshit that they just jump to the conclusion that this has to be "SJW" not one seams to realise that most people with eating disorders are not fat, i mean its hard to pile the pounds when your not eating or shoving your fingers down your throat. this is aimed at helping people who become obsessed with there body to the point it kills them, i mean actually die, and guess what, they aint obese. facebook and others need to be regulated......get over it
  2. the facts beg to differ becasue im a twat i was going to quote in a different thread then couldnt be arsed and forgot to cancel the multi quote
  3. try reading the article it was the french who did this. instead of believing all the propaganda you read on Facebook or what ever why not do some actual research. the EU is not a dictatorship, it is democratic. countries VOTE in there MEPs who vote on the business of the day and ELECT the parliament president and the commission president.
  4. jaggysnake57

    Youtube forced to step in.

    you continue with these baseless accusations, its almost like your projecting. tell me do you have issues you need to talk about?
  5. jaggysnake57

    Youtube forced to step in.

    without evidence your accusations are baseless and therefore i do not need to justify anything.
  6. jaggysnake57

    Youtube forced to step in.

    that comment = straw man
  7. why do people seam to think that the internet should not be policed....do you think that we should abolish actual police?
  8. jaggysnake57

    Apple May Not Have 5G Phone Until 2021

    kinda feel like thsi is more an attack on apple, than news.......as many people have said 5g is 12 months, at the the very least , away form being mainstream if not 2 years. honestly i really dont care about 5g, everyone banged about 4g and i have found it to be meh really.
  9. right market competition definitions no explain to me how epic are not meeting these definitions, specifically, you cant buy a big mac in burger king or a whopper in mcdonalds and yet they are in competition.
  10. WHAT! looking at the system requirements for fortnite im guessing most couldnt run much on steam any way though in all honsety i have kinda lost your p[oint and my own for that matter......
  11. jesus what is it with people not looking at there own freaking links like steam has never had any issues https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/jul/27/steam-account-hijacking-bug-fixed-valve https://games.slashdot.org/story/15/12/25/2111242/steam-bug-shows-you-other-users-account-details that last one was a doosy, you clicked your profile link and went to some randoms profile.....i mean really
  12. monopoly - the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service. not a singular product. not a timed exclusive. not - wait 6 months not to mention your link talks about exclusivity between retailer or wholesaler and supplier not consumer. actually you did consent its called TOS 1) https://trello.com/b/GXLc34hk/epic-games-store-roadmap TLDR upto 6 months for some 2) sorry how long did it take steam? the news sites citied reddit as a source so.... they were reading your friends list from steam and see above 1 unless you have some source for that EGS userbase claim im calling bullshit. i realy can not see how anyone thats gaming on EGS doesnt have steam for some other game let alone a large portion. 2 division, call of duty and battlefield all have DLC timed exclusives with either xbox or sony and thats without researching
  13. your looking at it from a gamers point of view and i guess you could see it as monopolistic but from a publishers view they have choice. steam is the status quo and the only way to change that is to do something dramatic like exclusivity. people have seen the console exclusivity debacle and are now circle jerking to this epic crap without really thinking about it long term. its simply not the same as the console wars. my prediction, epic will continue to grab exclusives until steam drop there cut to 15%, at which point devs will want to launch on both platforms for maximum market penetration at that point deals will change to preorder exclusives and the like, people will still piss and moan because circle jerk but consumers will get the choice. in the mean time stop cutting your noses off to spite your faces. change will happen with or without you.
  14. they are improvign the platform, those missing features are on the way, what security issues and as if steam is so secure