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  1. I said that I need something simple and fast and with a log history, something like this: I need to set it one time and every time I check it to automatically make a new one for the next mount, with the option to do it in advance and as an app on my phone not windows.
  2. I need an app with a history for example, I need to do a task every month and i wanna check 3 or more month later if I did it, to have a history log with if I checked it or not and easy and fast to use.
  3. Hi, I live a very chaotic life and my memory is slowly starting to fail me. I tried some apps like to do reminder and simplenote, but I need something more specific, a repeatable checklist with a history log and very fast to use it (ex: just checking a box for confirmation) My problem is that I forget if I did or did no do a task and I need a history log to check. Thanks my dudes
  4. How are the colours and viewing angles on it?
  5. It's nice but at 1024x768 it's only 60hz, only at 800x600 supports 85hz >.>
  6. Sigh... Did some one even read the full post?...
  7. i really can't decide between: http://www.mediadot.ro/compara-produse.php?id1=116957&id2=219152&id3=&id4=224036&id5=276294& (hint: right click - translate to english) some background: i get motion sickness from almost all single player FPS, i mostly game on my pc, but there are days when i binge anime and movies 24 Asus VG248QE has a standard rez and is nice cuz i like to play competitive: pvp in mmos, cs:go, overwatch, lol, dota, smite, etc. LG 29UB67-B and LG 29UM68-P is 75hz and awesome for RPGs, media, my motion sickness in some games for a more "natural" FOV but i'm a bit cared that 29' it's a bit too big for me (that my eyes will have to move to much, which will add fatigue) LG 25UB55-B is cheaper, and not 29' ... but it's 60hz why these 4 ? ... it's what i can find in my country that are relative good and in my price range 260-360$ for the past mount i searched for the "magic" monitor, but it's so frustrating to inform myself with TN vs IPS and the tons of variations of it, 16:9 vs 21:9, support for rez like 2560x1080, cables, and on top of that you don't find clear product info like ?hz you only get ?ms (ex: u can have 144hz at 1ms or 4ms and at 5ms u can have 60hz or 75hz), so annoying please help me decide on one of them
  8. its max bandwith speed is 150mb and my internet connection is gigabit and it not that cheap ... my router that i use now its cheap @ 20$ and a good one its @ 80$ (and when u think that in the country that i work i get pay like @ 250$ its quite sad )
  9. i did made a bridge connection but i dont know why it din't work and my ISP is using a pppoe authentication on rj45 connect
  10. can some one please help me with an internet connection "puzzle" i got a motherboard with a 10/100 lan connection, a gigabit pci board, a wireless N router and a gigabit internet connection right now its connected like: gigabit internet -> router -> my pc with cable connection and wireless connection to the rest of devices in my home (but my router bottlenecks my internet speed) so i wanna go like: gigabit internet -> my pc in my gigabit pci board -> my motherboard lan -> router -> rest of my wireless devices i dont know how to make my pc recive internet connection on a board and output the connection from the other board can some one please help me how to do that
  11. the 1st Linus video that i watched was an NCIX video about nvidia surround
  12. that custom skin looks so awsome
  13. no i mean if i have a 12TB HDD server pool, with FlexRAID i can use all my server pool or just half of it ?
  14. ty so mutch its what i needed to know ... i only have 2 more question if u can help me pls :) 1.how safe will be the system in 1 parity vs 2 parity? lets say 2 HDDs fails out of 6 HDDs 2. why i3/i5 with 8/16G of ram its not to much for a server ? if not, why ? (i mean u just need to read data ... not to play games on it) :)