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    Intel i7 4710hq
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    GeForce GTX 850M
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    1TB HDD 250GB SSD
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    AudioTechnica pro700mk2, Asus Xonar U3
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  1. It is Eastern Europe, you should know how returns work in these countries. It has been 2 weeks since I am stuck with an office chair, will only be able to send it back tomorrow, nightmare .. I miss the states sometimes.
  2. I am still having my doubts, I won't be able to find a better cable in Bulgaria so that's probably why The store keeps telling me it is a 1.2 cable and should work just fine, claim there is something wrong with my setup, do not want to accept a return, fun.
  3. So you think it is 100% the cable? I just tried reinstalling the drivers with DDU and nothing. EDIT: Tried running low resolutions, still cannot go beyond 85hz. Tried lowest possible resolutions as well, simply cannot go high refresh rate. EDIT2: Doesn't that mean that the bandwidth is not the problem? It should have worked with the lowest possible resolution or am I wrong?
  4. The problem is that I am in Bulgaria now and there are no reputable brands around lol. If only I could retrieve my old cable ...
  5. That is what is bothering me. Contacted the store I bought it from, they said they had no problems in the past, they've sold thousands. The problem is I cannot find any DP cables really anywhere and I don't know anyone who has a DP cable.
  6. Interesting, I am actually not sure, but I believe that it is a quality DP 1.2 cable (in the box). It is gone now though so I need a replacement, if only I knew that something will work in the end ..
  7. Hello guys, So I lost my original DisplayPort cable that came with my Asus PG279Q. I bought one online, which is a DisplayPort 1.2 - in theory capable to do 2560x1440 @144hz (maybe not 165hz, but 165hz brings a tad of input lag so I am fine @144hz. Now the maximum resolution is 2560x1440 @85hz. Works only with 60 and 85hz. If I go higher, say 100, 120 or 144hz, the screen goes black for a few seconds and then reverts back to 85hz. I double checked, the cable is definitely DisplayPort 1.2. What can I do now? Build: GPU: ASUS GTX 1080 Strix Monitor: ASUS PG279Q Motherboard: ASUS z170i Pro Gaming CPU: i7 6700k Ram: Corsair 32gb Storage: Samsung 256gb NVMe, Samsung 1TB SSD Cable: http://www.comelsoft.com/en/product/46612/ednet-84501-displayport-connection-cable-dp-m-m-3-0m-w-interlock-ultra-hd-4k-ul-bl-cotton-gold.html#.WK7UdDt94uU 3m DisplayPort 1.2
  8. Ryuk

    Speakers help

    A big problem with reviews is they tend to be not so objective. I have read so many positive reviews about the logitech z906, thought it would be a good investment, went to a local store, the bass is so muddy, the mids are very washed out. I have managed to listen to some lower end Edifiers, they seem to have very clear sound but now I am afraid that it will not be loud enough for my room and it would be great to have a 5.1 system. It sucks that they do not have higher end speakers on displays down here, I simply cannot listen to them. I think I will have to go with something cheaper and then later, when I have more money just go for something high end. I also like your idea to build things, as soon as I come home I will look into it and might give it a go. I just don't like any designs really and making my own will definitely make me a happy man even if they won't sound as good as some high end speakers, they would be my babies But importing from eu - that's 20% flat tax, sometimes with some extra fees, I would rather avoid that.
  9. Ryuk

    Speakers help

    I am willing to shop around, but unfortunately I am not in US anymore and no deals are available around here, people simply don't buy such expensive equipment, and if they do, they won't be posting it online, they will simply throw them in the storage room. I would love to get a really nice system, getting just nice speakers is not enough, the ones you mentioned, KEF LS50 are quite good looking and have really nice highs but they would have to be paired with a sub and a good amp. Unfortunately, I am not yet able to pay ~$2000 for a system. What do you think about Edifier s1000db or s2000pro, just by looking at the information sheet? These are quite cheap but they seem quite nice, especially the s2000pro (even though they are not out in Europe yet).
  10. Ryuk

    Speakers help

    I am willing to try anything. After about 20 hours of reading about audio equipment I can see that the z906 is complete crap but good audio systems will be a lot more expensive, getting a cheap receiver/amp + medium priced speakers would be a lot more expensive. Now I am wondering if maybe I should just get a 2.0 system.
  11. Ryuk

    Speakers help

    I guess it is not an easy topic.
  12. Ryuk

    Speakers help

    Hi guys, I am moving to a new apartment and unfortunately I had to leave my old speaker system behind. I really cannot decide what to get. Things to note: I live in Europe(Bulgaria) so the availability is quite limited. Usage for speakers: 70% music, 20% games, 10% movies. Sound coming from my mobo, Asus Z170i with SupremeFX. I am not an audiophile, or at least not yet, but I love good sound quality. I like to have good lows (I listen to a lot of electronic music as well as hiphop), as clean as possible and details in mids and highs(I do listen to classic music as well). Budget: would like to keep it under $500 but I am ready to pay more if really worth it, I definitely would rather save as much as possible as well. I also like to keep it energy efficient as most things in my new apartment are very efficient. I do like they to be at least decently loud. They need to at least look decent. Based on my research and considering my needs, it really doesn't matter which system I am getting, 2.0, 2.1 or 5.1 for active systems. I have been considering getting a AV Receiver + 2 speakers to start with, but it seems just so much more expensive, I am not sure if it is worth the quality improvements (please correct me if I am wrong). Under my consideration was getting the Sony STR-DH550(~$300) receiver, but it just doesn't seem to be that great and the reviews aren't amazing either. To that I will have to add at least a pair of speakers, probably at least $300 for the pair? Again, I would do that if someone tells me that is truly worth it. When it comes to 5.1, Logitech z906(~$300) don't sound terrible, but they definitely lack clarity in my opinion. For 2.0 I like the Edifier R2730DB(~$290). Seem to be decent entry level studio monitors (maybe a bit large?) and also have bluetooth, which is not necessary but definitely nice to have. I really like AudioEngine's offerings but unfortunately they are not available in Bulgaria. Bringing them from abroad would set be back way too much, I really doubt that is worth it. That is ~$600 for the A5+. Other speakers I am considering: Microlab Solo 7C 2.0 (~$200) Edifier S1000DB (~$315) - not sure if loud enough Edifier S730D (~$400) Tannoy Reveal 802 SET (~$450) - not particularly attractive. I am really stuck, I need some opinions, suggestions, criticism, anything. Really, any help is appreciated.
  13. I have been looking into screens for a while now, just like people say - depends on your needs/wants and budget. I ended up going with an ASUS PG279Q, 1440p 165hz gsync - silky buttery lubed girl-like smooth. It is, however, priced very aggressively, I don't think it is really worth the price. That said, the website 144hzmonitors.com is a great starting point: discover, explore and decide.
  14. It's back and I have no clue wtf to do.
  15. Doing everything over and over again solved the issue. Running fine now with both Afterburner and GPU Tweak uninstalled. Not going to install since it is the first time it is running as it should.