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    Intel Core i5-3230M
  • Motherboard
    HP Probook 450 G0
  • RAM
    2x4GB Corsair/Samsung Sticks DDR3 1600MHz SODIMM
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    Integrated Intel HD4000
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 EVO 120GB + WD Blue 750GB 2.5"
  1. Paying $11 every month. With promotions sometimes less than $10. Internet over PPPoE to router. Tested over Wi-Fi.
  2. See, one of the problems is apart from the serious power tools I need and the mess I will make, my parents wouldn't let me drill through the walls. For them Wi-Fi is fine and they do not understand why I need to do this. Nevermind, I got the setup working just perfectly. Speeds of 100 MB/s transferring files between PCs. That is what I call good!
  3. Hello guys. I was reading the network setups topic a while ago and something came to my mind about how I could improve my setup at home. See, I live in Bulgaria and here usually all the walls in the buildings are from bricks and no dry walls to cut through and lay Ethernet cables in. That is what makes my setup so complicated - it is usually almost impossible to drill through the walls to pass cables between rooms, and not even talking for complete cable runs through the walls. Also, I have an extremely limited budget for my network upgrade. Currently everything that is powering the network is a TP-Link WR841N router. Internet comes in (45/55 via PPPoE, $12 monthly), Wi-Fi comes out. Everything is connected via Wireless. Also, I cannot move the place where the Internet cable enters the house. Almost all of my Ethernet-capable devices (PCs, laptops, TVs..) are in the room next to the one that the Internet connection is coming in. So, that is why I have thought about the following setup: Internet In -> TP-Link WR841N (AP mode) -> Wi-Fi network 802.11N Wi-Fi network 802.11N -> TP-Link WR740N (client mode) -> D-Link DGS-1005D GIGABIT switch -> various clients in the same room (PCs, Laptops, TVs) Wi-Fi network 802.11N -> Tenda W306R (client mode) -> various clients in another room (PCs) In that way, I will have everything I wanted. Gigabit or at least 100mbps speeds between computers in the same room, unbottlenecked 45/55 access to the internet (I have tested the setup with the routers, they are able to pull the connection off via Wi-Fi without almost any reduction in speed), no runs of cable between rooms, and most importantly, everything will be AMAZINGLY cheap. I have loads of Ethernet cable available, so that is $0. I have the 3 routers, so they are also $0. The one thing I have to buy will be the D-Link DGS-1005D, which I found used for $5 (without power adapter). I have found the datasheet and it says it needs 5V@1A. A phone charger 5V@ 2A should be okay. I forgot to mention that I am able to run Ethernet cable within the room (hiding it behind furniture and gluing Ethernet jacks to certain places, as I am not able to drill). This setup will give me a great performance for the investment of $5 total. If I find a way to run at least a 100Mbps link between the different routers/switches, it will be even better, but that is for now. I also forgot to mention that Powerline also isn't an option as it is too expensive for me at the moment. There is no way I can put $90 away for a set of powerline adapters. Give your thoughts on my setup. Just remember all the various restrictions I have in front of me. Thank you
  4. Username: sonicvsb Video 1: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf Video 2: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 You guys are awesome, great move, great giveaway. Keep up the great work
  5. Hello everybody. I read the first 10 pages of the topic - couldn't read all of them. Here is my feedback: Firstly - on the Adding of Vessel as a new platform: Terrific move. Since the moment I heard this at the WAN show, I was sold on it. I was ready to commit the $3 immediately. I think this is a great way to support LMG. Yes, there are a number of ways to do that already. But this time - you are actually getting something back. The idea is great! We will do everything to support you. Second - on Vessel as a platform right now: Dreadful. Good looks but bad UI. Buffering on SD when I play 1440p on YouTube no problem. Low quality that RUINS your hard work making these videos look better. However, yes, a year is a long time and we'll hope that things will improve. However, I think Vessel should have waited a bit more to fix all this, and then deploy itself to the public. That way, there wouldn't have been such comments. Third: General opinion. Guys, I just want to take this moment to express how much I love you. Every day when I get back from school, the first thing I do is fire up YouTube to see your new video. And now everything I'll have to do is just open up Vessel and do the same. And I will. I will sacrifice quality, I will take this step back, in order to support you. I love the year of free trial, however I see a little problem here. Will you be earning enough during this year on Vessel when nobody is paying nothing? That seems kind of strange. I feel that a month could have been enough. Nevermind. Keep up the great work!
  6. Budget: Sub $200 including only CPU, Mobo, RAM. Absolute maximum $250. Location: Bulgaria, but please use US$ as currency. Aim: Websurfing, Youtube and local video playback (mainly 1080p), Playing only really minimalistic flash games, and even serving as a homeserver for filesharing (about 12-14h per day) Monitors: One 28" 1080p TV Peripherals: I have a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, so do not include it in the price. I also have a copy of Windows. The other thing not to include is a case - I am planning on using this one. SSD and HDD I also have. Why I am upgrading? - I am not upgrading, but building a new Mini-ITX system. It will work kind of as a HTPC, but also a homeserver. The catch is that the components will all have to fit in the case I showed you, and that's why I think a sub-65W CPU will do best. And that probably means Intel, however, there are some AMD options as well. First option: Celeron G1620, H61MV-ITX, ADATA XPG 4GB 1600MHz x1 memory - $124 Second option: AMD A4-5300 or A4-6300, Asrock FM2A75M-ITX, G.SKILL 4GB VALUE 1600M C11 1.5V - $172 Third option: Intel Pentium G3258, Gigabyte H81N, ADATA Premier Skill 1333MHz 4GB - $186 Give your ideas... It's important that I would be able to find the parts you say in Bulgaria, because I cannot order from abroad, however, you suggest and I'll tell you if it is possible or not. Of course, all the parts from the three above options I can find. There is also a difference in prices, but don't worry, I'll inform you in that too. Thanks.
  7. I understand what you are saying. However, I do not want to get the performance of a $1000 laptop that I paid $600 for. Sadly, my budget is $250-$300 max and I just want a cheap laptop that will do the job well. Haswell and/or a 256GB SSD are far away from me now. I will probably put a 64GB really cheap SSD and live with that. I am still leaning towards the cheap Windows laptops instead of Chromebooks, not for the OS, but I just feel like they give me more bang for the buck and more expandability, which I will definitely need for some of my upgrades. It's just a shame that I cannot find a 13" notebook, because I really like that form factor.
  8. Now there's my problem - I cannot find it here. Any other similar suggestions or a recommendation of my own configurations I have posted above?
  9. Thank you for your response. Actually, I may be able to order it from Amazon, but sadly, only the 2GB version. I want to ask whether the laptop is upgradeable and if I will be able to open it, take the existing stick out and put a new 4GB one.
  10. Hello. I need to buy a really cheap, but decent for the money notebook. It will only be used for internet surfing, youtube videos and sometimes playing flash games. The thinner and lighter it is, the better. Firstly, I was looking at some Chromebooks. I liked the Toshiba Chromebook 2, but I cannot find it here in Bulgaria and ordering from abroad is not an option. In fact, the only Chromebook that you can find here is the Acer Chromebook 13, which is around $400, with only 2 GB RAM, 32GB SSD, and a 13" 1366x768 display. I think that is a lot and turned to cheap Windows laptops I could find. I like the ASUS X551MAV-SX264D for now. It has the following characteristics: Celeron N2830, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, integrated graphics, 15.6" 1366x768 screen. All at around $275. Yes, it will be a little bit bulkier than the Chromebook, but I think it is a better deal. However, I will make a few upgrades: Firstly, I will take out the 2GB RAM module, sell it, and put a 4GB Kingston one that I already have. Secondly, I will take out the 500GB HDD, sell it and get a really cheap Kingston SSDnow 60GB instead. It may not be as fast as my 840EVO for example, but for the money - around $40, nothing can beat that. It is sure that I will not save anything locally, so the space will be enough, and I really want a small SSD because the notebook will be quieter, lighter, and more energy efficient. I am only concerned about the processor, but as the workload will be light, I hope I won't have any problems with it. The screen is OK for me, I am good at that size and resolution. Battery I hope lasts long, but otherwise the notebook looks pretty decent. After selling out the parts that I do not need and making the upgrades, the computer will cost me around $250, which I think is almost unbeatable for what you are getting. It has to be said that prices in Bulgaria and rest of the world are different, but I am giving you my price. I am open for any kinds of recommendations. Thank you.
  11. Hello guys. I am looking to build a $250 machine (without including a hard drive in the price) maximum, intended to be used for internet websurfing, youtube video and 1080p video playback on a 1080p 28" screen. (absolutely no gaming) Firstly, I looked at some Intel NUCs. However, that wasn't an option for me because I want to put more than one drive in the computer. Secondly, I came up with a few possible builds and I want your opinion. 1. Intel Celeron G1620, Asrock H61MV-ITX, Mini-ITX case with an integrated 200W PSU and a stick of A-DATA 4GB 1333MHz memory. 2. AMD A4-5300 or AMD A4-6300, Asrock FM2A75M-ITX, Mini-ITX case with an integrated 200W PSU and a stick of A-DATA 4GB 1333MHz memory. 3. AMD A6-6400, Asrock FM2A75M-ITX, Bigger Mini-ITX case for more space and a possibly bigger cooler, Corsair VS350W and a stick of A-DATA 4GB 1600Mhz memory. 4. Intel Pentium G3258 (also "Linus favourite" or "Intel anniversary Edition ), overclocked a little with stock cooler, same smaller Mini-ITX case, Gigabyte H81N-D2H, a stick of A-DATA 4GB 1333 MHz. The small Mini-ITX case I was talking about: Click. I'm sorry the page is in Bulgarian, but that is what I can find here and I think you can at least see the pictures. It is a decent case with a nice 200W DC/DC PSU, It supports multiple drives and a Mini-ITX motherboard with a low profile cooler and no expansion cards, which I will not need. However, I think that option 3 of the above will need a bigger case so I am not really keen on it. For drives: I will put at least two drives: one Samsung 840 EVO 120GB and a WD Blue 750GB, both 2.5" I have so I don't include in the price. My personal favourite options are 4 and 2, but you say, I ask for your advice. Thanks. Your help is greatly appreciated. P.S. By the way, prices in Bulgaria and the rest of the world are different, here these options are around $250, but I only ask for some suggestions around these parameters.
  12. My favourite thing in the bundle definitely would be the Kuhler H2O 1250, because it is simply amazing. I am reading reviews with great performance, silence... Definitely my thing. No doubt the other things in the bundle are awesome as well, but this looks best. Anyway, thanks Linus Media Group and Antec for this awesome giveaway!
  13. Wow, guys, so exciting! For me, it all started when I was looking to build a value-oriented AMD APU system. That's when I stumbled upon some of your build guides, and the first video that especially "got me" was the Ultimate Watercooling Overkill Build Guide. I was telling myself, "Who is so crazy to do this?". And I loved your video! The editing work, I had never seen before, the dedicated hard-working dudes over there "in the screen" were awesome! Since then, you've become my ONLY tech channel that I watch daily, and love your reviews, unboxings, build guides, jokes and sometimes childish stupid things that you do. Well, enough of that crap. Let's thank the team ... Linus, I'm so excited right now. I know you (or someone else from the team) is actually going to read this. I am so GLAD and thankful of the fact that you've followed your dreams, you've found the money and people and time to do this and now we have an awesome community and a channel! You thank us, the subscribers in the video, but now: I want to thank YOU and the whole team, for every single video you've made, where you've brought such awesome and educational content, for every explanation and benchmark to help me make my decision for buying stuff, and, most importantly, For every moment you've made me smile and laugh. THANK YOU! Keep them coming, love your videos, and I will always find time for them. You are the guys, you are made of steel, you cannot and will not let us down, and we're behind you!
  14. My favourite part of the phone itself is the beefy IPS display (I'm also on Linus's side for the screen types), and the big 20+MP camera. It is awesome. Do you know what else looks awesome? The awesome skin from dbrand. It is EPIC! I love it, and thank you, dbrand, for your awesome skins, and the sponsorship of this video.
  15. I was going through some watercooling youtube videos when I stumbled upon the "ULTIMATE Overkill Watercooling guide". I really liked how the video was edited, with links to chapters and everything. It was looking professional. After that, I started watching every single video.