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  1. johnyb98

    ssh symmetric encryption

    Thank you !
  2. johnyb98

    ssh symmetric encryption

    Hi dear members. Please, a question on ssh symmetric encryption. It says that "Even if another machine captures the publically shared data, it won’t be able to calculate the key because the key exchange algorithm is not known." My question: If it is possible the sniffer to capture the shared data, the same way would be able to capture the encryption cipher. Of course, encryption cypher is determined before connections takes place. But, the same way shared data is transmitted via just a simple wire (internet), the same way encryption cypher agreement will be transmitted via this wire, too. There is no other way. Even if connection has not yet been established, the two sides try to agree in the key exchange algorithm. So, if I am not wrong, sniffer has both public shared data, encryption cypher, so he/she can create symmetric key, and decrypt stolen data packets. Am I wrong somewhere? Thank you !
  3. johnyb98

    drop down window message...

    So, YouTube notifications will be sent from youtube app for one account only. The solution is to login the second mail account to Gmail app, and get for the second account notifications via Gmail app. You say via Gmail app, I will get notifications. It works exactly like youtube app? I will get YouYube notifications I am subscribed, or I will get notifications for every new mail message too?
  4. johnyb98

    drop down window message...

    These are great information you give, and thank you!! The reason I gave you the answer I gave, is because I did not want to install each app for every forum I want a notification to come up. Exactly what I would ask in the sequel, and with you answer, you covered me 100%. Great answer. It is obvious that youtube app is already installed in tablet software, and notifications come up. And please, another question for the subject. If somebody has two google accounts, and wants for both accounts Notifications to appear, could this be done at the same time, and without login-logout for each account? As far as I know, for a specific device, e.g. tablet, in youtube app, only one account could be logged in. Is it possible?
  5. johnyb98

    drop down window message...

    Thank you for the reply. Could this be done without facebook app installed?
  6. Hi dear members. For the youtube channels I have subscribed, whenever a new video/reply comment uploads, when I am connected to the internet in my Android tablet, a drop down window message appears informing me. Is it possible the same window to drop for my Facebook account for a new fb message, notification? Thank you!
  7. johnyb98

    DNs query

    Hi dear members. Please, I would like your help in the following wonder. . . Let's say a user (via his/her browser) wants to find a web server, in order to fetch a web page. Via DNS service, DNS queries take place. Let's assume desirable server and its IP is server "a" in the following sequential domain path: a.b.c.d.e.com. As far as I have read and understood, in every query step, the answer is given to first web server that made the first query. And afterwards, the same thing happens until server's "a" IP is got. The one thing that I do not understand is, why in every step, ip that is found, should be send back to first web server, and this specific server make the query again and again to find the next layer server IP, and not each layer server does not make just one query to the next layer server, and the final ip sends back to the first query web server, and finally to the user. Thank you for your time !
  8. johnyb98

    help for manual finding

    Hello dear friends ! Please, I would like your help. I have searched a lot in finding manual for DEXTER POWER PLD3120: https://www.leroymerlin.pl/narzedzia-reczne/pedzle-walki-kuwety/pistolety-i-agregaty-malarskie/pistolet-do-malowania-natryskowego-pld-3120-dexter-power,p382955,l762.html but I cannot find it. Please, could you help me? Thank you for your time !
  9. Hi dear members! Please, I would like your IT knowledge and help in the following issue. In order to replace a UPS battery, as far as it concerns Ah, it has to be exactly the same as old battery, or a little higher is fine? e.g. can I replace my 12V/7Ah with a 12V/9Ah or a 12V/12Ah? Thank you!
  10. johnyb98

    black screen with white mouse cursor

    Thank you for your answer. I did not make any update in Windows 7. The last thing that happened before the first time black screen with cursor appeared, was Windows repair. I said yes to windows message for repair, repair in that azure screen started and last 40 minutes, and, in the first boot after this repair, the screen with mouse appeared. If this repair made something damage in registry, that does not let windows work, it might be a chance.
  11. johnyb98

    black screen with white mouse cursor

    Ok. thank you for all your time and precious information. If I asked you to roll back to my problem (trying to fix windows 7 with Paragon), what else may I try for that fix? Would you have anything to suggest?
  12. johnyb98

    black screen with white mouse cursor

    Yes, that is what I wanted to certify. In the past, I did not remember manufacturer, the PSU was just fine, and I wanted to buy just cable. In the market I could not find. In my web search, I read what you say now:manufacturers do not sell them. You can find them just at e-commerce. But, then, I had not the experience I have now. I mean, I did not know that I could search in ebay and find some. But, I read that, even if you find the one that is right for your PSU, does not worth buy. Too expensive. Better buy a new PSU. ps About shops with moded ones you say in your message above, could you give me a couple of shop links just to see? If it is an ad, you could send me as p.m.
  13. johnyb98

    black screen with white mouse cursor

    Yes, that is what I have already done. In the picture above, this cable has three sata power connectors. At the beginning, I did not know the rate of my usage, and when the connector would not work fine (damaged), and connected/disconnected my lab hard drives let's say at the edge (1 out of 3) sata power connector itself. Not a sata power extender connected to it. The moment it could not give correct power to drives, I should use one of the other two. But then I thought and did what you say. I bought a sata power extender, connected it to one of the other good working two, and worked with power extender in connections/disconnections of the drives. For expanding my knowledge, I asked you the question if I have read and understood well that every PSU has its own power cables for replacement in modular PSUs of course. Like the one of picture above. Someone cannot get a e.g. CoolerMaster PSU power cable and connect it to a e.g. BeQuiet! PSU. Or further more, in let's say CoolerMaster PSU A CoolerMaster PSU B cannot connect a PSU A power cable to a PSU B. Each PSU model, even from same manufacturer, has its own cables. Have I understood well?
  14. johnyb98

    black screen with white mouse cursor

    It is time to replace PSU. Molex connectors do not work properly for a long time. I mean, in three molex connectors that PSU has, I have used them a lot by connecting-disconnecting some old HDDs, that for over 1,5 year now, it is very hard to connect a hard drive, and make it boot up. To give you an example, I must give over 10 connect-disconnect efforts to an ATAPI drive, to make it boot up. They do not work from big usage. And sometimes, over 10 efforts, is not sure that ATAPI drive will take current. Sometimes, that I needed to give molex current to a drive, I give up from many tries. I know that it is time for PSU replacement. And that's what the conversation did, if PSU is fine, and just one let's say power sata cable needs replacement, where do I buy that? I think common market, does not have right cables. To give you an example, let's say I need to replace following power SATA cable: Somewhere I have read that there are conventional cables and there are specific CoolerMaster cables, and for specific CoolerMaster models. But, from the other hand, cables of each company (I take CoolerMaster as an example) are very expensive. It is kind of a complex thing. Could you tell me something about all that?
  15. johnyb98

    black screen with white mouse cursor

    Oooops. Sorry. I didn't understand it is a question. CoolerMaster G550M