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  1. DNS server vs name server

    Hello everybody. Please, I would like to make it clear. What is the difference between DNS Server and name server? After the explanation, a couple of examples would be great for a better understanding. Thank you!
  2. cabling in modular PSUs

    Your answers have completely covered me. Thank you!
  3. Good evening. Please, I would like your help about an issue in modular PSUs cabling. A. question Suppose I want to replace a sata or molex power cable in a modular power supply. My question is: does each manufacturer has its own replacement cables for its PSU item? And not only that. For each specific item, it has a specific replacement cable? I mean, e.g. a 550W CoolerMaster has a different cable of a 700W let's say sata. Or it doesn't matter manufacturer. In market there are compatible cables for all PSUs and no damage is gonna take place. B. question If I have let's say two different modular PSUs e.g. CoolerMaster and Corsair, and in one of them (let's say Corsair), in package, I have a cable remain. Can I use it in CoolerMaster if I need it? I guess this is relevant to question A., but I would like to make a separate question. Thank you!
  4. Solution found. Because of mini laptop (at least specific one), date/time changes only from o/s. This makes BIOS understand date/time is correct. So, from o/s is like changing it in BIOS. But also, I had to replace system battery. Measuring battery voltage, I found it 0,03V (1/100 of normal). So, out of changing date/time in o/s, system battery had to be replaced. Thank you!
  5. For sure, it is not in the BIOS. This laptop, because of mini laptop, it has a very small BIOS setting. And, as I said, it has not some "Time & Date setting" in there.
  6. Hello everybody. I have an issue in a HP Mini 2140 laptop. When I turn on laptop, the following message appears: 163 - Time and Date not set I enter BIOS, but there is no choice for setting system date and time. Also, there with not a Fx key or key combination I may enter somewhere in order to set system date and time. Googling, no solution found. Most common is to replace CMOS battery. I replaced it with a brand new, but the problem still exists. Is there any solution in how set up system date and time in specific mini laptop? Thank you!
  7. procedure with photos for house sell

    wow!! Excellent solution!!!
  8. Good evening. Suppose somebody has taken some pictures of his house for rent/selling. On your opinion, which is the best and easiest way uploading the internet the photos? So, if somebody want to see them, he will send him there to see them. p.s. I would like to avoid send pictures with e-mail. Thank you
  9. Hello. Please, I would like your help about my mobile phone. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus GT-S7580. I want to connect it to the router via WPS. When I go to the mobile to wi-fi connections, I do not find anywhere WPS password ask. I have searched settings, but cannot find it anywhere. Do you know about this mobile phone if it does not have at all WPS feature, or it does have it but I should look somewhere that I have not also looked at? Thank you!
  10. repair query

    Reading it in a working position, what the employer boss require on your opinion?
  11. repair query

    Good evening. When reading "experience in motherboards and graphic cards required", please what does it mean? Is it possible to repair a broken one? Thank you!
  12. xp pro sp3 max path length

    Thank you! So, loging in the XP Windows with user1 (username) I find more than 260 chars. What is your opinion? How could be created?
  13. xp pro sp3 max path length

    Hello everybody! Please, I would like some clarifications on Windows XP Pro SP3 about max path length. Reading here and there I have come to the conclusion that max xp pro SP3 path length is 260 chatacters: 1 letter drive+semiconol+backslash+path+filename+3 letter extension+NULL = 260 χαρακτήρες. So, an example is C:\256-characters-path-including-file-name-and-extention which if counted equals 259 characters (256+3 for C:\ ) and there us one more character left which is ending character. So, useful max path length for path and filename is 256 characters. Is this correct for XP Pro SP3?
  14. gaming laptop buy

    To be more specific about games, interested mainly in LoL (League of Legends) and FIFA. ps Also added in the mainly post that was absent. Thank you for your understanding.
  15. Good evening! I am looking for a new gaming laptop (LoL - League of Legends - FIFA). Windows O/S Except gaming, for watching movies, university projects, downloading, etc. Budget about Unknown €- Unknown € Which would you recommend? If possible, please a couple of models, to compare. Thank you for your time!