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  1. In youtube settings, whenever a new video is uploaded in a channel I subscribe, I have set it to receive a notification. It works. I receive the notification in pc or mobile phone. But there is a problem. If I receive the notification first in pc browser, I do not receive it in mobile phone at all. On the other hand, if I receive it first in mobile phone, there is no problem. I will get it in pc browser when I open it. I try to find in youtube settings how to correct it, but cannot find something. Is there any way to fix it? Thank you for your time!
  2. what should I read?

    Good evening! What I wanna do is my home whole internet bandwidth to share it on the devices that are connected to the wireless modem-router the way I want. e.g. if my total bandwidth is 30Mbps, and I have a. one TV on the modem-router connected b. 2 PCs cable connected on the router c. 4 tablets wireless connected on the router I am looking for a way to divide the bandwidth as follows: a. TV : 10Mbps b. each one of the 2 PCs: 5Mbps c. each one of the 4 tablets: 2.5Mbps And to make it more precise, TV and 2 PCs always (constantly) will have their bandwidth (20Mbps total), and all other devices to share the rest 10Mbps. Also, if a friend comes to my home, and connects to the router with e.g. his mobile phone, then: a. TV : 10Mbps b. each one of the 2 PCs: 5Mbps c. each one of the 4 tablets and 1 mobile phone: 2.0Mbps Is there a way to do this? Not knowing what it is, I have heard of Quality of Service (QoS). But I do not think this is the solution to my question. QoS is for setting priority and not dividing bandwidth. Thank you for your time!
  3. wireless fan controller

    I am sorry for using the word "kits". It was a mistake of mine. The thing I am interested in is just fan controller. Neither in my country (Greece) nor the shop I usually buy use the term "fan controller kit". The say just "fan controller". As I told before, this is the firs time I come in contact with something like that, and I made a mistake in the term. If you have a little time, please correct the topic title from "wireless fan controller kit" to "wireless fan controller". With fan controller, I am referring to something like this one. As you said before, 5.25" bay fan controller with a touch screen. But, you also said that modern motherboards tend to have good and better fan control options than these 5.25" bay fan controllers. Because I still have not come in contact with the client, and I do not know (and if he can give this piece of information) his motherboard manufacturer/model, could you give an example of such a motherboard? I guess that the motherboard has an on board fan controller, that will do all the job of the fan rpms, and all the final user will have to do will be only to remotely use the RGB color ability of the fans. As for the thing you refer to at the end, yes, you are right. The client wants particularly quiet fans. He has not told me some specific manufacturer/model. All the information I still have is that he wants to mount four 120mm quiet fans in the case. The point is that he is just asking some information from me. He now lives in another town, and I do not support him closely. I did closely supported him, when he lived in the same town with me.
  4. wireless fan controller

    Yes mod, you are totally right. This is the first time I get in touch with something like kit controller and fans connect on it, for being controlled by the kit. The matter is that a customer of mine told me to make a research on it, and that he wants to be able to remotely handle it. That's all he told me:"Remote control". I did not know that remote control is just for fans rgb control. Since I have never in the past come in contact with it, I do not know anything about it. Via your answers I have understood that, remote control is only possible for fans rgb control, and all other staff is done by the kit, controlling fan curves, after the user is setting up the kit via the touch screen of it. If you have time, please I would like also ask if you have to suggest a couple of kits on the lc-power gaming 978bg tank-buster case. Interested in four 120mm as much as silent fans (remote rgb control with a remote control or via mobile phone bluetooth), and for fan controlling kits. Thank you for your time !
  5. wireless fan controller

    In order to use it remotely via remote connector or mobile phone bluetooth. I do not know if remote control is done only for fans coloring and the controller kit is done with its touch screen only. Or, on the other hand, all remote control (both fans + kit) there is a way to be done remotely (e.g. remote control, mobile phone bluetooth).
  6. wireless fan controller

    Hello everybody! Please, I would like your help. I am interested in buing a wifi pc case fan controller kit. Specifically, I am interested in case Lc Power 978BG Tank Buster. I have never dealed with it in the past. I would like to install four 120mm fans inside of case. Please, what would be your suggestinons (money range EUR40.51 - EUR72.91 ) Thank you for your time!
  7. drivers looking for . . .

    Hi everybody. Please, can you help me find Windows 7 64-bit drivers for: asrock dvi graphics-hdcp rohs https://www.ebay.com/itm/ASROCK-DVI-Graphics-HDCP-RoHS-PCI-Express-x1-Slot-TOP-/262414694562 Thank you!
  8. Please, I would like your help to clear up a domain matter in login. So, let's say we have a desktop pc with Windows 7 Professional installed, and in this Windows we want to share a folder, let's call share name 'pearl'. In this Windows pc, the local accounts are: Administrator Guest Bill There are also two other domain accounts named:Sam and Paul. From another pc in the network, Sam uses his domain username/password to login to the pc he seats in order to login to the domain. After logging in, he wants to access the 'pearl' folder. a. In that case, for Sam will be used the share folder permissions only? Now, on the other hand, according to aforementioned, Paul has not a local account in 'pearl' Windows pc. But, he wants to login from this specific pc to the domain, and access 'pearl' folder. So, he goes to that pc, and he uses his domain username/password to login. b. Since he logs in, for him will be used the NTFS permissions (or to be more specific the cumulative share + NTFS permissions)? Thank you!
  9. battery replacement

    Hello everybody. Please, I would like your help. I want to replace battery in my cell phone:Samsung S7580 - battery: EB425161LU Is there any way to recognize a good quality battery before buying? Two batteries in the past I bought, after a couple of months, were for garbage. Thank you!
  10. First of all, thank you for your answers. Of course I have no problem working with windows server 2008, 2012, 2016. The latest edition I work on, the better for me. If I could use 2016, of course would be great. I would learn all these I want. The reason that I uploaded topic with 2003 was that I saw in ASUS' page, as last driver o/s, server 2003 for my mobo, and I did not know if my pc parts combination is ok for a resource session . And of course, drivers matter. But, believe me. If server 2008 or 2012 or 2016 is ok for resources, and recommended drivers are compatible, I will install one out of the three.
  11. Hi everybody. Please, I would like your opinion with the following issue. I want to build a SOHO network with a MS Windows Server 2003. I have never in the past installed and be involved in servers. The reason I want to do this is to start dealing with server software, in order to come in contact and learn active directory domain services, database, GPO, user rights, network security, network sharing, etc. This is the reason for the installation. I say all these details to inform you that I want to make the simplest installation and that I am not interested now or in the future use this server as a web server, exchange server, etc. I want the simplest installation. I have just a simple pc where I want to install server 2003. So, next, I am giving you some information that I believe you need to answer my question. CPU:AMD Phenom II X3 2.5GHz Triple-Core motherboard:ASUS M3N78 ( driver page: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M3N78/HelpDesk_Download/ ) GPU:NVIDIA GeForce 8200 mGPU (on board) RAM:4GB o/s:Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard Edition A. What is your opinion for this combination of pc parts? Is this ok? Will I have any issue (meaning possibility of damage of any part)? B. I gave you the link above, because there, exists the drivers support. Although in O/S list is included Windows Server 2003 32/64 bit, no drivers for chipset, sound card, etc exist. What does it mean? That o/s will install them, and no drivers are needed to be in ASUS' page, be downloaded and installed? Thank you for your time!
  12. Good evening. Please, I need your help. In a motherboard I have, in an AMD AM2+ socket, I want to replace retention bracket. But I also want the sending to have also screws. Is the following ok? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CPU-Cooler-Retention-Mount-Bracket-Kit-W-4-Screws-Socket-AMD-AM2-AM3-Motherboard/112467675355?hash=item1a2f9888db:g:CkkAAOSwLcNZWp8A a. In the description, saying "W/4", it means screws are included? Have I understood right? b. Also, in the description, it says only for AM2 motherboard. An down the page, it says "compatibility AM2 motherboard". I have read that. But, I am asking you if for AM2 is ok for AM2+ too? Sorry for my questions, but not an expert. Thank you for your time!
  13. DNS server vs name server

    Hello everybody. Please, I would like to make it clear. What is the difference between DNS Server and name server? After the explanation, a couple of examples would be great for a better understanding. Thank you!
  14. cabling in modular PSUs

    Your answers have completely covered me. Thank you!
  15. Good evening. Please, I would like your help about an issue in modular PSUs cabling. A. question Suppose I want to replace a sata or molex power cable in a modular power supply. My question is: does each manufacturer has its own replacement cables for its PSU item? And not only that. For each specific item, it has a specific replacement cable? I mean, e.g. a 550W CoolerMaster has a different cable of a 700W let's say sata. Or it doesn't matter manufacturer. In market there are compatible cables for all PSUs and no damage is gonna take place. B. question If I have let's say two different modular PSUs e.g. CoolerMaster and Corsair, and in one of them (let's say Corsair), in package, I have a cable remain. Can I use it in CoolerMaster if I need it? I guess this is relevant to question A., but I would like to make a separate question. Thank you!