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  1. Hello everyone. I would like your help in next issue. I have Android on my tablet. I use Chrome. The one I want to deploy is adding Chrome extensions in browser. Just like on desktop/laptop. As far as I have searched, I have seen that I have to install from Play Store another browser, and install on that other browser the Chrome extensions. But, this is not what I wanna do. Is it possible to install extensions on the same Chrome browser on the tablet Android? And if yes, haw can it be done? Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone. Please, a have a query. How 'cn', which is used in Active Directory technology, is used and working? What are in general all these attributes like 'cn'? Thank you!
  3. SkyHound, thank you for your reply and suggestion. If I also want to have a book (other than a Microsoft book), is there a suggestion?
  4. Hi community. For someone who wants to get started hyper-v with a book, what would your suggestions be? PS preference to pre-owned and eBay.co.uk Thank you for your time!
  5. Thank you mod. I do understand your answer, but I would like to proceed to the last question. Couldn't that be done not even via a third party program/util?
  6. Suppose we have two hard drives. SATA1 : Windows 10 SATA2 : Windows 7 These operating systems on these hard drives are installed in different time on same pc. Here is the scenario/problem. I connect to pc both drives. Boot hard drive is SATA1 with Windows 10. If I run msconfig or services.msc I will see msconfig and services of Windows 10 (SATA1). Is there any way in this assembly to see startup programs and startup services of SATA2 (Windows 7)? Like running msconfig and services.msc on SATA2 but via SATA1? p.s. not connecting as boot drive SATA2 Thank you for your time !
  7. Hi dear members. Please, I would like your help to the following. Last days I have began my entry to firewalls study. For now, I cannot yet buy a book. So, I need real good studying notice. I have tried a lot by google-ing, but yet, have not found some kind of this good notice. What would satisfy and help me on that is some web pages or documents to download that would explain real good about firewalls, kind of firewalls, hardware and software firewalls, real good diagrams, exercises on filtering (rules) with their solution to practice, etc. So, please, I would like your help for some links on these web pages, or documents to download for reading. Also, if somebody has his/her own documents that can share, please send me a p.m. to send him/her an e-mail to send me what he/she can. Thank you for your time!
  8. Hi all guys. Please, i would like your help to to following issue. In a laptop with Windows 8, everything is ok, but one thing:it is installed on windows, Adobe Creative Cloud. When it is enabled to run on start up applications, after windows get into desktop, about half a minute later, they freeze. If I disable Adobe Creative Cloud to run on start up applications, the do not freeze. What is this? From my google search, it is not about an Adobe virus. Adobe Creative Cloud is a normal Adobe application. So, what is the problem? Thank you for your time !
  9. Hi guys. Suppose we have a case that psu place is bottom. And there is an air hole with a filter in order to mount psu with fan down. But, unfortunately you must mount case straight on the floor, with not even a millimeter space from floor. You cannot mount case on something. So, it is straight floor mounted. In such case, what is your suggestions of psu mounting direction:fan up or down? Thanks!
  10. Golden note!!! Thanks a lot!! I have searched in ASUS web, and found that in case of installation CPU in AM4 motherboard and unable to boot up with the Ryzen 2000 series Raven Ridge CPU, then need flash BIOS. What exactly you said. Bad thing is that either you need another first generation Ryzen CPU or 7th A series APU for the normal boot, then update the BIOS, or you can also check with a local repair center to assist with this (I guess money cost). Or you can refer to AMD (link given) to receive a boot kit for doing the flash. What?????? Why all this mess, while the easy solution is to go for this APU to another mobo. Easy and faster I guess. So, again, for a beginner like me, another very helpful question. Above you said to go at least to a B450 in order specific APU 2200G to be able to be written immediately without any BIOS update (please confirm that I have well understood). So, how may a beginner may know this twin (mobo BIOS version and APU/CPU model) can be read without a BIOS update? In order normal boot up. Is there any list for max CPU/APU from specific chipsets? And not hit it, like me (almost!!). And avoided thanks to you!!! Many thanks again.
  11. Thanks for saying! It won't be a matter for no upgrade ability. It's about a pharmacy store. The now system stands there for 9 years now. And, with same possibility, the new one above will go the same way. If not 9 years, 3-4 will be fine. But, thanks for your precious information. As far as it concerns BIOS upgrade, I can do it with no problem. Just two questions: a. It may need BIOS upgrade to read 2200G, while I see in ASUS PRIME A320M-K page it supports it? Not native 2200G APU support? b. Because you mentioned it, I have tried a lot, but still cannot find how. I wan to find if an AMD CPU/APU is 1st or 2nd gen. I have tried A LOT to find a list to distinguish the gens or another way to find the gen of one I want. Could you help me in that? Thanks
  12. Since it's about same system (the first one), I thought to ask it here. I hope this is not a mistake. So, in first system, motherboard is this one: https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-A320M-K/specifications/ As for memory modules, and telling that I want to use 3200MHz RAM, this RAM here, with no O.C., won't be recognized in 3200 automatically? UEFI won't auto recognize them in 3200? In order to work in 3200, I should manually overclock? If I do not overclock, auto UEFI where will it go in no overclocking speed?
  13. Each manufacturer has its own extra cables? e.g. if I have a SATA extra from BitFenix, may I use it in a e.g. Seasonic or CoolerMaster. Or damage?
  14. Of course I agree higher is always better. But, in order for save money, it would be too much for a 650. Correct? e.g. a 500-550 would be a good choice for both good/enough power and save money. How about that?