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  1. I would like your help in understanding what is the meaning and correct reference to program/application in DBMS. In other reading, as far as it concerns DBMS, I see "applications program", and elsewhere I read the opposite "programs application". What is the correct? According to your answer, can you give me examples with specific programs and applications. e.g. if correct is applications program, to tell me program is xyz and applications that contitute it is a, b, c... Or on the opposite way, if correct is programs application, to tell me application is xyz and it programs is a, b, c... To give me xyz and a b c existing names of programs and apps in the real world. Thank you for your time!
  2. johnyb98

    ups VA needs...

    Please, I need your recommendations in the buy of a UPS I wanna make. My PSU is this one with efficiency 90% : https://www.e-shop.gr/psu-be-quiet-system-power-7-300w-p-PER.640577 And my monitor is this one with 34 Watt consumption : https://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-syncmaster-710n-lcd-monitor-17-1280-10-1024-tn-300-cd-m2-600-1-12-ms-vga-black-series/specs/ I have no other peripheral devices connected to the pc. For AC 230V, how many min VA UPS is the one I need? The UPS I wanna buy is just for, in case of power outage, to be able to close apps, and shut down pc normally. Just that. I do not want to be able to work e.g. for 10 or 15 min or something like that. Just normally shutdown. p.s. If out of recommendations to VA, you could help me in the way how to calculate by myself these VA, would be a great help and knowledge!! Thank you in advance !
  3. johnyb98

    iPhone 4S and general iPhone questions

    Thank you for the answers. If a friend of mine has created an App Store ID for his iPhone, and I have not an ID for my iPhone, because I have not credit card or paypal, if he has no problem I use his ID, will it work if he lends me his ID, and I use it to download cost apps and give him the money? The ID will work constantly for two devices? Will it work this way?
  4. Good morning. In iPhone 4S, Facebook and Twitter are already installed. But, in order to launch them, I have to go: "Settings" -> "Facebook" / "Twitter" Is there any way to make s simple button of each application? Not every time have to go to settings? Thank you!
  5. Please, I would like your opinions to the buy I wanna make. I want to buy a tablet. Not so many specifications, as job I will mainly make is web browsing and youtube. These are second one. First one is endurance. Time between two continuous loads. In simple words, battery. So, we have: -time strength -web -youtube Now, if we could combine these with space, would be great. Budget is up to $180. What would be your recommendations? Thank you!
  6. johnyb98

    projector characteristic and on line pc usage

    Manual says about graphics card: Dual VGA output This motherboard supports dual display output on digital HDMI/DVI and analog D-Sub. DVI (Digital Visual Interface) provides high quality visuals for digital display devices like LCD monitors. That means that I can concurrently use D-Sub and a or HDMI or DVI device. So, specific motherboard gives two combinations: a. D-Sub with HDMI b. D-Sub with DVI HDMI with DVI does not work. Have I understood well?
  7. johnyb98

    projector characteristic and on line pc usage

    Thank you for your answer. Motherboard is M4A785T-M. And uses a VGA monitor. But, also, we have another problem. Windows XP installed. So, (wanting to work only with VGA cables) I guess cabling is to buy a VGA splitter: From one connect pc monitor and from the other projector. And choose extend in order to display different things? Is that all correct?
  8. Please, I would like your help in the following matter. I want to install on a pharmacy store a projector that will display on a small-scale wall images or power point transparencies about health information. But, because I do not know how it will be so functional concerning light (the pharmacy is not so bright), I searched and found this that is economic and with good reviews: https://microcenter.gr/index.php?route=product%2Fproduct&product_id=15739 From its characteristics, what is your opinion? Now, here are the questions (a lot to come to a conclusion). Should it be continuously connected with the desktop pc (talking about h/w or cabling connection)? What I wanna do is not displaying on the wall what pc monitor displays. Is that possible from the one side display power point transparencies, and from the other work independently on pc windows? Or specific does not support something like that? How connection takes place? Should I have a second one VGA card on pc, that projector will be connected on? Does a VGA splitter exists for this job? Is power point version role important? Or specific one cannot do what I wanna do with power point and can read only pictures from usb flash disk? Also, can I store images in usb flash disk, and display pictures from there? What I wanna make is both display power point transparencies independently from pc monitor display, and from the other hand to be able to display images from USB flash disk. Both. I know questions are too much, and I really need your help. Thank you!
  9. Thanks a lot for your advice and guide for completely cleaning up all opera data. I will for sure need it to get rid off all data of Chrome I have in Ubuntu, and these data do not let me install and use Chrome in Ubuntu. As for developer, problem solved. I was kind of lucky. Yesterday, I had made a ghost of Ubuntu hard disk to another one. Playing in this ghost disk with files "Current Session" "Current Session.bak" "Last Session" "Last Session.bak" in folder of developer (/home/admin folder/.config/opera-developer) I finally managed get back the session I wanted, and opera launches normally. But next time I will be very careful with what I launch and what icons I tap. Also history and bookmarks are all in their place. I hope with your guide I manage make it with chrome also. Thank you all for your answers. ps Please, keep around, because maybe I need some advice for my chrome effort. Thanks again !!
  10. Of course, results is: sudo: opera: command not found
  11. Everything working perfect, until about a week ago, that Opera Developer 47 does not run in my Ubuntu. When trying to run Developer as administrator, I get message: "Can't open user profile directory, because you lack sufficient privileges. You might want to contact the administrator of this machine. " What I did is that, by mistake, I run two instances of Opera too fast. Unfortunately, I had closed Opera, and I wanted to launch another application. The launch button of the other app was nearby to that of Opera. So, by mistake, I relaunched Opera too fast while it was closing in background yet. Since then, I cannot launch Opera with this message. It is the same mistake as here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2371416 This user, solved his problem with just a log-off and log-in. I have made many restarts, but the problem persists. Is there any solution? Thank you !
  12. johnyb98

    mobile printer and printing

    Thanks a lot for your answer. Already know the native insecure WPS design. Two matters chopping so deep all this wireless printing details of a wi-fi printer: a. always adore knowledge b. as an IT pro (if I can call me this way), I am in the novice to medium mode. So, as a friend of mine wants me to suggest him a wireless printer for buy, this is a great opportunity for me to get a lot of knowledge in the specific wireless matter, in order to make a good suggestion. Thank you again !
  13. johnyb98

    mobile printer and printing

    Thank you @kirashi. With question before, each manufacturer has its own method to convert printer to an access point. We can convert the printer to access point independently of router. Correct? I am trying to solve the following "riddle". From this image, has been grown and the question before. This puzzle, has FIVE cases for a Wi-Fi Direct printer connection. So, since printer is Wi-Fi Direct, then we check the mobile device. Always via specific riddle, since we have turned printer to an access point: Α. if mobile device is Wi-Fi Direct, then a. we can connect them with one-push button method (it is WPS method but via Wi-Fi Direct). Correct? b. we can connect them with PIN method via Wi-Fi Direct. Correct? B. if mobile device is not Wi-Fi Direct, then: c. if mobile device does not support WPS, then we will connect them manually. Manually means that, since printer is an access point, we will connect them with classic method of connecting a mobile device to e.g. a wireless router. But this time, the wireless broadcaster will be printer that will be an access point. Correct? d. we can connect them with one-push button method of WPS. Correct? e. we can connect them with PIN method via WPS. Correct? As you see, for these 5 cases of diagram, I have 5 "correct" questions. Very important your answers. Via your answers, I will have a complete answer staff to all this. ps Seems like WiFi Alliance has designed a pair: one-push button and PIN method, to work via Wi-Fi Direct. But, a little touch here. Are there two couples: -one-push button (WPS) & PIN for Wi-Fi Direct -one-push button (WPS) & PIN for regular wireless connection Different pairs. One for Wi-Fi Direct and one for regular wireless. Have I understood well?
  14. johnyb98

    mobile printer and printing

    I am trying to figure out this staff. With some questions (as simple as possible and with little words), and with your answers on these questions, I think I will figure all this out. If a printer is Wi-Fi Direct compatible, first, in order to work on its Wi-Fi Direct mode, the first thing to do is to make it an access point? An access point for mobiles device to connect on it?
  15. johnyb98

    mobile printer and printing

    Please, I would like your help in the following. I read it again, and again, and over again, but I cannot understand what it wants to say. In a Brother guide for making a printer wireless, it says: "Ad-hoc mode and Wi-Fi Direct cannot be used at the same time. Disable one function to enable the other. If you want to use Wi-Fi Direct while you are using Ad-hoc mode, set Network I/F to LAN or disable Ad-hoc mode and connect your Brother machine to the access point." Wi-Fi direct or Ad-hoc mode : for printer of mobile device. And if turning ad-hoc to off, why connect brother to access point? Since then, Brother machine will not need an access point to work. It will be able to work perfectly with wi-fi direct. It is here, in this specific manual, in page 4. What does the author wanna say? Disable one, leave on the other, but leaving on the other it might not work something else. In simple words, what are all the combinations of these words of the author? I cannot understand what they want to say. I do not know but is there a possibility they have written something wrong?